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12" Vinyl D 05.02.19
the new album from ian brown as vinyl lp with download code included.
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12" Vinyl UK 01.03.10
massive prodigy remix!
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7" Vinyl D 06.03.08
unauthorized remixes... just jack a copy of your favorite writer and give it your best. dear mr. brown, here are some heavy beats. hope you like them.
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12" Vinyl D 02.12.05
funky latin flavoured vocal house track with male vocals flamenco guitars and a great trumpet (sb)
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12" Vinyl UK Pre sale
after the success of the henry wu & chaos in the cbd releases, rhythm section international present their 9th offering from mancunian newcomer contours. technician is a percussion led rhythmic exploration, spanning 6 tracks which take in down-tempo grooves to up-beat workouts, all held together by a smooth, lucid sonic palette and arresting, unorthodox live percussive elements. already an accomplished drummer and percussionist, contours manages to combine driving rhythm, lush textures and hypnotic melodies to create a sound that feels very much at home as part of the rhythm section imprint, while simultaneously pushing it forward into new, undiscovered territory. one for the heads, one for the dancers, one for the warm up, one for the afterparty.
Rhythm Section International
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12" Vinyl JP 19.04.16
limited japan import - be fast
Midnight Social
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12" Vinyl lp US 15.10.13
born in brooklyn, hailing from hempsted, hus kingpin launched his rap career internationally on tokyo label goon trax. able to meld jazzy production with the gutter vocals, the international hus kingspin returns to the us for his stateside mello music group introduction *the cognac tape* hosted by and featuring legandary hepsted emcee roc marciano along with hus crewsmoovth, rozewood and marvelous mag, not to mention prodiction from heavyweight production team the snowgoons. nasty, haunting production drives smokey vocals and percise bravado laced lyricism. this is that something to twist a dutch with while sippin that louis xiii.
Mello Music Group
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12" Vinyl D 19.04.12
after the first single release >baltimore< of the latest terry lee brown junior album >labyrinth< at the end of 2011 plastic city and terry lee brown junior present the new remix package of the album track >bohemian life<. beside a deep pulsating dub version of the track by terry himself we have remixes by jacob phono & siinus on the a and furthermore a milton jackson remix on the b side.
Plastic City
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12" Vinyl UK 26.08.11
huge remix pack... incl mixes from koreless, dbridge, quest, gang panang ft roots manuva
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coloured 12" Vinyl FR 31.05.10
joint movement project, >find a love< produced by kai alce and jovonn. comes on limited brown coloured vinyl.
Balance Alliance
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12" Vinyl D 26.10.09
over the last year a new generation of young and ambitious electronic / house producers from italy have caused lot of rumors. adriano is a great interpreter of the scene in the heart of italy, which is going to become the new centre for house and techno culture. eimaleins captures the essence of adrianos style, releasing this two tracks which have the houzy and techy flavours, wisely mixed with solid but quite funk groove. adriano calls his friend matt brown to remix his track voices. its an amazing super warm and smooth piece of house music.
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12" Vinyl UK 02.03.09
3 of 10 tracks written by paul and bob in a 48 hour marathon session in philadelphia (2000)!!
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12" Vinyl UK 06.09.07
pioneers of the new wave of balearic bands a mountain of one return with an epic double a side 12 inch single backed with an awesome 10min+ plus remix from scandinavian darlings of the moment studio
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3x12" Vinyl D Pre sale (17.02.2017)
this bundle contains the following releases: bird of paradise - baal ep, benoit gagnon, massimiliano pagliara - in spirals, man power - planet cock ep. bundle comes in a brown paper bag and incl. stickers.
COR Bundle 1
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3x12" Vinyl D Pre sale (17.02.2017)
bundle 4 contains the following releases: compilation 02, sampler 1, compilation 04, sampler 1, compilation 04, sampler 2. feat. tracks & mixes from axel boman, massimiliano pagliara, geoffroy mugwump, init, javi redondo, borusiade, red axes and more! bundle comes in a brown paper bag and incl. stickers.
COR Bundle 4
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12" Vinyl FR Pre sale (xx.03.2019)
after metropolitan jazz affair, the dynamics and mr president, master of musical ubiquity bruno ?patchworks? hovart proudly presents uptown funk empire, a burning tribute to one of his all time greatest loves: funk. bruno ?patchworks? hovart, as a self-taught musician and typical teenager, started playling guitar, bass and keyboards at age 15, covering james brown, jimi hendrix and cream in his bedroom and, later in college bands. his first releases are in the mid 90s, with deep house and disco live bands and various electronic projects. he quickly develops and shows very special skills for vintage disco/funk productions with a contemporary flavor. this gifted boy?s been working with artists such as amp fiddler, archie shepp, mr day, paul randolph... and for many recording labels such as i still music (usa), favorite recordings (france), infracom (germany), further out (uk)... uptown funk empire is an exciting and ambitious project, worthy of its name. while the first album is simply called ?the empire strikes back?, it?s no joke... forget the whole revival thing, this sounds like an actual rebirth of the real funky stuff. it?s like being back to the better days of funk without a travel machine... the vibe is vintage but the sound is fresh...that?s not funky music, that?s funky music !
this album is huge and it covers all the golden age groove styles : boogaloo, soul, disco, boogie, funk... but the music flows in the hands of a gifted modern producer. bruno ? patchworks? hovart plays bass, keyboards, computers... handling with love all composition, programming, arrangements, vocals... with brilliant vocal featurings by silky juan rozoff, brit-soul legend noel mc koy at his best, high-voltage divas ange & janice... and the funkysoul brother bruno ?patchworks? hovart himself on the mic... it?s pure funkiness ! beware, ?the empire strikes back? and is kicking... so get up & dance !
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10x12" Vinyl box D 25.10.18
a unique collection of hard-to-find belgian new beat classics. a selection of legendary tracks on 10x12 inch vinyl in a collectors box.
541 Label
A1: Fatal Error - Fatal Error
A2: Chico Crew - Acid Pages (Church Mix)
B1: Logic System - Unit
B2: Dr Phibes - Acid Story
B3: Amnesia - Ibiza (Loco Acid Mix)
C1: Shakti - The Awakening
C2: Philadelphia Five - BongaWalk (Mix II)
C3: Spectrum - Total Recall (New Beat Mix)
D1: Neon - No Limit (Relax Your Body Accapella Perc. Mix)
D2: Acts Of Madmen - The Dream
D3: Shriekback - Into Method (Planet Mix)
E1: Space Opera - Mandate My Ass (New Beat Mix)
E2: House Boys - Touch My Lips
F1: Snowy Red - Euroshima (Wardance)
F2: A Split Second - Flesh
F3: Spiritual Sky - Sky My House Band (Écoutez Et Répétez)
G1: Reese & Santonio - Rock To The Beat
G2: White House White - Oddball Harry
G3: The Rude Boy Farley Keith - Give Your Self To Me
H1: Inouï - Externia
H2: Boytronic - Bryllyant
I1: Ghostdance - Ghostbeat (New Beat Mix)
I2: In-D - Virgin In-D Sky's (Special Adventure Mix)
J1: Major Problem - Acid Queen (Dirty Version)
J2: Chayell - Don't Even Think About It
K1: Section 25 - Looking From A Hilltop (Megamix)
K2: Bazz - The Drop Deal
L1: Blue Vertigo - Abadan (Monday Morning Mix)
L2: Domination - Paranoia (Destruction Mix)
L3: Iconoclass - Tenebra
M1: Arbeid Adelt! - Death Disco
M2: Bill Nelson - When Your Dream Of Perfect Beauty Comes True
M3: Nux Nemo - Hiroshima
N1: Pete Shelley - Witness The Change (Dub Version)
N2: 16 BIT - Where Are You? (Instrumental)
O1: Jamie Principle - Baby Wants To Ride
O2: Twice Of Love - The Birth
Q1: BPM AM - Come To Me (Vocal Version)
Q2: Carlos Perón - A Dirty Song (Instrumental)
Q3: Zerocks - You Too (Bonzo Mix)
R1: Chayell - Beach
R2: Grey House - New Beats The House
S1: F.O.G. - Electricity
S2: Chico Crew - Noise Gate (Sancho Mix)
T1: Beat-A-Max - Caravan
T2: Zsa Zsa Laboum - Something Scary
T3: Acid Commando - Acid Generation (Bonus Beats)
U1: Newcleus - Automan (Dub Mix)
U2: Fred Brown - Roman Days
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12" Vinyl UK 02.10.18
needwant welcome berlin duo kim brown back into the fold with the stellar pleasuredome continuum. comprised of two dynamic breakbeat cuts to sink into and some incredible remixes from earth boys (lets play house) and kemback (omena/futureboogie). helical scan comes straight from the berlin 5am scene with raw breakbeat production and huge hitting pads and rolling synths. whilst the uniquely titled ceramic unicorns is anything but fluffy and cuddly. the pulsating hi-hat, lofi percussion and cosmic chords take you to another level. kim brown is ji-hun kim & julian braun, local heroes on the berlin club scene and rising producers with previous releases on just another beat, retreat, rivulet, rimini, freerange, fauxpas musik, film and permanent vacation. over the past ten years the needwant mantra has been to push the very best in new talent, having provided the platform for the likes of kiwi, the mekanism, maxxi soundsystem, the revenge and many more.
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12" Vinyl UK 12.06.18
on ‘loveplaydance’, legendary tokyo dj and producer toshio matsuura charts a new direction. casting musical cornerstones in a fresh light, the toshio matsuura group features tom skinner (drummer for sons of kemet and owiny sigoma band amongst others) as its musical director, as well as some of the uk’s most exciting jazz-influenced musicians. drawing on years of surveying and curating different corners of music, matsuura deftly combines this talented pool of players into one singular, wide-ranging album.
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12" Vinyl UK 04.05.18
pia-pia-pian-oh my god this one has some lush keys. four groove-laden deep house cuts come straight out of paris for the third release on feelings worldwide.
following two eps from kasra v and keith lorraine with enormous remixes from dream 2 science and jovonn respectively, the feelings crew deliver some white label material this time around with the inaugural ep from larry houl.
the multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, delivers his first solo release with four tasty machine tracks with some heavy synth work covering a full spectrum of dance floor moments. from balearic lifters and soulful electronic jams to hard hitting detroit pacers and dark room after party moments, there are flavours for all on this debut.
Feelings Worldwide
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12" Vinyl UK 27.03.18
sophie lloyd produced calling out in a dreary january as an antidote to the pervading doom and gloom of the news, summoning the power of the most joy-filled sound of all, gospel. the track radiates all the live atmosphere of gospel worship in mid flow, with soul trio dames brown bringing the authenticity. following the 7” release, which sold out due to huge demand, comes the 12” complete with the original version plus two brand new mixes from floorplan. the duo of detroit techno pioneer robert hood and his daughter lyric hood are well known for their gospel-infused sound with hood’s hometown influences always apparent. their club mix opens with a heavily swinging groove which breaks down into pure 4/4 indulgence, while the revival mix singles out the looped piano and organ riffs. putting their assertive spin on this new classic anthem, floorplan turn up the levels on calling out, bathing it in further glory.
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coloured 2x12" Vinyl UK 19.01.18
das neue album des bekanntesten zeitgenössischen reggae-künstlers ist endlich auch als lp-vinyl erhältlich! - mit 18 stücken auf zwei schwergewichtigen schallplatten im grün gefärbten vinyl, erscheint die limitierte auflage in einem hochwertigen prägedruckcover im gatefold sleeve und einem 48-seitigem heft (in lp-größe von 30x30 cm), mit den lyrics und exklusiven fotos in offizieller kooperation von vp records und ghetto youths international, dem eigenen label der marley-söhne. der longplayer mit der spielzeit eines doppelalbums wurde vom legendären errol brown, sowie den studiocracks marc lee, gennaro schiano und james -bonzai- caruso abgemischt, prominente samples finden sich u.a. von dennis brown und black uhuru!
VP/Ghettp Youth International
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12" Vinyl D 04.12.17
as proprietors of the will & ink label, yaleesa hall & malin genie have been maintaining a busy and consistent release schedule of top notch techno sounds, largely releasing their own, well received, productions. the duo appeared on hypercolours 10 years compilation in 2016 with the excellent buchan trap, and weve been blessed to secure a full single release with the on-point pair. the mechanical funk of artin swings with plenty of assured groove, the shuffling hats, dense kicks and dubby stabs that ping pong across this fierce production mark this out as a real killer cut. dario & marco zenker, aka the zenker brothers, take time out from their busy ilian tape operations to remix artin into a brutal yet funky techno goliath. congas perpetually roll forward, with frenetic 909 hats and raw and ready stabs in what may well be one of the zenkers finest remixes to date. the essence of funk continues in hall & malins music, with cahen, a great slab of compelling techno that never slips too far into darkness, instead keeping an ever evolving groove and some abstract drone like synthesis to keep the mood buoyant. wrapping up the release is brown, a track that finishes as urgently as it starts, perhaps with a cap doffed to the purpose maker sounds of a certain jeff mills, but broadening the palette to allow some trippy sound architecture and an effective breakdown mid way through. modern day techno supplied by a duo that will most certainly flourish over the coming months, yaleesa hall & malin deliver the goods aplomb on this hypercolour single.
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12" Vinyl D 26.10.17
after almost two years it s the time for the boss asymmetrical to drop his second ep -for muthafucka use only- merging his hip hop influences with raw culture s poetry. the release features some guest appearances by with his partner in crime alter d, boss of marguerite records, rapper blue and last but not least a fine remix by florian kupfer!
Raw Culture
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12" Vinyl UK 12.07.17
from the italian dub duo babe roots comes the groups third vinyl release since their debut 7inch last year on the sardinian rohs imprint which sold out in record time. like the a-sides artwork suggests (a photo of the major league baseball pitcher doc ellis famous for pitching a no-hitter while on lsd), this record will take the listener on a trip. in classic babe roots fashion, each song was carefully crafted using traditional jamaican dub techniques, blending 90’s chain reaction / basic channel atmospheres and uk trip-hop elements. spiritual connection / brown walls aims to be their strongest release yet. us-based label visceral vibrations teams up with big horn sound (a sound system out of las vegas, nv) to provide a record worthy of any dub-heads collection, presented on 12inch vinyl and professionally mastered by beau thomas at teneightseven.
Visceral Vibrations
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12" Vinyl lp DE 02.06.17
-alpha percussion-, recorded in 1985, is a cult groovy ambient album of acoustic percussion, pleasant to listen to and full of samples and break known very well by djs and artists likes danny brown (which uses a sample in -really doe-, a song of his lates
Mondo Groove
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12" Vinyl UK 12.05.17
croatian producer el nino andres is steadily building up an impressive arsenal of disco and deep house heaters on his own jackie brown label, having previously been running the hija de colombia imprint. on this fourth slab he pushes his sound into even more intriguing places. opening track slow mo tuesdays lets things roll out on a decidedly dusty tip carried by off-kilter drums. riviera blues stands out thanks to its tough 80s-styled drums and warm soulful melodics. low end massacre meanwhile gets choppy in the edit and makes a devilishly good job of riding the samples.
Jackie Brown
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12" Vinyl UK 24.03.17
duvall timothy isn t a musician. at least not in that conventional sort of way. no, timothy s artistic expression is the sort in which all of his daily actions are intentional and each action reveals a small part of his large vision. he steps out for his day dressed in all blue: a statement of self. he chefs african cuisine: a medium to discover his heritage and share that heritage with others. and when he returns home, he plays piano. what you have here is an exploration in memory. memories of classical, of jazz, and hip-hop. fragmented into its elements, looped simply, and then reconstructed complexly. timothy s compositions evolve the same way any meaningful memory comes back to the mind. at first in snippets looped in the minds fog. then, as those fragments build, the scenes of the past rush back into full view. and as quickly as they appear, they dissipate away. fleeting and substantial. but the simplicity is purposeful. and while timothy is drawing from deeply personal experiences, his playing feels intimate and familiar because we ve all felt the essence of memory: love and loss, joy and pain. so its fitting that this be the inaugural offering from i should care records. its our hope that brown loop is as memorable and haunting for you as it was when we first heard it.
I Should Care Records
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12" Vinyl UK 15.03.17
nice price deal !!! excellent funky piano house anthem remixed from the hoxton whores camp !!!
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12" Vinyl lp FR 23.02.17
roots reggae star barry brown has a readily identifiable vocal style that has long made him among the most preferred of many roots reggae fans. drawing largely from the blueprint provided by horace andy, but changing that into something all his own through a unique form of vocal phrasing, interspersed with ad-hoc slurs, brown was initially discovered through the many amateur talent contests that fringed his west kingston ghetto neighbourhood during the early 1970s, he was also making an impact at the same time by performing live on local sound systems. several different producers have claimed to have been the first to record him, but it is undeniable that brown had strong links with sugar minott’s black roots collective, and some of brown’s very first recordings were released by sugar, both in jamaica and overseas. the exceptionally rare album i’m still waiting was released in 1983 by rocktone international, a spin-off of sugar’s black roots outfit, based in queens, new york, with a further branch in toronto (which reportedly closed just prior to the album’s release). as noted on the original sleeve, the musicians featured on the disc include ‘milo t, snappin, badness, flowers, and drummie from high times,’ while mr brown is on fine form throughout. reissued on lp and cd, on cd for the first time ever!
Radiation Roots
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12" Vinyl UK 13.12.16
burnski and jon woodall s constant sound label continues to reach skywards following the formers essential dna album, welcoming the ever-reliable laura jones and stephen brown into the mix with a collaborative effort that matches club precision with machine soul in equal measure. -crystalline- works around detroit motifs to great effect, while -concave- ramps up the swing factor for a spacey number that gets fancy with the fx. -pv- too does a fine job of making the synths ping around the mix with a jammed-out feel, while endian delivers a remix of -nothing lost- that leans on berlin techno dynamics while injecting some colour into the situation.
CS 009
Constant Sound
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12" Vinyl D 12.12.16
mysterious producer kian t is a crazy guy living in a lonely house on a top of a hill somewhere in italy. surrounded by a collection of rare old synths and vintage samplers, a little dog and the best red wine of italy. kian is making beats all day long. that’s his life. he started his career on toy tonics last year and now is back with an own ep - full of that fucked up, jazz influenced cut & paste house sound that is taking over the house world since last year. similar to his friends rhode & brown, fouk, nachtbraker or the guys around oye records in berlin he loves to create this special way of sampling old jazz records and using rare vintage synthesizers instead of digital computer sounds. just listen to a normal deep house records of the last years and compare it with the sound of the kian. using these old synths makes a big difference. you can hear it on every of his tunes: there is no cheap sound here everything is fat and has a very warm, personal, always easy to recognize sound-aesthetic: courtesy of the four synthesizers he uses: the korg polysix, the sequential prophet600, a roland juno 60, and the legendary oberheim matrix 6. and courtesy of the way he mixes his tracks: not in the laptop - but the old way: on a fat old mixing desk. thats why he has that massive sound.
Toy Tonics
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12" Vinyl lp UK 09.12.16
night train serves both as a marvellous offering for james brown completists, and, on another level, as a brilliant on-record instrumental jukebox, full of booting saxes, guitar sounds that practically force you to get up and dance, and all propelled by a beat that’s spanned the years without ageing one little bit. so there you have it… a great album that proves what james brown and his friends were doing at the start of the ‘60s still sounds amazingly fresh.
pressing on translucent red 180 gram vinyl.
Not Now Music
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12" Vinyl UK 01.12.16
aufgewachsen in london mit jungle, grime und broken beats, ist der jazz-ansatz von yussef dayes und kamaal williams (aka henry wu) geprägt durch den basssound der piratensender, ähnlich wie die us-kollegen robert glasper oder kamasi washington hiphop in ihre musik einfliessen lassen. weitere inspirationen auf dem yussef kamaals debütalbum ist der freiheitliche anything-goes-spirit des 1970 er jazzfunk eines herbie hancock oder mahavishnu orchestra, während ihr pianospiel an thelonious monk und ihr drumprogramming an kaidi tatham angelehnt ist.

also available as:
CD (EUR 16.95)
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12" Vinyl US 15.08.16
nice price deal !!! 2001 classic by scandinavian duo!
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 08.08.16
the ultimate tribute project with all exclusive new recordings featuring the new breed of jamaican stars and upcoming artists like chronixx, jah 9, iba mahr, jesse royal, kabaka pyramid, ikaya, exco levi and exciting bands like raging fyah or no-maddz. also paying tribute are the international known and established artists jah cure, maxi priest, and gyptian, richie spice, with also the veterans freddie mcgregor and mutabaruka being on board. all tracks have been recorded with producer legend clive hunt, who also appears with two instrumentals as the vp hit team. -we remember dennis- comes as 2lp-vinyl set with 20 tracks available including high-quality printed inner sleeves presenting sleeve notes and images!
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2x12" Vinyl D 07.04.16
chilled indie-tronica leaning, warm, classy ambient house. the double vinyl comes with download code.
Just Another Beat 012 (75458)
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12" Vinyl D 09.03.16
jackie brown enters 2016 with new 12 inch from el nino andres - a four track ep called “she understood duke ellington”. as with his previous releases, croatian producer offers his take on house music thats influenced by jazz, soul and funk. drum machines, samplers and antons improvisations on his piano and rhodes make for an ep of warm, melodic and groovy house music. everything is rounded up with amazing artwork from maximilian moser.
Jackie Brown
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12" Vinyl lp D 18.02.16
typisch für das label triangle: entfesselte beats, ausgefeilte soundscapes, abstrakte electronica. was das warp label vor jahren mit der veröffentlichung der werke von künstlern wie autechre startete, wird nun im geiste fortgeführt. da der amerikanische hip hop-markt gerade nach abstrakten beats sucht, sind die veröffentlichung von triangle auch jenseits von avantgarde-zirkeln sehr angesagt. brod ma mit *daze* machen jedenfalls keine gefangenen. bei *molten brownian motion* ist das rhythmusgeflecht dann derart verdichtet, bis nur noch beats das klangbild dominieren. bei *dim returns* ist eine wundersame melodieführung der kern der komposition. aufregend, elektronisch, elektrisierend!
die vinyl lp erscheint inklusive downloadcode.
Tri Angle
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12" Vinyl lp UK 22.01.16
*boat to progress* is the ultimate glen brown vocal selection including richard mcdonalds roots masterpiece *realize*, one of gregory isaacs best and rarest sides in *one one coco* and the glen brown foundation killers *away with the bad* & *save our nation*, originally released on glen browns jamaican label pantomime in the early 70ies. all in all 14 tracks of highly desirable vintage reggae from the most collectable label of them all engineered by king tubby. remastered with expanded sleeve notes. *boat to progress* is the must have pantomime vocal round-up that no serious reggae fan can be without. available as cd (digipak) and lp-vinyl with new lacquers cut by kevin metcalfe at soundmasters.
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12.59 EUR *
7" Vinyl UK 21.12.15
back to back, two more sexy rhythm and blues jivers from the queen of sass, ruth brown. *daddy daddy* gllides along a slinky, latin rumba beat as ruth sings a lascivious ode to her lover. turn it over and *i would if i could* is built around a more straight-ahead pounding rhythm with horn and piano stabs contrasting nicely with ruth browns high pitched vocals.
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 17.12.15
das vierte album des londoner dubstep-produzentenduos lv entstand in enger kooperation mit dem armenischen pianisten tigran hamasyan. die globetrotter lv sind bekannt für ausgefallene kollabos. so arbeiteten sie mit dem dichter josh idehen für das blackdowns keysound label und mit diversen südafrikanischen vokalisten auf ihrem hyperdub-album. das doppel-vinyl erscheint inklusive downloadcode.
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12" Vinyl D 09.12.15
vintage house freaks and soul kids: rhode & brown from munich come back on toy tonics with a great, funk driven, instrumental ep. featuring a remix by upcoming producer hodini. rhode & brown come from the growing young, new house scene of munich. since 3 years the kids host their own night at munichs kong club and doing music. after a few remixes (check the one for brooklyn based label good company records) the boys release their first ep of 2015 on toy tonics. the sound? they proudly call it weißwursthouse produced on a stradivari-build mpc 1000 in their beautiful studio in the heart of munich. influenced by old soul records, detroit legends theo parrish and moodymann, as well as new experimental house from the scandinavian labels around studio barnhus. everything with their own unmistakable rhode & brown touch.
Toy Tonics
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12" Vinyl lp UK 25.09.15
für sein drittes album -nyanza- bereiste das britisch-kenianische musikerkollektiv owiny sigoma band, berüchtigt für seine fusion aus afropop und electro, die gleichnamige provinz in westkenia, um den geburtsort des luo, der populären musik des landes, zu erkunden und mit lokalen und londoner musikern die neuen tracks aufzunehmen. entstanden ist ein atemberaubender soundclash aus tradition und moderne.
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12" Vinyl D 02.07.15
after previous releases on hija de colombia, el nino andres (here credited as el nino only) debuts on new vinyl label called jackie brown. jackie brown aims to release series of mini lps, providing conceptual music stories, while at the same time not neglecting the main consequence of good house music – dance groove. house music infected with funk, soul and boogie grooves – we are not inventing nothing new, we’ve been inspired by many labels that came before. el nino delivers first story on our label, and in our humble opinion shows the very best side of house music with a groove and soul. though not all tracks are lengthy and floor ready, they make a great ensemble on “no boogie nights”, while tracks like “odds against tomorrow”, “thieves in the night” and “something ain’t right” work great on their own. everything is rounded up with amazing artwork from maximilian moser.
Jackie Brown
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12" Vinyl NL 22.05.15
rat life returns with the pagan rites on catalog number 4. little is known about the band from sweden, first signals were received in 2010 when they submitted their track 03 to the ifm demo contest. in october last year rat life sent out a submarine to search the swedish coast line for the small hut where the duo records their songs (apologies to the swedish authorities at this point, who confused our research with a russian military threat). all four tracks are packed with bittersweet melancholia, reflecting the neverending darkness of cold scandinavian winter, still the midnight sun is always in sight on the horizon! already recorded between 2008 - 2013, rat life records is very happy to finally make this music available on vinyl.
Rat Life
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp UK 20.02.15
future brown greifen auf themen wie digitale interkonnektivität, globale reisen und eine vitale weltweite künstlergemeinschaft als inspiration zurück. von regionalen us rap-varianten zum uk grime, von dancehall bis reggaeton - future brown spinnen eine zutiefst durchdachte Ästhetik, die intuitive verbindungen zwischen diesen eigentümlichen sounds aufbaut, um dann den individuellen kollaborateuren eine stimme zu geben. kollaborationen wie mit shawnna, kelela, johnny may cash oder sicko mob schlagen brücken über musikalische grenzen und klüfte hinweg, während future brown zur selben zeit den eigentlich geographischen abstand zwischen den einzelnen künstlern bewusst machen wollen. die vinyl-lp erscheint inklusive downloadcode.
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18.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 18.12.14
Ohral Recordings
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7.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 13.11.14
in hamburg nichts neues, rotz & wasser melden sich sich ohne reue und ungerührt mit album # 5 als wiederholungstäter zurück. alte stärken in neuem glanz. musikalisch bedeutet das: kraftvoller oi! trifft gradlinigen street punk mit einer mächtig fetten rock-kante, satt produziert. ab und an ganz dezent mit offbeats und ungewöhnlichem instrumentarium (akkordeon, steelguitar, trompete, dobro, banjo, piano, kontrabass) aufgelockert. insgesamt 15 songs (inklusive dem 2012er bonus-track *laola*), 47 minuten working class-party Überdosis mit rustikalen weisheiten jenseits des guten geschmacks. zwischendurch immer mal wieder eine klare ansage: *willst du am leben bleiben, mußt du zähne zeigen!* an den gast-instrumenten helfen ferdy doernberg (rough silk, matt gonzo roehr, axel rudi pell etc.) und mike mandel aus. fazit: ein 100% oi!/punk-album mit amtlicher kurzweil-garantie. orange / braun gefärbtes vinyl, limitiert auf 250 exemplare, download-code inklusive.
Spirit Of The Streets Records
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12" Vinyl UK 11.11.14
brownswood recordings and deep medi are proud to announce the release of swindles *walters call ep*.
with the title track *walters call*, swindle dives straight in at the deep end with sirens and footwork inspired drums, gradually building themes of energetic brass brilliance into the mix. seamlessly produced, this sets the ep off to a blazing start, introducing the influences of early 20th century chaotic jazz, which run throughout.
out of stock
11.99 EUR *
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