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7" Vinyl UK 19.06.17
a1 the mating dance theme a rush of unavoidable infatuation. the first step of pair-bonding. b1 soft & gentle like her lips rough like daddy playing the piano, sipping on japanese whisky. b2 truth or dare in vivid 70s colors. b3 wood-paneled rooms, cuban cigar smoke, drab tweed suits and jasmine serving that fine remy martin cognac.
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3x12" Vinyl lp D 19.06.17
they say time flies when you’re having fun, and if you ask dubfire whether the last ten years of his career feels that long, it’s clear that he’s been having too much of a ball to notice. it’s only fitting, though, to celebrate this milestone with a comprehensive retrospective of his work: a decade of dubfire.
the triple vinyl release comes in a gatefold sleeve for the entire discography 2006-2016.
the triple vinyl comes with a download code (beneath sticker on the wrap).

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CD (EUR 21.79)
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12" Vinyl D 19.06.17
having established himself as a vital figure in the brussels music scene, biologic records co-founder dc salas presents his debut album the unspoken. the 10-track lp features collaborations with fellow belgian electropop duo joy wellboy and mirror minds. after a string of dancefloor oriented eps, he draws inspiration from his live act and diverts away from the club to explore the more melodic aspects of his sound.
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2x12" Vinyl lp+mp3 UK 16.06.17
a journey into deep soulful jazz & funk from the 1970s! praise poems vol.5 zeigt erneut, dass es bei musik immer auch um ein gef³hl geht. musik/ emotion/stimmung! jeder einzelne song auf diesem album ist ein meisterst³ck, das seinesgleichen sucht. diesmal mit dabei: gunn high school jazz reunion, keither florence, robert cote, plas johnson, charlie chisholm boss-tet, u.v.a.
Tramp Records

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CD (EUR 16.07)
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12" Vinyl NL 16.06.17
fiesta to go! if you ever had the chance to dance while c.a. ramirez drives the controls, you know what kind of dj he is. far out, always around, full of soul & passion and driven by one goal: to unite them all.
Mustique 001
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12" Vinyl D 16.06.17
i m a cliche provides the 3rd chapter of its edit service special delivery. this new 12- features 4 edits by moscovian dj and producer grisha nelyubin, also part of the odopt project, under his new moniker blind rape. using unexpected material, from percussive brazilian obscurities to lost french 80s tapes, ex-yugoslavian ebm or early 70s heavy krautrock, nelyubin delivers 4 powerful dancefloor friendly edits which already show a very personal touch.
Edit Service
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12" Vinyl D 16.06.17
SoHaSo 013A
Something Happening Somewhere
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8x7" Vinyl box D 15.06.17
die limitierte single-box »spirit of 69« auf trojan records enthält acht originalgetreue reproduktionen von gesuchten boss reggae-7-inch-klassikern der späten 60er und frühen 70er jahre in einer box. alle singles wurden remastered, das artwork wurde den original trojan-cover artworks nachempfunden. mit dabei namhafte acts und spezialitäten wie john holt, lloyd robinson, the pioneers, lloyd charmers, vincent gordon, tyrone evans, the hippy boys u. a.
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7" Vinyl UK 15.06.17
drummer amir bresler, born in 89, has been established as one of the most sought after israeli drummers, performing in israel and abroad at prominent local and world stage jazz festivals. starting his musical education at the age of 13, amir was first exposed to jazz music at the age of 15 upon his enrollment for the jazz program at the thelma-yellin national high school of the arts from which he graduated with honors. in 2010 amir joined the world renowned bass player, singer and composer avishai cohen, in concerts globally. avishai cohen is considered to be one of the most successful jazz artists in the world today. amir also performed alongside visiting musicians like sam yahel, joel fraham, mark turner, kirk lightsay, dwayne bruno. in addition, amir played with various israeli artists among these are, daniel zamir, omer klein, kutiman, nitai hershkovits, yotam silbrestein, amos hoffman, gilad abro, shai maestro, to name a few. this release is comprised of two tracks, originally composed and recorded for meinl cymbals drummers-videos-series. these tracks were later chosen by amir to be officially released. the first track, afro golden line, is inspired by 70s african high-life music (specially from ghana and nigeria) this is an odd-meter afro-beat track. featuring sefi zislings distinct trumpet melody and uzi ramirez s playful guitar. the second track, fish, is taken from lbts old mixtapes (originally with vocals by kerendun). it was re-recorded at amirs studio while bassist beno hendler & keyboardist nomok composed the third part of the track. both tracks were produced with rejoicer.
Raw Tapes Records
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12" Vinyl NL 15.06.17
dark entries is proud to present a 4-song ep of songs by the italo disco duo of domenico ricchini and joe garrasco. domenico formed his first rock band in 1974, and four years later his first disco band. during the early 80 s he produced records under various names like delanua, bob salton and sylvi foster.
Dark Entries
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12" Vinyl D 15.06.17
nice price deal !!! electrohouse bomb with this irresistible female voice john made on remix duties here a must have
Nets Work International
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12" Vinyl IT 15.06.17
nice price deal !!! comes with a killer package of remixes. includes mixes by sandy vee, dj joe k and yohanne simon!!
Nets Work International
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7" Vinyl UK 15.06.17
heavy hammond organ led driving ancefloor devastation on whip it on me taken from the heavy soul album from 1968. on flipside and taken from the new genius of the blues album from 1967 and the first time ever on a 45 is bill s killer rendition of got my mojo working (but it just won t work on you) featuring mr hawks on vocals and organ and joseph jones on guitar. powerful stuff from the mukatsuku camp and another essential single for your record box! limited edition. strictly no repress
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2x12" Vinyl US 15.06.17
the latest transmission from the world of gunnar haslam, kalaatsakia wildly sprawls across the intersections of techno and more abstract sounds to take us on a wideranging journey from the subterranean to the coastal, from blown-out dub tones through fractured rhythms. an incredible work that is not easy to pigeonhole, kalaatsakia is a full length album that navigates and sketches landscapes where new languages are created from old, dead ones to emerge as the lingua franca of interconnected immersive zones.
BK 025
The Bunker New York

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CD (EUR 16.52)
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5x7" Vinyl box UK 14.06.17
soul jazz records’ record store exclusive limited-edition soul 7” box set comprising five fantastic 70s soul seven-inch singles reproduced here in exact replica bespoke label artwork and all digitally re-mastered. previously only available individually and direct from soul jazz records website. seriously rare, killer and classic soul tunes brought together here in this unique one-off pressing record store day box-set edition.
Soul Jazz Records
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12" Vinyl D 14.06.17
the third record by vienna-based label secret crunch is ready to be unleashed. this time with various artists from all over europe.
Secret Crunch
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12" Vinyl UK 12.06.17
invada veröffentlicht den score zur britischen independent-horror-komödie prevenge. toydrum sind pablo clements und james griffith, die unter anderem auch bei unkle tätig sind. zudem haben sie mehrere soundtracks produziert, darunter für die tv-serie this is england von shane meadows. prevenge erinnert stilistisch an den film sightseers von ben wheatley, horror und britische comedy kommen hier ideal zusammen. Ähnlichkeiten sind nicht zufällig: die filme teilen sich die hauptdarstellerin und den drehbuchautor. der score von toydrum ist düster, elektronisch und passt ideal zu invada.
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12" Vinyl D 12.06.17
pfirter and his label mindtrip are highly respected in the world of techno. being the main vessel for his own productions, it has also featured music and remixes by producers such as chris liebing, lucy, markus suckut, oscar mulero and developer, whilst also looking to support and break new artists. the fifteenth vinyl release is in charge of italian talent diego amura who makes his mindtrip debut following releases on the likes of arts, planet rhythm and konsequent. having played alongside leading djs such as ben klock, marcel dettmann, rødhåd, sleeparchive and dax j, his reputation is growing substantially with each gig and release. diego’s original tracks on the automa ep incorporate a raw, analogue aesthetic, with a nod to the old school. straight up jams ready for any dancefloor, they also have a feeling of menace and purpose from the twisted melodies. jonas kopp supplies the sole remix, who to many should need no introduction following his influential releases on tresor, polegroup, ilian tape, clr and many more. his rework concentrates on a more hypnotic flow, instilled with sparks of energy, funk and deep textures. this is mindtrip!
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12" Vinyl D 12.06.17
it is making my blood boil. man, my jaw is hanging down listening to this stuff. read the email from butthole surfers man and producer, paul leary, when he heard the demo for what would become the debut philipp gorbachev & the naked man album. philipp gorbachev, the russian musician and dj, has been throwing killer parties and making some of the most innovative and exciting electronic music to come out of moscow in years. in 2014 he released his debut album silver album but when invited to perform a live boiler room he had something else in mind: a band scenario. the resulting concoction was not something locked into a 4/4 beat but rather a much more organic, groove-based sound with funk-strutting bass lines and live drums that rolled and flurried around the beats that jumped around leading the charge of the songs along with gorbachev’s damo suzuki-like vocals. taking that experiment into the studio, i dont give a snare is a wild ride that jumps genres, switches paces and alters tones frequently. the opening goodman exploding in intense rhythms and heavy, spiralling riffs that at times recall sabbath but the ever-shifting drums and gargling electronics give a wonky freshness that feels impossible to place into genre. whilst gorbachev cites a range of influences from beck to blind willie johnson as being core to him, the primary motivation is the live nature of the project itself. the main influence is the constant live experience we have as music players and performers. i want to get the most out of every party, every jam, and every dancefloor.
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12" Vinyl UK 12.06.17
the one and only joey beltram delivers a remix of jungle love with a techno electrifying spinoff complete with strong drum basslines and favoured by the industry s best. matt sassari gets deeper and darker than ever in this classic techno must have. audio kode is a beast calling to the signatory sound of de-noize with driving techno, heavy drums and bass, and raw heart-stopping beats that have appealed to richie hawtin and the likes. joey beltram s remix reached beatport s top charts at #47 and stayed there for almost a month, boosting both audio kode and de-noize records. support from joseph capriati, richie hawtin, marco carola, danny tenaglia, paco osuna, monkidj, dmc worldmagazine and plenty more!! matt sassari s track met with early success reaching #29 on beatport s top 100 in techno and climbed to #19 traxsource s chart, staying there for over a month. support from richie hawtin, romanolito, marco carola, paco osuna, joseph capriati, skober, hollen, dformation and more.. richie hawtin played this track on his livestream several times and at space ibiza opening party during hawtin s enter event. this was followed by plays by notable djs during the summer festivals and numerous related tweets to richie hawtin and tons of support by his followers. track fully supported by more including skober, hollen, dubfire, dj boris, danny tenaglia, nicole moudaber, tocadisco, mark antonio, meat katie, anderson noise, angy kore, tom laws, tiga and more
De-Noize Records
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12" Vinyl lp UK 09.06.17
suns of dub is a performing ensemble and production team, creating unique sound experiences that blend live instruments and dub influenced genres. their hybrid reggae sound includes live melodica, steel pan, nyabinghi drums, live dub and dj effects. the group has been working and releasing music together since 2010.
riddimentary - suns of dub selects greensleeves pairs the group with the greensleeves and vp records catalogue of reggae masters for a musical tour through the crucial tracks that have formed the outlook and output of the ensemble. the set is a continuous dj mix of seventeen songs on cd. twelve selected full tracks on vinyl lp and both the mix and seventeen full tracks on the digital album.
among the featured artists on the album is the legendary augustus pablo, whose son addis is a founding member. riddimentary is the perfect bridge for dub reggae and progressive music fans to connect with all-time reggae classics from greensleeves and vp records.
producers credits include augustus pablo, joe gibbs, errol thompson, prince jammy/lloyd “king jammy’s” james, henry “junjo” lawes, sugar minott, linval thompson, winston riley
for fans of diplo, prince fatty, mr williams, rockers and roots reggae.
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12" Vinyl lp D 09.06.17
note: limited to 200 copies
goran uroic is behind this stunning solo project from croatia. manmachine is a modern version of the best leonard cohen, trapping the audience with simple musical compositions that repeats instruments most of the time, reaching the perfection trough a sort of naïf minimal synth and all that combined with pure poetry, cause the most relevant about this project is the lyrics and the hidden messages and trues on each of the 7 tracks included on this minialbum. manmachine 12” arrives on ultra limited and ultra deluxe edition, the lyrics will be reproduced on handwritting by goran himself on the printed innersleeve. this will be for sure considered one of the best oraculos to date. we are in front of an inmediate classic. all tracks remastered specially for vinyl by eric van wonterghem at prodam studio (berlin).
Oraculo Records
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2x12" Vinyl lp D 09.06.17
2x12 inch lp, 180g vinyl, cut at 45rpm, with printed deluxe sleeve by designers republic.
on millions, olsson effortlessly spans genres including dance, indie, pop and more in-between. opener hold on - a collaboration with the sharp tongue of sweden’s mapei - leads with a classic hip-hop beat before breaking into a danceable indie swagger, and has already seen olsson achieve high profile acclaim from the likes of zane lowe, noisey and more. elsewhere on tracks such as this heat and satellite (only analog talks), olsson channels a 90s rave influence while also delivering a gnarled brit indie rock bite, which plays like the tripped-out love child of kasabian and jungle.
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3x12" Vinyl lp NL 09.06.17
from the wilds of new zealand our favorite kiwi drum and bass duo returns with a sinister vengeance. with a hot list of tunes as part of their de-evolution series, the boys are finally ready to unleash their arsenal of productions to the public eye. featuring collaborations with ivy lab, orifice vulgatron (foreign beggars) and mara tk from electric wire hustle. released on noisia s vision recordings imprint.
pressed on 3 x 12 vinyl. this album contains pt.i, pt.ii and pt.iii of the upbeats - de-evolution series. comes with a download card for the full 320 kbps mp3s.
Vision Recordings
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12" Vinyl DE 09.06.17
only vinyl! dedicated to my family my supporters and all the music lovers. the third chapter come from four different artists a new talent federico brasi, jordan magee, our belong lapucci and yakine. four different styles that follow the same line, 4/4 beats, deep and acid bass, space melodies and straight groove.
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2x12" Vinyl NL 08.06.17
repress!!! frame of mind is a new venture initiated by gerd: a label that focuses on re-issuing rare and sought-after tracks as well as on releasing new music. first up we serve you this official re-release of nature boys classic ruff disco volume one. this highly in demand double pack goes for mad money on the second hand market, so after 25 years, a beautifully remastered edition is finally here. nature boys sound is best described as a rough combination of disco infected grooves with raw and hard hitting rhythms. tracks such as the livingroove, ha ha, trackin and of course tobago caused bliss and mayhem on dance floors world wide and brought joy to thousands and thousands of dancers, djs and music collectors all over the globe. this lp displays a fine mixture between house, disco and sometimes even dub/reggae. to this day ruff disco volume one is a timeless work of art.
Frame Of Mind
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12" Vinyl BE 08.06.17
(prins thomas remix) march this year saw long time full pupp contributor and oslo dj marius circus step out of hibernation and launch his own label. in the gardens first release, roger wilcos night out received a warm welcome. for the second outing veggepysj he called in the big gun(s) for remix duty.
In The Garden
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12" Vinyl US 08.06.17
nice price deal !!! slamming electrohouse madness, incl sebastien leger remix, maybe his best remix ever...
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12" Vinyl UK 07.06.17
the 5th insert to the banoffee pies landmark foot fetish series drops as promised on bpls005 with some pre summer goods. a journey hand tapered for your pleasure and appreciation. as the label pushes towards the age of three, this compilation marks an important time and welcomes appearances from recent affiliate jon sable with a dip into future transport melodies featuring kroba of the brilliant archie pelago, and seb wildblood’s coconut oil on the a side. the flip brings sample heavy weird love from matt saint will and a drum theme from the talented marenn sukie. tell closes up with a beats inspired downtempo lounge mover. enjoy the sunshine and see you in september with brand new sounds. stay tuned banana people. music for prancing, love and dancing. banoffee x
Banoffee Pies
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12" Vinyl NL 07.06.17
nice price deal !!! incl jorge savoretti and franco cinelli remix !!!
Claque Musique
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12" Vinyl UK 07.06.17
nice price deal !!! footstomping modern sounding uk electronic techno tracks...
Primate Endangered Species
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BOOMBOX 2 (1979-1983) (180G 3LP)
3x12" Vinyl UK 06.06.17
soul jazz records’ new boombox 2 is a new selection of early rap music from the period 1979-83, with barely a household name in sight. featured here are some the earliest hip-hop records that came out of new york city following the enormous commercial success of the first ever rap record, ‘rapper’s delight’ by the sugarhill gang, in september 1979. artists and producers alike tried to jump aboard the new commercial possibilities of hip-hop. by the end of the year there were 30 hip-hop singles, all released by independent new york labels. the following year there were over 100 more, and so on.
boombox 2 is a triple 180g vinyl set (+ download code) that features extensive text, exclusive interviews and stunning photography by jamel shabazz, martha cooper and others.
Soul Jazz

also available as:
CD (EUR 16.56)
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2x12" Vinyl lp JP 06.06.17
20 track album from various artists released by dub store records.
Dub Store Records
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pic 12" Vinyl lp UK 06.06.17
rsd 2017 picture disc re-issue of the original classic album from 1969.
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12" Vinyl UK 06.06.17
after an amazing duo of vinyl releases from jordan fields and vincent floyd, chicago basement trax keeps banging out the jams! the boxed out ep sports another lost tape from jordan fields with oriental. no fake added noise here from this original 80 s synth and drum machine creation just more uncut raw from jf s archive that seems to have no end!! check out more old school and acid by jack jeremy williams, italy s giuseppe gatti and paris underground pushers wondernature! massive ep!
Chicago Basement Trax
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 06.06.17
das von gilles peterson gegründete label brownswood feiert sein 10-jähriges bestehen mit einem limitierten lp-sampler mit zehn coverversionen seiner künstler. neben bereits bekannten tracks finden wir hier das bislang unveröffentlichte cover von cans “vitamin c” der owiny sigoma band, emanatives sun ra-cover in einem bislang unveröffentlichten mix sowie malas dubstep-version des peruanischen traditional-meilensteins “cunumicita”. schwarzes 180g doppelvinyl.
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12" Vinyl D 06.06.17
dred records is the new imprint from john osborn. after co-running tanstaafl with october for 5 years john is now focusing his solo a&r efforts with dred records. dred takes the fundamental principles of dance music that was laid down in the late 80s & early 90s, fusing them together with modern producers of today. a record label concentrating on sonic sci-fi visions of the future without loosing the roots of dance. the first release features two heavy hitting club tracks by s:vt aka sven von thuelen with a killer remix by john osborn. made with love in berlin & mastered at man made mastering, 2017.
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9.06 EUR *
3x12" Vinyl lp UK 02.06.17
darauf kann man sich verlassen: wo joey negro draufsteht, ist tanzmusik drin. seit der 13-jährige david russell lee 1977 in einer tv sendung den song boogie nights von heatwave hörte, ist er vom disco-virus infiziert. und den ist er bis heute nicht mehr losgeworden. obwohl produced with love erst sein zweites eigenständiges album nach universe of love von 1993 ist, hat joey negro in den vergangenen dekaden mächtige spuren im dance-bereich hinterlassen. nicht nur produzierte er zahlreiche chartbreaker, dancefloor-kracher und remixe unter diversen pseudonymen (jakatta, raven maize, doug willis, prospect park u.v.a.m.), vor allem war er für grace jones, diana ross, deep dish, lionel richie, mariah carey, tears for fears, ultra nate, masters at work, roy ayers, blaze und roger sanchez aktiv. hinzu kommen kollaborationswerke, bandprojekte und eine reihe herausragender kompilationen wie die house masters-serie, remixed with love, disco not disco oder kings of house. kurz: ob mainstream oder underground, joey negro ist ein mann der superlative, bei dem einfach jeder beat, jedes hook und jeder loop perfekt sitzt.

also available as:
CD (EUR 20.42)
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tape (cassette) UK 02.06.17
boundless sonic vibrations from Åmnfx, mp-57 & &#1071,tra for another va tape on tutamen. available in limited numbers so don’t sleep.
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12" Vinyl lp DE 02.06.17
-alpha percussion-, recorded in 1985, is a cult groovy ambient album of acoustic percussion, pleasant to listen to and full of samples and break known very well by djs and artists likes danny brown (which uses a sample in -really doe-, a song of his lates
Mondo Groove
Last Copy!
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12" Vinyl D 02.06.17
nice price deal !!! big room vocal house smash with mixes by stefano prada & join forces - excellent deep electro house the record has some fine feedbacks & heavy rotation in the uk!!
Trinity Musix
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4.83 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 02.06.17
nice price deal !!! from minimal to electro flavoured mini tech three tracker.. plays by markus lange
Elected Tunes
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12" Vinyl lp + mp3 D 01.06.17
“a safe place to be naked” is s. fidelity’s debut album, which will be released on may 5th via jakarta records. it features 12 tracks, capturing the producer’s quest for a fresh sound, which he elaborated over the last two years, locked in his tiny basement studio in berlin. evolving from there the he has also released an ep with feelin music in 2014, and “sidekicks”, a joint project with long-term friend and collaborator bluestaeb in 2016. by working with artists like tru thoughts singer harleighblu and label mate juju rogers as well as fellow producers bluestaeb and shuffle jack, his lp “a safe place to be naked” plays with sampled vocals and even his own voice – often distorted, but still present. s. fidelity was born in st. gallen, switzerland, mainly works in berlin and currently resides in london. as a producer he developed a unique and always driving sound, combining sampling techniques and classic beat making with unusual drum patterns, modern synth and atmospheric sound effects. s. fidelity’s laid-back eclecticism is marked by a deep knowledge and fascination for pop culture as a whole. his idea of fresh hiphop references to various genres, including jazz, ambient, disco and electronica. the lp contains an a2 poster & download code.
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18.47 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 01.06.17
originally released in 1978 on greg charmichaels red greg records, ‘lady bug’ and -love bug- are probably bumblebee unlimited s most recognizable hits. now repressed on the get on down label ... with an undeniable groove, signature keys and arrangements by patrick adams in addition to the comically sped-up vocals, lady bug is considered by many to be one of the most important underground tracks of the disco era. as with the original -lady bug- 12- single, the john morales and frank trimarco -sunshine sound- mix takes the a-side of the rca release. a true disco version in every sense of the word, this almost 10 minute mix brings out the latin percussions to the front making it a true dance floor classic and establishing john morales as one of the best remixers in the industry. the b-side belongs to one of new york city s hottest djs at the time: larry levan. despite being a very early remix by the legendary paradise garage dj, the talent was evident and his understanding of a club mix in wide display. it’s no wonder larry levan would go to become one of the most respected and revered remixers of his generation.
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17.54 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp D 01.06.17
the best and most delicious german liveband with their 4th album, the beatsteaks with “smack smash”. the album contains as many hits as its forerunner “living targets”, but this time they captured even more of their live frenzy. top rankings allthroughout the country, saying “...long time there was none more rocking out!”.
this re-issue includes a downloadcode.
Epitaph Europe
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22.41 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp UK 31.05.17
launched in early 2015 by a collective of crate diggers, afro music-heads and vinyl- buying obsessives, africa seven s aim is to spread the love and knowledge for african music in all its forms. in the wake of this effort, afrosonique vol.1 is the ideal first instalment of a series of compilations bridging african tracks from the 70s and 80s with the most talented artists of today into a remix and re-edit series.
Africa Seven
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25.33 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp UK 31.05.17
das beste vom besten von the bosshoss auf doppel-vinyl im klappcover.
Last Copy!
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12" Vinyl UK 31.05.17
dj support: nastia, cassy, radio slave...
tenax recording is proud to have marco faraone on board again, one of the residents at the club. after his successes around the world recording for the likes of drumcode, ovum recordings, holic trax and his own label u&#1048,,cag&#926,, he delivers an absolute banger of a ep including a very sophisticated remix by the very talented honey dijon from chicago. the ep is composed of 3 original tracks with raw elements and atmospheres: horizon is a never-ending dj tool based around a groove with a great synth line, double faces has special dub characteristics and parallels is a real stomping track aimed straight at the floor. the perfect mix for underground dancefloor.
Tenax Recordings
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2x 12" Vinyl UK 30.05.17
nyc s disco powerhouse west end records should need no intro. the home of too-numerous-to-list club classics for over 30+ years is still impacting today on what we know to be club culture. the label started by one mel cheren (rip) with assistance from larry levan and more way back in 1976 is still held in such high regard today with it s catalogue constantly being played, rediscovered, reinterpreted and loved by waves and waves of new fans and admirers. the west end story vol. 2 is an essential overview of this most iconic of labels, following on it s from it s predecessor the quality bar is obviously set extremely high, one only has to look over the tracklist to see the names and titles that are included! cuts from loose joints, taana gardner, barbara mason, stone, raw silk and more make up 4 joyous sides of essential forward looking post disco classics - we re talking late 70 s, early 80 s, synths, mega overdubs, left-field arrangements and anything and everything in-between. a truly golden era of dance music history, names like arthur russell, kenton nix, walter gibbons and more make up some of the talent featured on this flawless selection of goodies. oh, and for the record (no pun intended) these are all the extended mixes, 12- versions and special cuts, all killer - no filler! all tracks featured re-mastered, re-pressed and re-released with the permission of and in conjunction with west end records, new york city / bmg
West End
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3x12" Vinyl FR 30.05.17
cynosure presents the fifth installment in the focal point compilation series. this time with a focus on various studio collaborations with mike shannon, featuring recorded sessions from mathew jonson to ricardo villalobos. a diverse selection of works ranging from a smooth 100 bpm house with the mole & hreno to a rolling deep techno at 127bpm with matt & mark thibideau. mike pulls a few gems out of the recording vault to share on a stunning triple vinyl gatefold package.
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