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coloured 12" Vinyl NL 29.11.19
subaquatic sounds from foreign material, remixed by eric cloutier and a sacred geometry. pressing on red and black marbled vinyl.
in stock
10.39 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl BE 06.05.16
(hiver rmx - first pressing on marbled vinyl) omega system is a journey to deep space and beyond, to the unknown destinations allowed by the mythical and mysterious omega relay thats been turning around omegas red sun since by: sven väth, len faki, amé, marcel dettman, nick höppner, locked groove, baikal, pablo bolivar…
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8.69 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl + 7" Vinyl D 29.07.19
music from season 3 of the netflix series “stranger things”. the double vinyl comes with bonus 7 inch, all housed in a gatefold sleeve.
Sony Music
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24.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 29.03.17
bartellow has long been associated with the esp institute though tambien, a trio formed alongside bavarian cohorts marvin and valentino, who have released seminal dancefloor material over recent years. with his debut album panokorama, we are invited into a completely different world of bartellow s creation a place where influences become a melting pot of mood, nuance and texture, and where instrumentation is abstracted from a variety of cultures, including those that exist solely within his imagination. bartellow has found a way to merge primitivism with retrofuturism, identifying their point of intersection and reveling in their union across ten songs. while his academic background as a jazz musician certainly informs both his progressive approach to composition and non-linear production, it is his obsession with electronics and synthesis that shape his current musical climate. the title panokorama stems from bartellows visualization of the album, a surreal landscape with a foreign presence centrally embedded, a panorama punctuated by a ko, although a hybrid word that reads as nonsense, it somehow feels and sounds just right.
ESP Institute
in stock
18.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 18.12.15
cp/bw is a collaboration between corporate park (aka shane english/jonah lange) and beau wanzer. the lp collects material recorded over the past 3 years from various fits and bursts in denton, tx. it s a slimy hodgepodge of varied influences processed by warped minds and melting hardware, displaying wanzer and co. s unique brand of american electronic madness.
out of stock
14.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 01.12.08
next energetic & pattern infected mike wade 4 tracker
out of stock
8.59 EUR *
cd UK 22.07.11
daydreaming is the debut album release from paris based artist von d on boka records. a fusion chef of bassweight, von d has deftly sliced into unpredictable genres, concocting strange and beautiful new forms. the album sees von d collaborating with the internationally renowned foreign beggars, phephe, david boomah (vocalist for shy fx murderation), riya & mr lager, while his previous work has also been remixed by a host of respected dubstep djs including skream and tes la rok. born into the cultural melting pot of the paris suburbs, von d found his souls conduit in a beaten up old drum kit. whilst the riddims of king tubby alongside the foetal jungle of photek and serge gainsborg were initial inspirations, after forging a successful path as a sound engineer von d honed his sound sculpting skills to a razor sharp edge. von ds productions have been picked up by skream, arguably one of dubsteps most successful artists, who snapped up a release for his label disfigured dubs. dj chef released von ds >show me< on his sub freq imprint, which quickly became one of the most talked about releases of 2009 – so much so that three time dmc world champion dj craze has been supporting the track in recent mixes. not one to be complacent, von d’s kept up the pressure with releases on black acre, tempa, soul jazz and argon – enough to attract the attention of bbc radio 1s gilles peterson who has included a track for his hotly anticipated brownswood bubblers compilation album. von d has created a global buzz with his numerous explosive live performances featuring unreleased and exciting material from himself as well as other established producers. having had a host of successful tours in the united states, europe and china, von d has now set his sights on touring new zealand and australia
Boka Records
in stock
9.99 EUR *
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