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12" 24.01.11
remixes by kenton slash demon, pom pom, dustin wong and lucky dragons for tracks from the stellar debut by highly acclaimed newcomers jatoma.
Kompakt 216
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6.55 EUR *
12" lp + cd 08.11.10
jatoma are all about the unknown and though they are new amongst us they remain cloaked in paradoxes and already questioned by many. some think that one of the members is a famed producer amongst 2 genius teenagers.
others project they are a side act for a band held in the highest regard. some will speculate they are just trying to get more attention by remaining unknown. the facts remain blurry and ambiguous but there remains an clear authenticity surrounding these factors - jatoma are clearly one of 2010s most inventive new acts our ears have had the pleasure to hear and its with our excitement we welcome them to kompakt. so enter their self-titled debut full length - >jatoma<.
Kompakt 219
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11.34 EUR *
cd 08.11.10
Kompakt CD 86
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12.28 EUR *

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