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12" Vinyl UK 24.01.19
excellent work dan and m.r.e.u.x!
out of stock
10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 02.11.18
supported by luke slater, radio slave, dan curtin, colin dale, laurent garnier, dubfire, maceo plex, joseph capriati, luigi madonna, ritchie hawtin, sam paganini, slam, ilario alicante
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11.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 10.09.18
italian legend francesco farfa debuts on memento with “synchronicity 13”, with remix honours and duties left to m.r.e.u.x. and the analogue cops. farfa s long-lasting original track is a dancefloor skyrocket designed with skilful craftmanship. the humonguos drums and the driving bass line stockpile the explosive potential of a synthetic flock of sound, eventually becoming unwordly bloops pierced by evocative strings. the analogue cops rework the evocative potential of the original with a raw jacking grab in their “dance of the condor remix”, anchoring a biting kick drum and an highly corrosive acid bass. finally, m.r.e.u.x delivers his “green trip mix”, a very effective minimalistic reinterpretation, built on pounding rhythms and hypnotic sequences.
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12" Vinyl UK 26.07.18
long time friends (since flex vienna 95) patrick and luke joined forces on blumoog music and came up with this crafty and dynamic four tracker ep. patrick pulsinger opens the project on the a with two ingenious and uplifting tracks reminiscent of his old ‘sluts’n’strings &909’ days with an acidic twist. 25 years have gone by since patrick pulsinger made history and put vienna on the map by founding techno avant-garde label cheap records and with productions like ‘dogmatic sequences’ on disko b and pioneering sequential- minimal-techno soon after with the huge lp ‘porno’ also on disko b. on the flip side luke m.r.e.u.x is consistent with his fine style. dry percussions and rubbery bass in b1 ‘cerebral fix’. a darker approach in confession b2 with a relentless 5 minutes of techno trip that will not let you catch breath.
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11.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 02.05.18
blumoog music is back with the first release of this year. world renowned top producer alexi delano, (minus, plus8, drumcode and others) teamed up with superhot marko nastic (adult records, carillon records) to give life to a track where bass and analog kick are intertwined creating an earthquake effect for dancefloors and big rooms. bossman m.r.e.u.x follows with another high quality production. psychadelia and power prevale, a real dark tunnel with psychological shades. pure elegance in usual m.r.e.u.x style. closing the project the maestro steve stoll with his two tracks that literally make this ep whole, rich with quality and experience. blumoog continues to tell you a story. enjoy the music
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10.49 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl IT 02.01.18
vinyl only, white vinyl - supported by radio slave , slam , terence fixmer...
blumoog music label presents the new release, played by one of the most important detroit productors, who marked the minimal techno history: terrence dixon. two tracks, which take a big deal of electronic innovation and inspired by his unique style, will make the night people dance until the sunrise. italian veteran m.r.e.u.x is back again with two innovative tracks as well, which are composed by rare and experimental sounds with analog machines and are ready to be heard. magnificent ep of an extraordinary dj couple. monster track of quality and experience the musical concept is organized for mentality sought people, an approach to this sound out of the ordinary charts, where search for sonority make this ep single and dedicated to the iperclubbing population!!! low wrapping and atmosfere psychadeliche make this ep an precious object for techno electronic lovers! nothing is taken for granted, this is the difference!
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl IT 19.07.17
ltd to 200 copies pressing.
supported by: christian varela, richie hawtin , steve stoll, terrence dixon, aubrey ,angel molina, slam, pacou, tun nel, warren fellow , noemi black, kerstin eden, gotshell ,chris fortier, g- man, dave simons, maceo plex, gigi gallo, sintek , sutter cane, nadja, lind , anderson noise, lo shea, m.i.d.i. advanced human (dj hi­shock),tom laws.pete bones ,orde meikle ,st honore ,alexi delano ,bodyscrub ,paul loraine ,joseph capriati ,anthony castaldo , archivone, fundamental interaction, kill ref, anders hellberg ,dustin zahn,luigi madonna..
out of stock
9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl IT 06.12.16
blumoog music is again among you with two really great producers on the electronic scene. the second chapter is produced in collaboration with one of the pioneers of new york s electronic/techno music, famous for his historical label proper nyc. steve stoll wanted to collaborate on this project with m.r.e.u.x. even him a famous electronic music s producer, together they blend in this e.p the origin and the evolution of the techno music, created with heart, passion and analog instruments like it was in the 90 years. the lp includes acoustics and settings what are unparalleled in their style, perfect for the blumoog review, an e.p that really can t miss in your vinyl library, especially be carefull to the fragile heart person. the two new york man s tracks are charming and penetrating at once, with the only style of steve stoll, who gives ourselves techno emotions of high level from 20 years ago. the other three tracks are proposed by m.r.e.u.x. they contains psychedelic and power with a big style. all is accompanied from his known detailed musical elegance. he has also created an intro bonus track with analog machines that s electrifying. welcome in the blumoog s future. another nice shot for blumoog music, good listening and always remember: the electronic music will never end!
Last Copy!
8.49 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl IT 19.05.16
in stock
8.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 18.06.19
inc. cari lekebusch / m.r.e.u.x remixes
out of stock
13.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl IT 02.01.18
blumoog music is proud to present its new release of 4 tracks of great musical thickness. this time, blumoog music has selected quality and passion. we introduce a character like aubrey (metroplex, ferox, outsgun and more...) with a classical song of his repertoire : low crushing bag and psychadelic, you will go to cosmic dimension. it s gotshell time, colombian artist, who is pointing to into historical labels like blueprint, missile. his song is terrifying and powerful, not for the weak of heart. it s time for frankie serious(blumoog music,switch off rec.,the zone rec.), artist from rome. with his very high production quality, he proposes with a powerful killer song, excellent for dancefloors but at the same time wonderful for a mental journey. unchained souls goes to end this ep of a large thickness, a mysterious duo whom we ll sure speak about. they propose a dark psychadelic selection which will take you inside the deep abyss of your mind... blumoog music is always near you with soul and passion for the electronics music.....good listening supported by: richie hawtin, lario alicante, dj rolando, marcel heese , rivet, advanced human . luigi madonna, paul mac, m.i.d.i., thor, radial, spec, rush plus, alexi delano, m.r.e.u.x, danielle godiva , p.leone, bodyscrub, david james ruskin , eric, jef k, johannes volk, dj spider, sintek,, tom laws, orde meikle ,e
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl IT 06.12.16
ltd to 300 copies / vinyl only / mastering @ calix
long awaited return of the neapolitan imprint informale with the founders random / noize delivering a solid techno ep and hosting a great remix from the talented technoyzer ! -syncope, also known as fainting, is defined as a short loss of consciousness and muscle strength, characterized by a fast onset, short duration, and spontaneous recovery. it is due to a decrease in blood flow to the entire brain usually from low blood pressure. some causes have prodromal symptoms before the loss of consciousness occurs. in phonology, syncope (/&#712,,s&#618,,&#331,,k&#601,,pi&#720,,/, greek: syn- + koptein -to strike, cut off-) is the loss of one or more sounds from the interior of a word, especially the loss of an unstressed vowel. it is found both in synchronic analysis of languages and diachronics. its opposite, whereby sounds are added, is epenthesis-.
already supported by: kerstin eden, gez varley (lfo), plural, john massey, kill ref, richie hawtin, warind, formal method, m.r.e.u.x, klaudia selection, kata mercado, archivone, mirko (etichetta nera), gill (different grooves), jeff rushin, domenico crisci, gigi galli, pat coefficient, noemi black, dr. motte, logotech, imugem orihasam, gemma furbank, subsist rec 2, joseph capriati, paco osuna, dario caruson, slaker, xpansul, chris jones aka sejon, trunkline, future 16, terrae, l.a.w. dj, len faki, jerome baker, diarmaid o meara, maceo plex / maetrik, drumcell
out of stock
8.99 EUR *
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