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2x12" Vinyl FR 28.06.18
never released before on lp, here comes the complete original soundtracks of french cult film composer françois de roubaix for director yves boisset. two movies that embody the two sides of francois de roubaix’s approach to recording. for le saut de l’ange (1971), the self-taught composer wrote an orchestration for some fifty musicians playing strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion with two distinct solo instruments alternating the main theme: indian sitar on the one hand and accordion on the other. r.a.s (1973) was recorded on a 8-track tape recorder, in françois de roubaix’s home studio rue de courcelle, where most of his 70’s scores were recorded. the result is a mix of military-march rhythms, rolls on the snare-drum with sounds of synthi aks syntheziser: de roubaix invented a modern sound for this contemporary-history tragedy.
Transversales Disques
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12" Vinyl NL 19.05.16
from rubber duck marching brass bands to mutant swinging pans, expect classy miniatures and raw bruitist soundscapes, hawaian interlude or proto-funky chase featuring cracked up ocarinas, obsessive rattles, vintage drum machines and a consistent amount of analog synths, all revealing a unique and playfull sense of accuracy in their use. exclusive and previously unreleased material, digitalised from original master tapes, wrapped in deluxe package with full booklet designed, photos and detailed liner notes (english & french). artwork & layout by jean-philippe bretin a weme rds and biceps rds co-release.
WeMe Records
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11.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 10.03.16
in 1972 francois de roubaix and bernard maitre composed together the music of a tv series for children presented by puppets, called the onix. the musical oddity here released by weme records is a part of this ost. this piece of music demonstrates once again that francois de roubaix was in touch with all kinds of music of his time, including contemporary music. in this experimental track we can feel the influences of the composer pierre henry, an other explorer of unknown sounds. on the b side jodey kendrick makes his own interpretation of this music with current tech and sounds while keeping the atmosphere and fantasy of the original sound. attention non music !
WeMe Records
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14.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 14.01.16
brilliant tv and movie themes by francois de roubaix!!! on 20 november 1975 francois de roubaix disappeared while diving. before going towards this tragic death, francois had received an order for a television series theme tune commissaire moulin. as usual, the composed melody has been indelibly printed in the collective memory. francois de roubaix always put his fingers where it should be! between electronic tricks and acoustic works, this record brings the themes of this television series together with other musics composed for never released or still unknown projects... all unpublished music, never pressed on vinyl! it soon becomes clear that francois de roubaix feels confortable with this kind of exercises. the result is every time sublime. recommended!!
WeMe Records
Last Copy!
19.99 EUR *
coloured 2x12" Vinyl NL 03.12.15
repress in blue vinyl !! the late french soundtrack composer (1939-1975) was one of the first to use frequency modulators on an 8 track homestudio. he was known for his melodic works mixing electronic & acoustic. his oeuvre has been sampled by many. this release devotes a posthumous work composed for a cousteau documentary which was refused, probably beacuse it was too avant-garde. on the second disc youll find different tasty style-exercises that show to what extend roubaix manipulated the modulators with ingenuity.
WeMe Records
out of stock
20.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 08.02.18
first reissue of this essential lp by italian pioneer and ennio morricone cohort, alessandro alessandroni. originaly released on munich based experimental, progressive library label coloursound. alessandroni at his best: very refined italian cinematic sound, tense 12 strings guitar themes, synth sequences, beautiful sound of chamber classical music mixed with psych choir. you can feel alessandronis magical touch for melodies and arrangements on nearly each song and at the same time, some françois de roubaix reminiscence on themes like dramatic and sad farewell. no doubt each track of this underrated masterpiece could have been a classic soundtrack theme.
Transversales Disques
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26.19 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp + cd UK 07.10.15
celebrating 10 years because music with this voyage across french cosmic and electronic avantgarde from 1970 to 1980. limited deluxe edition double vinyl plus cd in replika gatefold sleeve.
Because Music

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 26.99)
CD (EUR 16.95)
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21.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 06.10.14
nice price deal !!! parisian fellow stephane laporte joins the antinote crew with a very introspective and dreamy full length record. it features 11 tracks of homemade synthetic scapes and weird atmospheres. stephane works at night on a 4 track akai tape recorder set up on a cosy fur carpet. while listening to fourrure sounds you will likely meet françois deroubaixs ghost or may even have an early kraftwerkian feeling. the world that stephane laporte has built through this lp is unique. antinote hope you will enjoy this cold yet warm synthetic trip.
out of stock
4.95 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl NL 22.09.14
to celebrate its 10 years of existence weme records have asked to 13 artists of its catalogue to create unreleased tracks.
WeMe Records
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21.99 EUR *
coloured 2x12" Vinyl lp + cd D 08.10.13
at the start of the 70s, france had no petrol, but it had ideas and artists that managed to tip them into the 21st century 30 years in advance. cosmic machine compiles 20 rare tracks put together with passion and erudition by uncle o (who previously did the shaolin soul compilations) and throws together a collection of stars, a few free-spirits, and also shooting stars.
the transparent double vinyl comes in gatefold sleeve with a cd-copy of the full album.

also available as:
CD (EUR 16.95)
Vinyl (EUR 21.99)
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26.99 EUR *
cd FR 08.12.15
the explosion ist ein neues projekt des versatile labelmachers gilbert cohen aka dj gilb r, eine hälfte von chateau flight, zusammen mit fabrizio rat (piano, synthesizer) und giani caserotto (gitarre) von cabaret contemporain. de einflüsse auf dem experimentell gehaltenen album reichen von duke ellington über brian eno, terry riley zu godspeed you! black emperor, enio morricone oder francois de roubaix.
in stock
16.95 EUR *
cd D 14.10.13
at the start of the 70.s, france had no petrol, but it had ideas and artists that managed to tip them into the 21st century 30 years in advance. cosmic machine compiles 20 rare tracks put together with passion and erudition by uncle o (who previously did the shaolin soul compilations) and throws together a collection of stars, a few free-spirits, and also shooting stars.

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 26.99)
Vinyl (EUR 21.99)
Patrick Juvet - Le Reve
Didier Marouani - Temps X
Droids - Shanti Dance Part 1 & Part 2
François De Roubaix - Survol
Space - Magic Fly
Universal Energy - Disco Energy (I)
Pierre Bachelet - Motel Show
Space Art - Love Machine
The Atomic
out of stock
16.95 EUR *
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