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12" Vinyl UK 02.05.18
producer and vocalist kevin knapp delivers his killer new single blah blah blah, returning to the hot creations fold after last years vocal feature on jamie jones positive pressure. here, jamie returns the favour, partnering with another label favourite, detlef, to supply a monster of a remix. finding time in his hectic schedule of touring the world, running various record labels and his paradise parties, jamie jones teams up with one of his paradise residents detlef to deliver an audacious remix, perfect for the twilight hours. hardy percussion, acid blips and pulses meld together to form a bolshy, no-frills remix. greek artist detlef shot into the limelight in recent years with releases and remixes on labels like hot creations, relief, knee deep in sound, moon harbour, and defected. kevin knapp gained attention with a string collaborations with audiojack (gruuv, 2012), matt tolfrey (leftroom, 2012) and his debut hot creations cut with richy ahmed (2013). a prolific producer and featured vocalist since 2011, kevin has released on the likes of hottrax, crosstown rebels, dirtybird, mother recordings and more.
Hot Creations
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12" Vinyl lp UK 27.04.18
a fine collection of the blues, soul and funk guitarist’s innovative 1950’s and 60’s material. pressing on 180 gram virgin vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve.
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12" Vinyl D 27.04.18
jon dixon, member of underground resistances live band timeline, pays tribute to legendary detroit jazz trumpeter marcus belgrave. the ep features belgrave himself (recorded before his passing in 2015), alongside additional contributions from detroit musicians: ur/timelines mike banks & saxophonist desean jones, and jazz trumpeter, composer & educator kris johnson.
Planet E
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12" Vinyl UK 26.04.18
repress - this is the first time lowdown has ever been pressed on 12inch vinyl single since it s original release in 76. the b side brings back jojo off the 1980 middle man album, coupled with the mighty what can i say.
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12" Vinyl FR 24.04.18
fine fulfills djs and dancers needs alike with some driving disco house floaters for the weekend.
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12" Vinyl D 23.04.18
joris biesmans tve imprint returns for its third installment, this time featuring it’s eponymous founder front, center and recording under his own name. led by a forward-thinking electro remix from the ever-versatile man power, its another firm display of synth-led versatility, brimming with confidence and charisma. angry baby is an irresistible pressure-pot of stomping house, as playful as it’s name and as demanding as its imaginary infant protagonist, with a truly hypnotic, elastic breakdown proving irresistible in a club context man powers aforementioned remix is less loopy, more analog, with his well-tooled production technique pushing the records texture into altogether more cosmic and overwhelming territory, led by wailing synthesis. back to biesmans for b2, and a more acidic, almost unnerving vision unfolds throughout connecting the dots which does just that, linking futurist, michigan influences with a more floor-focused, european aesthetic.
TVe Recordings
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12" Vinyl FR 19.04.18
time out of joint ep - is a new the black tone adventure, based on his long passion for time anomalies, frequencies interactions and sci- fi novels. his proto-futuristic house will bring you to the outer limits of the reality where you ll find the door to the upside down world! we are glad to add an underground groovy & elegant remix by the rising star: michael james (zoo project / constant sound).
Laate Music
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12" Vinyl UK 17.04.18
in october 2017 honey dijon was commissioned to take part in the smirnoff were open campaign, aiming to promote inclusive night time culture and celebrate nightlifes ability to transcend gender boundaries and prejudice. as well as appearing in the were open tv commercial, honey was asked to record her take on the initiative’s ethos for creating positive change, making dance music culture a more open-minded and socially inclusive space. what resulted was a rework of ‘queen of disco’ sylvester’s ‘stars’ featuring vocals by singer-songwriter sam sparro, who she collaborated with previously on her album the best of both worlds. now being released on limited edition blue vinyl via classic music company, with breathtaking artwork from assume vivid astro focus who also supplied cover artwork for the album, the entire proceeds from the release will be donated to lgbt foundation. created with parts recorded especially for the were open advert,stars (disco version), produced with the help of classic head luke solomon and studio partner lance desardi, pops sylvester’s spangled party-starter directly into 2018. previously made available as a free download to coincide with the launch of the campaign, the cosmic energy dub, underlining honey’s acidic but sweet production, is followed by two mixes by one of her favourite producers of the moment and fellow chicagoan, cratebug. his nova remix references the classic disco elements of the original, while the supernova remix - exclusive to vinyl - goes fully intergalactic with a glorious squelching extended mix. paying lip service to the legacy of a truly gender-redefining figure whose music is nothing but inclusive and empowering, honey dijon and classic prove the power of music to inspire positive change in the dance music communities with this stars release.
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12" Vinyl D 17.04.18
limited repress in solid black vinyl / joris voorn disco tech bomb!!
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12" Vinyl D 16.04.18
argentinian veteran jorge savoretti has been djing for more than 20 years, and his first release for esperanza records traces back to 2005. in this time laps he has produced 2 albums, 20 eps and a great number of remixes, on labels such as raum musik, visionquest and ilian tape. his debut on cadenza is a crisp breeze of graceful music for dancing. side a starts point-blank with bou gei bouncing shuffle, driving bass line, lively cymbals, sparkling band-passed chords, summing-up jorge s true dedication to nightclubs and nightlife. with no reprieve, ruth suspicious pads lurk behind a funky swinging rhythm spruced up by a continuous surfacing of snare rolls and giggly stabs. on the b side, sensu dub explores without hesitation darker textures and resonances, leaving no concessions to leave the dancefloor. finally u-fonk #04.01 dives into sweating hotblooded late-time hours, with am hypnotising deep-toned coil, soaked of greasy riffs and gloomy fumes.
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2x12" Vinyl D 16.04.18
limited copies - 2 vinyls for the price of one.
Black Sun Records
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12" Vinyl BE 13.04.18
up next on wolfskuil records and as the title suggests we find some of shlomos finest cuts on the dutch imprint reworked by oscar mulero, johannes heil and tripeo. spanish techno master oscar mulero takes over the a-side, keeps the heat of the original and adds extra tension to offer a stand out rendition of obsession, while in vanished breath he goes deep and delivers fine electronica and a sophisticated, experimental remix where broken beats and haunting synths seamlessly blend to create ghostly atmospheres. on the flip side johannes heil transforms the beatless, synth-heavy beauty m.u.m. into an euphoric, driving techno track, right before tripeo proves ones again his strong command on the dancefloor with a solid, twisted version of avadon part 1
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GOSPEL 13-15
12" Vinyl D 12.04.18
part 4 of 4 from johannes heil gospel series (oddevenlp001) .. comes with full cover and red innersleeves. stunning mindblowing techno tracks
Odd Even

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 29.99)
part of a serie (EUR 8.99)
part of a serie (EUR 8.99)
part of a serie (EUR 8.99)
CD (EUR 9.99)
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12" Vinyl UK 11.04.18
Beachy Head
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12" Vinyl D 11.04.18
part 3 of 4 from johannes heil gospel series (oddevenlp001) .. comes with full cover and red innersleeves. stunning mindblowing techno tracks, gospel 11 & 12 is a work with markus suckut
Odd Even

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 29.99)
part of a serie (EUR 8.99)
part of a serie (EUR 8.99)
part of a serie (EUR 8.99)
CD (EUR 9.99)
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coloured 12" Vinyl US 11.04.18
mouse on mars’ andi toma and jan st. werner return with their most inventive album to date, dimensional people. the new album finds the berlin-based duo reunited with thrill jockey, a powerful aesthetic partnership marked by such seminal albums as radical connector (2004), idiology (2001), and niun niggung (2000). after a series of notorious dance floor releases, dimensional people reveals them working deep within their own vernacular, digging into fertile terrain of their inexhaustible vault of digital and acoustic experimentation, and charismatically making elemental components new again. this album makes clear how their craft is of discovery, of finding new contexts for places, sounds, memories, sensations, ambiences, technologies, relationships, and of course, people. limited colored vinyl, download code included.
Thrill Jockey

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 22.99)
Vinyl (EUR 22.99)
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12" Vinyl UK 10.04.18
deepartsounds may be a sublabel of moto music, but it s achieved so much on its own terms over the past decade. now joe lewis is joining the esteemed ranks of the label with even more experience behind him he was recording for the likes of relief records and peacefrog way back when. its no secret when you listen to his jams on back 2 live, where rugged and raw synth lines sit atop tough machine beats. love mystery is plenty tender where it counts, but 9 lives and confused house head towards a rougher end goal for the nastier kind of party.
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12" Vinyl UK 10.04.18
damian lazarus magical live project the ancient moons returns today with their new single five moons. the band led by lazarus, is comprised of ben chetwood on drums, rob gentry on keyboards, and new vocalist j appiah. on five moons they are also joined by the australian punk sensation chela for a dubbed out, soulful excursion into the darker recesses of the dancefloor. the ancient moons first debuted in 2014 with lovers eyes, and followed that with the acclaimed album message from the other side, dubbed a a journey into technos dreamiest recesses by the fader and a psychedelic masterpiece by vice. since then the ancient moons have travelled the world with their highly immersive live show, supported roisin murphy on tour and played at glastonbury festival and melt! amongst others. last year the band resurfaced, after locking themselves away to record in the italian countryside, with i found you, which nabbed a bbc essential new tune and stunning remixes from black coffee and patrice baumel. today five moons offers another glimpse into this summers forthcoming album.
Crosstown Rebels
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12" Vinyl D 10.04.18
part 2 of 4 from johannes heil gospel series (oddevenlp001) .. comes with full cover and red innersleeves. stunning mindblowing techno tracks
Odd Even

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 29.99)
part of a serie (EUR 8.99)
part of a serie (EUR 8.99)
part of a serie (EUR 8.99)
CD (EUR 9.99)
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12" Vinyl UK 09.04.18
13th hour records presents its debut ep: a four track v/a celebrating both the pulse of the late-night dancefloor and the starry-eyed ride home. two tracks from subjoi forge the a-side, the vibrant yet moody “make me” taking the a1 slot and spacy, hi-hat bonanza “doin’ fine” at a2. and influenced by the bass-heavy vibrato of 70s funk, ricky razu kicks off the b-side with the infinitely groovable “reaching out,” followed by the sultry cut “moonlight jam” to close out the album.
13th Hour
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12" Vinyl D 09.04.18
part 1 of 4 from johannes heil gospel series (oddevenlp001) .. comes with full cover and red innersleeves. stunning mindblowing techno tracks
Odd Even

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 29.99)
part of a serie (EUR 8.99)
part of a serie (EUR 8.99)
part of a serie (EUR 8.99)
CD (EUR 9.99)
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12" Vinyl ES 06.04.18
i hang waiting waiting what s next left for a task a task of which i know not i lay here motionless- awaiting what s due. accepting this uncertainty bound by a preexistence. this habit i was born to. as i wait, the boredom wraps- ahold of me. the suffering dissolves.
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7" Vinyl UK 04.04.18
raw rhythm & blues out of seattle! camelot records, operated by jan kurtis skugstad from 1964 to 1966, released an astounding number of singles and even full length albums during its short time of existence. camelot is best known in collector circles for two monster releases by organist ron buford (accompanied on vocals by ural thomas on deep soul), however within their output are still some recordings which not many people have heard of yet. this is exactly the case with the two songs by johnny lewis which you find on this sweet 45rpm single. unchain my heart and i got a woman are two really nice cover versions which sound even better on this properly mastered 45 with its crispy and raw sound.
Tramp Records
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12" Vinyl NL 30.03.18
joefarr and his label user experience are pleased to welcome a very talented to the roster, insolate. the artist formerly known as miss sunshine is a dj, producer, label owner and promoter who has been in the business for 20 years and considered as one of the best techno artist’s from croatia. the two original tracks ride a perfect balance between groove, power and emotion. joefarr does what he does best and turns out a killer remix.
User Experience
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2x12" Vinyl US 28.03.18
acclaimed malian musician sidi touré returns with his fourth album, toubalbero. named after the large traditional drum used to gather people in the malian region of gao, toubalbero is a danceable, dynamic, and despite the region’s signifcant political challenges, joyous album. the double 12 inch comes in a gatefold sleeve with download code included.
Thrill Jockey
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12" Vinyl US 26.03.18
radical connector was originally released in 2004 and is now fnally back on vinyl. this re-issue is pressed on mixed splatter color vinyl and presented in a high gloss jacket with free download card. though reference points like daft punk and prince have rightly been thrown around, radical connector is in fact a strange album that doesnt sound like much else. pitchfork
Thrill Jockey
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12" Vinyl US 23.03.18
insane disco cut from 1984 repressed! you d be forgiven for not knowing breaking at the party, the sole single release from nyc outfit joey pastrana & his back of tricks. it was originally released in 1984 on the short lived tropic of buddha records, a label dedicated to latino takes on electro and disco. such is the record s obscurity and cult status amongst collectors that you ll struggle to find original copies for sale for less than l500. this city of dreams reissue presents both of the original mixes (vocal and dub style instrumental), both of which fuse elements of boogie, electro and dub disco in a fabulously eccentric and wonderfully funky way. the synthesizer sounds, in particular, are superb.
COD 011
City Of Dreams
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12" Vinyl UK 23.03.18
b-stock - plastic cover is broken - music = mint .... 3 years on, and after their first critically acclaimed album on versatile, five steps (aka jonathan fitoussi and clemens hourrière), who have been likened to the godfathers of the synthesizer genre (think suzanne cianni, françois bayle or morton subotnik and you re almost there!) are back with espaces timbrés a brand new episode in their exploration of the legendary modular synthesizer - the buchla, specially crafted for versatile records. after 2 years of tireless work, ever pushing and furthering their musical research, fitoussi and hourrière reveal to us new territories, textures, sounds and feelings to explore with the help of the equally legendary i:cube on mixing duties to add even more sonic reflections and mixing desk wizardry. this one s a hyper-jump into the future made possible through a machine from the past, giving birth to those most captivating of electronic mantras... dive in, the water s warm!
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2x12" Vinyl D 20.03.18
the score introduces several new themes interwoven throughout the film, including identities for the character rose tico, the interactions between rey and luke skywalker on ahch-to island, and the resistance’s desperate escape from the first order. the score also reprises numerous themes and motifs introduced in the force awakens, including those for the characters of rey, kylo ren, poe dameron, and snoke, as well as the -march of the resistance- and -the jedi steps-. themes introduced in the original trilogy return as well, including -luke’s theme-, -leia’s theme-, -the rebel fanfare-, and the -force theme- from a new hope, -yoda’s theme-, -the imperial march-, and -han solo and the princess- from the empire strikes back, and, -luke and leia- and -the emperor’s theme- from return of the jedi. excerpts of the -tie fighter attack- cue, first heard in a new hope and reprised for return of the jedi, are also included. -the emperor’s theme- is the only returning theme to not be included within the official soundtrack presentation, it occurs in the film when snoke tortures rey for information. the score briefly quotes -aquarela do brasil- by ary barroso in its -canto bight- track as a reference to the 1985 terry gilliam film brazil. it also contains a brief quote of williams’s own theme for the long goodbye (co-composed by johnny mercer) during finn and rose’s escape, although this was not included in the official soundtrack release.
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12" Vinyl D 19.03.18
the fourth installment in john osborns dred records series will be from fellow uk producer harsh puri who goes under the moniker reformed society. dred 004 consists of six tracks in total three that will appear on the vinyl release, followed by another three that will be digital-only exclusives. harsh puri aka reformed society debuted in 2015 with this being his sixth consecutive release in order. harshs productions caught johns eye, or rather ear, after being sent to him last year and resulted in this release of six solid prime time deep house stompers. packaged in an understated matte white sleeve with a black and white picture of brahma (the four headed hindu god of creation) handstamped on each cover by the label owner himself, this being a continuation of the human skull dred logo. one life opens the dimensions ep and is the track given to label boss john osborn for deconstructing and remoulding into his own specific vision each release will contain a rework from osborn. if you are familiar with johns previous work you will immediately recognize his characteristic resonating percussion, the tune being a deep house sci-fi storm expedition driven by a full luscious kick covering the tracks of chords from unsettled pads. the eps title track has ambient sonic rays flowing through it, being aptly named dimensions it is also the records warmest adventure, distorted percussion juggles sparse subaqueous melodic moments, and from here we go into the 12inches final moment, chasing titanoid. reformed society goes in with full yet silent force on this one. a warped bassline co-creates the groove with a particularly bouncy beat with sharp strings piercing though.
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12" Vinyl UK 16.03.18
new 12inch split from ullis tapes norge. a side comes with euralma 95 debut release. from a few and simple seeds of synthesis grooves eventually gear up to higher levels and explore alternate terrains of house and disco from east to west. track is lead by a confident but disobedient psychedelic synth solo. harmonies answer in form of rich fm synthesis which eventually becomes the paradise lost. no compression pure source!
Ullis Tapes
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12" Vinyl D 16.03.18
decks full cover edition! the main man from the deep tech scene, our friend and the family member, johnny davison from the uk, breaks into the vinyl scene with his vinyl only picks, his incredible vision, his underground notes and sounds. this guy is quite known by bringing some very deep and unique, danceable and glamorous music at the same time. we ve been waiting for this release for quite long and this release is super important to the label complatt in general. enjoy mr. johnny davison with us and stay tuned!
vinyl only format, black anti-static inner-sleeve with a label window, white labels, hand-stamp, no digital promo or digital release afterwards, no further re-press.
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12" Vinyl FR 16.03.18
brothers mark & matt thibideau sign joule imprint’s fourth release
Joule Imprint
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12" Vinyl NL 12.03.18
despojos cósmicos (cosmic debris) is julio tornero s debut at femur. a plea in favour of dark, sullen, wretched, repetitive and miserable music. four tracks swinging between mechanical dance, decadent experimentation and a trip to that place, which was abandoned long time ago.
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12" Vinyl D 12.03.18
after 20 years in the lab conny frischauf releases her debut ep for international major label. effekt und emotio“ is on point when it comes to songwriting, sound aesthetic and craftsmanship. made with a deep understanding of soundscapes and pop culture, the musical language of conny frischauf breathes a magical and melancholic vibe that transfers itself into the subconscious of the listener without any comment. full of unexpected moves and elegant references which disappear right before getting aware. music for advanced dreamers. discrete, unique, peerless and therefore a perfect match for the iml collection.
International Major Label
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12" Vinyl US 07.03.18
wiederveröffentlichung des lange vergriffenen mouse on mars albums idiology aus dem jahr 2001 auf vinyl. das album erscheint mit bedruckter innenhülle und mp3-download-coupon.
Thrill Jockey
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12" Vinyl UK 07.03.18
the grand, sweeping sonic explorations of “pretoria”, from john matthias and jay auborn’s 2017 album “race to zero”, are given new life on this four-track remix ep.
moon gangs (better known as william young, keyboardist in bristol-based electronic outfit beak>) takes the reins first, delivering a thunderous take on the original’s faster-paced second half. typically of the artist, the track builds and builds in intensity, climaxing with an apocalypse of emotional, layered synths.
bristol’s cuts strips back the elements for a much darker reworking. a single, repeating piano note echoes into wide, open space alongside the original’s antique violins before clattering percussion and synths enter the mix for the most foreboding turn of the release.
closing the ep, former mogwai member john cummings also bases his reinterpretation around the original’s piano. but where cuts leans on moody darkness, cummings take is more upbeat, courtesy of a driving four to the floor kick and fidgety, high-pitched piano.
Village Green
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coloured 12" Vinyl D 05.03.18
vinyl only, ltd clear vinyl pressing, brilliant / hi quality selected 90 ambient / techno... max 1 per customer
Styrax Records
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12" Vinyl lp UK 02.03.18
following the success in 2017 of the koharu kisaragi/ryuichi sakamoto collaboration neo-plant, uk label lag records continues its revival of vintage electronic esoterica with kissh&#333,, tennyo, the 1984 lp by joe hisaishi, premier film composer of japan. whilst known worldwide for his elegiac scores to studio ghibli classics like princess mononoke and spirited away, it s a different kind of soundtrack behind kissh&#333,, tennyo, intended as it was to be a musical accompaniment to an 80s manga of the same name. it s also a showcase of hisaishi s lesser known talents as an electronic musician, shortly before he became composer of choice for world-renowned directors such as hayao miyazaki and takeshi kitano. on kissh&#333,, tennyo we hear hisaishi unleash synth arpeggios with all the suspense of a giallo horror. his cold minimalist ambience evokes the likes of terry riley. tracks like &#34880,,,,,,,,,&#12398,,,,,,,,,&#25239,,,,,,,,,&#20105,,,,,,,,, ( blood feud ) meanwhile lighten the mood, running at car chase speed with the bounce of early ymo. all in all, befittingly beguiling music for the cartoon tale of a modern femme fatale who has the powers of an ancient deity (the eponymous kissh&#333,,,,,,,,, tennyo or &#21513,,,,,,,,,&#31077,,,,,,,,,&#22825,,,,,,,,,&#22899,,,,,,,,, , to use the album s japanese title). in the same spirit of the manga, lag records have combined the old with the new on kissh&#333,,,,,,,,, tennyo. licensed by tokuma japan communications, the original release from classic anime label animage comes with new artwork by luna monogatari, and a remastering courtesy of jerome schmitt at the airlab. a download card and poster will be included with the gatefold. lp which comes on standard black vinyl.
Lag Records
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24.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 02.03.18
melbournes short black label has been relatively sporadic with its releases up until now, having started back in 2013 with matt kennedys together at 2am ep and dropping the third release on the label back in 2016, rustal s privilege. hopefully this excellent new transmission from newcomer tristan kino will be the start of more productivity from the crew. the ep starts off in fine style with the nervy, reduced acid twitch of yggdrassil, while at the other end of the record niddhog presents a tougher, darker throwdown crafted for seedy techno dancefloors. johannes volk has been snapped up for remix duties, and does a sterling service with the metallic clang of his version of niddhog.
SB 004
Short Black
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12" Vinyl NL 02.03.18
powerful release with two energetic joyb’s originals and solid remixes by joefarr and codex empire.
out of stock
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12" Vinyl US 01.03.18
classic house tunes
Downtown 304
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3x12" Vinyl ES 28.02.18
a benchmark project that has been in fruition over the past year, one against time is the magnum opus of john dimas career. it is a pivotal milestone that embodies his depth of knowledge and his personal fascination with the mysteries of life and the universe. spread across 14 tracks, one against time sees dimas really broaden his artistic capabilities, drawing from a melting pot of influences and woven together by his desire to channel a feeling of intrigue and curiosity taking a journey outward into the deepest recesses of outer space while simultaneously traveling inward to that same area of deep space inside his own soul...
ELM 1111
Elephant Moon
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32.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 27.02.18
Jive Records
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12" Vinyl UK 26.02.18
Junglist Records
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12" Vinyl FR 22.02.18
vinyl only. lisbon-based record shop carpet & snares second release comes from owner jorge caiado. optimistic strings and sweetly melancholic keys bring a touch of wistfulness to both ap135 and choices : the former matches skippy detroit hats with deep berlin bass in the manner of derek carr, while the latter draws from a rawer palette more reminiscent of 3 chairs. on the flip, tarradas takes us into spacier territory, the almost-broken beat contrasted with a sustained background wash of synths and acid highlights, which s. moreira of the slow life crew turns into the main motif of his driving, funked-up remix, finding a place where techno, breaks and house influences coalesce into a new, exciting whole
Carpet & Snares Records
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12" Vinyl UK 22.02.18
jonny nash (guissian curve / melody is truth) and firecracker s lindsay todd get barefoot and turn out a stunner of an lp. over the course of twelve compositions we find the pair utilising their recordings in a whole host of ways, avoiding the well-trodden cliches of the exotic and instead attempting to achieve a personal interpretation of the flora, fauna and climate of the island. spending time amidst the insects, rice fields and scorching sun, the pair gathered a library of found sounds which were then taken back to a studio space to be stretched, mangled and manipulated alongside a variety of electronic and acoustic instruments. the outdoor studio itself became a living instrument, with the duo setting up multiple microphones for durations of up to 12 hours around the space, layering and processing the results in tracks such as fauna mapping and a series of small frogs
Island Of The Gods
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12" Vinyl UK 21.02.18
following on from a hectic summer touring across the globe, ny producer joeski returns to the studio to create his next release, due on crosstown rebels in 2018. the release unfolds with the original version of i want you - a fierce, driving beat is juxtaposed alongside the sensual and smoldering vocal as the bassline rumbles on. pure 4am, fist pumping pleasure. the flip side introduces the disco mix of the title track. but don’t let the ‘disco’ lull you into a false sense of security. the track is fuelled by intense industrial sounding smashes and an abundance of layers that creep ever closer. a founding member of nyc’s the chocolate factory dj collective, joeski has been a staple in the underground scene in new york since 1991, holding down a residency at the city’s famed nightclub- roxy. he’s played alongside the likes of danny tenaglia, louis vega and roger sanchez. his career has seen him release on electrik soul, siesta, chez and camouflage as well as launching his own imprint maya records in 2001. this year, the prolific producer has juggled a jam-packed touring schedule taking in australia, new zealand, south america and europe, as well as ibiza for do not sleep and misfits.
Crosstown Rebels
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12" Vinyl D 19.02.18
vinyl only , finest remixes package by 90-90 project, on a printed cover. after 10 animals, 10 vinyls and 30 artists the wound has healed. our mission ends here, but until the groove goes on, the music never stop.
Wound Music
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12" Vinyl US 19.02.18
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