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12" Vinyl NL 15.11.19
lp! cuerpo y alma was eduardo mateo’s second record as a soloist, originally released by sondor in 1984. recorded between 1981 and 1984. in this record mateo also experimented with percussion trying to get closer to a hindu percussion. this record reissued for the first time. eduardo mateo is one of the most important influences in the history of the uruguayan music. mixing beat, jazz, bossa nova and candombe. he was the one who created the candombe-beat mostly known as fusion. he also was member and inspired the legendary band el kinto
LBR 006
Little Butterfly Records
in stock
24.99 EUR *
cd NL Pre sale (23.01.2020)
synth ambiences, acoustic landscapes

also available as:
19.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 19.09.19
in 1986, uruguayan vocalist and musician mariana ingold took the advice of a storied uruguayan composer and musicologist and recorded her first album (todo depende) for the now legendary label ayuí/tacuabé. in the early ’80s, the introduction of the synthesizer fostered an experimental new approach to traditional candombe rhythms. ingold’s influence on the scene looms large. pairing elegant vocals and majestic harmonies with complex arrangements, she pushed the montevideo-specific sound — loosely termed candombe fusion — in new directions and thrived working collaboratively with artists including eduardo mateo, jaime roos, and hugo fattoruso. with the assistance of chris j. morris, left ear records has extracted a collection of tracks that encapsulate this period between 1986-1991, lifting from her albums todo depende, cambio de clima, and haace calor. full liner notes translated in english and spanish with archival photos included.
Left Ear Records
in stock
22.89 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 20.03.18
uncage founder marco faraone debuts on rekids, dropping four techno cuts on the label’s special projects series this march. the italian producer has had a busy few years touring north america, south america and europe, not to mention dropping releases on labels like ovum and tenax recordings. meanwhile his uncage imprint, which he runs alongside norman methner, has quickly cemented a reputation for quality house and techno, releasing music from artists like eduardo de la calle, pablo mateo and fabio della torre (under his corcos moniker). with its rolling percussion and a heady spoken word sample, find the song introduces a quintessential rekids record. thunderous kick drums and piercing stabs then form the high-octane arcane before the dark and ominous justice demonstrates industrial elements and floating atmospherics. tying it all together, tantalizing melodies join echoing effects for the final track titled layers.
in stock
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2cd D 30.01.13
2 cd compilaion with the best selection of electro, minimal! incl. elektrojack, daniele petronelli, dual shock, mr onion & christian patti
Saifam Music
out of stock
20.99 EUR *

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