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2x12" Vinyl lp,180 g UK 13.09.17
finest disco tunes, incl. tracks by aretha franklin, barry white, james brown, vicki sue robinson and more
Sunday Best

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CD (EUR 15.49)
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28.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp UK 10.12.15
neuer teil der good times dj-mix-serie von norman jay. die good times goes east partys in der st john church im londoner stadteil hackney sind eine institution der club-kultur der britischen hauptstadt. norman jay, lange teil der talkin loud-familie, ist seit den 80er jahren als dj tätig und dafür bekannt in seinen sets einen genre-übergreifenden mix zu realisieren. so ist *good times - skank & boogie* musikalisch entsprechend weit gefächert: von laurel aitken über deodato bis hin zu paul johnson reicht der bogen. ska, house und exotischer pop treffen schlüssig aufeinander. jay, der auch bei der bbc eine radiosendung unterhält, wurde inzwischen mit dem orden mbe (the most excellent order of the british empire) für seine besonderen verdienste um die musik-kultur ausgezeichnet und wird in seiner heimat liebevoll als godfather of club culture bezeichnet. das vinyl erscheint als 2lp (180g) + mp3 und beinhaltet einen bonus track (baby washington - think about the good times).
Sunday Best
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24.99 EUR *
3x12" Vinyl UK 03.03.11
Resist Music
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18.59 EUR *
cd UK 12.09.17
finest disco tunes, incl. tracks by aretha franklin, barry white, james brown, vicki sue robinson and more
Sunday Best

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 28.99)
Last Copy!
15.49 EUR *
cd UK 01.08.11
norman jay walks his own path as a dj, a regrettably rare trait these days. his good times sound system is a festival mainstay, and an institution at notting hill carnival, where jay was instrumental in introducing a range of gritty, soulful styles to complement the predominantly reggae-based sound systems. jay helped spread an appreciation for deep crates and eclectic selections during the rise of acid jazz, and was a force behind shake -n- fingerpop, high on hope and the seminal talkin- loud label alongside gilles peterson, all of which built his reputation for open-minded soulful selections spanning soul, funk, disco, early house, reggae and hip hop. he is also the first dj to be presented with the mbe honor. for you non-brits, thats member of the order of the british empire. other honorees include, say, the, the maestro returns with a special 30th anniversary collection for strut, another bumper set of genre-hopping classics and rare good times favourites. tracks include boogie rarity -dreamin- by short-lived band zalmac and fries & bridges- -forever this, a 4x4 belter featuring an early vocal by chart superstar cee-lo green. jay touches on independent hip hop with basement chemist, jazz grooves courtesy of kira neris and attic tree, skanking reggae from jacob miller and doo-wop soul courtesy of little anthony & the imperials. the album is an incredible collection of music from a man whose one-of-a-kind selections have pleased crowds the world over. look for it in july on cd, lp + digital download, featuring a new interview between jay and journalist lloyd bradley, as well as career-spanning photos.
Strut Records
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14.79 EUR *
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