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12" IT 22.12.07
massive 3 track ep!! mixed by maxx from the stunned guys!!
Traxtorm Special
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6.55 EUR *
2x12" UK 22.01.10
as world economies crumble, paranoia and mass hysteria run rife throughout the fractured communities of our troubled planet. nearly 30 months since the last full length communique, transmissions have been forced further underground. after a gruelling series of campaigns at the frontline, special agent manasyt delivers yet another damning dossier of evidence against the unseen corruptors. the processed signals contained within offer a temporary solution, brief respite from the onslaught of treachery that engulfs every facet of modern life. for those amongst us already able to decipher the hidden meanings embedded in the data, this will serve only to confirm your worst fears and suspicions, and urge to you take immediate evasive action. stay tuned for further instructions...
Dumb Terminal/ DT005
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