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12" Vinyl UK 26.02.20
killer drop from matt o brien that takes influence from the terrence dixon / claude young end of detroit techno
Off-Key Industries
out of stock
12.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 28.01.19
screen printed sleeve ..! matt gets back to his off-key best, serving up four portions of contorted, oblique techno designed to cause mayhem on the more discerning dance floors. limited to 100 hand numbered copies with screen printed cover. no repress!
Off-Key Industries
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 17.10.17
after a break of six years matt returns to his off-key industries imprint with a varied blend of trippy warehouse belters, sun drenched spine tinglers and slow motion acid. already receiving support from the likes of marcel dettman, santiago salazar, perc, truss and others. its also been downloaded for richie hawtin & marco carola, whatever that means.
Off-Key Industries
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 22.09.17
nice price deal !!! following on from the in demand subliminal kid release earlier this year, this sick new ep from label boss matt o brien serves up a fulsome diet of deep, dark and mindbogglingly wonky house and techno, in a release that is the apex of matts production skills to date. kicking off, the aptly named gauntlet throws down fuzzily tweaked and flanged raw beats, married to dizzying, tremelous synths, darkside stabs and general dancefloor frenzy. dodaso flips the script, sounding like a million orthogonal genres colliding and combining in deep dub sub space, underpinning the delicate melody while splurges of colour obliterate your senses. this is very different to anything else out there and will appeal to a wide range of djs and floors. rounding off the ep, blackwood freestyle at first sounds deceptively simple, hiding its dark secrets like an insane clockwork puzzle, unfolding like hell raisers lament configuration with each listen revealing uni-maginable contortions that pull you further into the groove.
Off-Key Industries
out of stock
4.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 18.08.11
already receiving big support from peter van hoesen, norman nodge, marcel fengler, perc, brendon moeller, len faki, laurent garnier and more. following the recent success of his starting over ep on belgian tastemakers curle, matt heads home to off-key to release his strongest work to date.
first track >bloom< whispers sweet nothings in your ears while shimmering synths caress your neck and skipping percussion dances around your groin. unable to resist, you let yourself go and >without warning< spikes your drink, drags you into a filthy warehouse rave and leaves you grinning maniacally under a flickering strobe light.
Off-Key Industries
out of stock
9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 21.04.10
incredilbe package with remixes by schatrax, kink, todd sines as .xtrak, kink and the subliminal kid. the result of schatrax take is a typically beautiful and deep reworking. todds remix of dodaso is typically fucked up and funky in true .xtrak style. kinks version of the gauntlet remains quite faithful to the original whilst also instilling it with his own trippy and unique style. last year peder mannerfelt, aka the subliminal kid, sent me a track which became the only track released on off-key through a demo submission. blackwood freestyle has mutated under the hands by the subliminal kid into a rolling dub inflected groover.
Off-Key Industries
out of stock
8.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 10.08.07
der nächste smasher auf off-key industries . wird schon gespielt und gefeiert von ricardo villalobos, luciano, radioslave. kracher!!
Off-Key Industries
out of stock
9.19 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 10.08.07
der nächste smasher auf off-key industries . wird schon gespielt und gefeiert von ricardo villalobos, luciano, radioslave. kracher!!
Off-Key Industries
out of stock
8.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 01.03.06
one of ricardo villalobos track of the year 2006 (rare original copies) !! stunning detroit / chicago styled techno prime time tracks !!!
Off-Key Industries
out of stock
8.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 06.09.05
cool 4 track e with phat tunes ranges from robert hood- detroit -minimal - style to more phreakin chicago tech sounds...
Off-Key Industries
out of stock
8.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 06.03.09
the third limited release on off-key industries is once again a return to the darkside of the rave at a time when many commentators bemoan the general lack of ideas heard on contemporary techno dancefloors, and talk of the death of minimal. this release features the subliminal kid, an up and coming swedish producer who has previously recorded tracks for delsin sub label ann aimee. on the original version, the subliminal kid lives up to his nomenclature, crafting a series of subtly dark grooves - under which rages a barely contained elemental storm threatening to engulf the track itself and any who stand in its way. like the very best techno, it articulates emotions that haven t been named yet, and more besides. on the flip, label head honcho matt o brien s house re-interpretation twists time and space by melding a lulling groove with devastating offbeat rave stabs that spit and judder to a screaming crescendo. managing to be deep, dubbed out and savage simultaneously, listening to this track is like bearing witness to a poltergeist breaching our dimension. strictly limited to 500 copies only, no re-press!
Off-Key Limited
out of stock
8.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 22.11.07
off-key limited is a new subsidiary label of off-key industries whose aim is to give exposure to new artists alongside established producers and to bring a wider range of genres with less of a focus on the dancefloor. each release will be strictly limited and will not be repressed. we start by raiding the off-key vaults to unleash a series of releases entitled >the dust off<, featuring material written in the off-key studio over the years by matt o brien and various collaborators and associates. matt kicks off the ep with >a new page turns<, a bangin dubby detroit techhouse cut driven by a low slung rhythm and analog stabs dripping in reverb, overlayed with a melodica riff which calls to mind the smokey refrains of augustus pablo. next up is >untitled< by newcomer mat gates, a beatless slice of electronica whose understated melodies conjure up thoughts of late summer evenings of times gone by. on the flip, o brien and gates combine under the artist name kimble to bring you >epiphany<, led by a shimmering melody underpinned with haunting strings which combine to form an electro track of rare beauty. this diverse ep is completed with mat gates second contribution, >in a hole<, a drum n bass track with a disjointed, skeletal rhythm, sub bass drops and fragile, melancholy melody.
Off-Key Limited
out of stock
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl BE 21.03.14
matt obrien first came to our attention in 2005 with his off-key industries releases hidden high and serotone, which would later get a license on rekids. his first contribution for curle was back in 2007 when he remixed efdemins acid bells. in 2010 he made up the flipside to dozzy & van hoesens track on curle 024. after starting over in 2011, were proud to welcome matt back on curle for his second full ep. dont forget your scuba glasses, its deep!
out of stock
4.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl BE 26.01.11
we welcome matt obrien on curle for his first full ep on a label other than his own off-key industries - which makes us proud!
out of stock
4.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 23.02.07
style of eye aka linus eklöw always saves his best work for tiny sticks. previous releases have come on the legendary classic recordings, mouthful, doubledown records, sugarcane and eye industries. following the success of his bigger sounding releases, hes back with a more stripped down, underground selection. rockett evolves around a very funky groove, a track with a lot of swing, it has all the hallmarks of a massive tune. sounding similar to john dahlback s huggotron style, a huge distorted electro riff takes over and drives it higher and higher. rockett comes with a dub version too. l.d.r. starts off with a bit more subtlety than rockett. starting with a lovely bouncy shuffling groove and expanding spacey keys and then getting more and more pumping as it goes on with giant drum rolls and shouty vox. another big one for the underground heads
Tiny Sticks
out of stock
8.69 EUR *

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