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12" 27.07.21
written a few years ago, black pigeon is one of fonoms first produced tracks. freshly re-mastered in 2018, the track emerges as the first release of the new producers self-run label fonos. the original engulfs in deep and dark tones with synthesizer orchestrations vividly portraying talk, communication and agonizing cry of cybernetic pigeons, while the other tracks are variations of the original as reworked by eduardo de la calle. the remixer employs jazz elements to introduce further variety of rhythm and sense of floating through time while exploring monotones, layering and space in other parts of his two remix version work with thematic hints and references to space flights aboard the >nostromo<.
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12" 27.07.21
>another psychedelic afternoon< lunges in with minimalistic percussion, acidic bass lines and radio voices. the progression of the track keeps one moving while the fluctuation in the velocity and warmth of the sound keeps the explorative side of the acoustics and rhythm flowing. >performer< switches the mood into a darker tone with rolling waves of industrial synths creating a contrasting groove between high speed lighter synths and heavier drum and bass rolls before the second part of the track reshapes the track into more minimalistic and aggressive dance floor weapon.
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