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12" Vinyl UK 06.02.13
repress due to public demand after the bbc feature. graham mushnik and luke warmcop (guess what), juste voyant and andrea pirovano (pissinboy) all joined forces to elaborate this eponymous lp where the fresh sounds of cumbia, afro-cuban grooves and eastern tempos meet with the bands personal songwriting. three quarters of this full-length vinyl are purely instrumental, might it be for a dancy tune or for a moody cinematic moment. the remaining quarter, sung in italian, connects this soulful jungle of sounds to a more european field, almost baroque. an eclectic, yet consistent first album for any world-beat aficionado!
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12" Vinyl UK 03.04.17
brand new anatolian psych-pop sensation ! 4 heart-melting gems where turkish folk meets groove and electric action! young singer/multi-instrumentist derya y&#305,,ld&#305,,r&#305,,m teams up with fantastic drummer greta eacott (g-bop orchestra / one-take records) and 3 quarters of catapulte records orchestre du montplaisant (antonin voyant, graham mushnik, andrea piro). with members originating from turkey, germany, france, italy and great britain, grup &#350,,im&#351,,ek (pronounce shimshek) encapsulates the outernational generation. their debut ep kicks off with legendary a&#351,,&#305,,k mahzuni &#350,,erif s nem kald&#305,,, a groovy lament with killer melodyline, where saz and synth wave through a stream of wah-wah guitar arpeggios. graham mushnik-penned instrumental 3.2,2.3 is a 5/4 psychedelic mover lead by the acid sounds of the organ - a subtle tribute to the architects of anatolian rock mo&#287,,ollar ? on side b, derya delivers a splendid interpretation of Özdemir erdo&#287,,an s song gurbet. gurbet is a turkish word describing a particular form of homesickness: watching from afar as things turn bad in your homeland. davet, a grup &#350,,im&#351,,ek composition, is a dancey, saz-lead song likely to shake many dancefloors with emotion. the lyrics are drawn from a poem by naz&#305,,m hikmet, father of modern turkish poetry. grup &#350,,im&#351,,ek have already hit the stage in germany, uk, france, italy and switzerland (f.k.a. intercommunal orchestra) and are planning some more. anatolian invasion on its way!
Catapulte Records
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