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12" Vinyl lp US 18.04.17
high-energy, rowdy, raucous, longhair mississippi glam rock. that’s the sound of easy, the week’s long-awaited followup to their breakthrough album, dear bo jackson. recorded at ardent studios in memphis, easy finds the weeks doubling down on a mix of groove, grit, and guitars. it’s swaggering and sharply-focused, shining new light on a band of brothers who, although still in their mid-20s, have already logged a decade’s worth of sweaty gigs together. easy consolidates the band’s strengths, it’s driving and direct, captured in punchy sound by producer paul ebersold. “we called it easy because every time i make music with these guys, it’s easy,” says cain, who has spent more than a third of his life as a member of the weeks. “but the other side of it is, there’s nothing easy about being in a band... we have the easiest job on the planet. but it works for us.”
Lightning Rod Records
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12" Vinyl D 18.04.17
seasick steves klassiker endlich wieder auf lp erhältlich!
Theres A Dead Skunk Records
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2x12" Vinyl NL 14.04.17
amsterdams cult producer and dj steven van hulle aka awanto 3 likes his samples vibrant, his drums wobbly and his synths sweaty as a detroit summer breeze. the mpc wizard returns to dekmantel delivering his second, full-length album. gargamel is arguably his most compelling piece of work. spread over the course of nine tracks, van hulle shows hes capable of serving up many different styles and genres in his ever-expanding arsenal.
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2x12" Vinyl lp D 10.04.17
rihanna’s 2005 debut album music of the sun back on 180 gram double vinyl. housed in a gatefold sleeve with download code included.
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26.31 EUR
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A GIRL LIKE ME (180G 2X12 LP + MP3)
2x12" Vinyl lp D 06.04.17
rihanna’s 2006 album a girl like me back on 180 gram double vinyl with download code included.
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12" Vinyl NL 06.04.17
for fans of marc almond .... go back to the 80ties
Private Collection
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2x12" Vinyl lp D 06.04.17
this is land of dance, we’ve reached the tenth release and we want to celebrate it with an album, fifteen tracks and artists divided into four vinyls (two double pack) including music by: seldom seen aka santiago salazar, jared wilson, ricardo miranda, nightjars aka analogue cops, healing force project, boston 168, drvg cvltvre, xxxv gold finger, jann, passenger and dave hargadon (slowburn) plus some new names such as: andrea vietti, seven sins and müskije lycheeni. the tracklist has been thought as a dj set that evolves from ambient to jazz to house to techno. this is land of dance!
Land Of Dance Records
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1971 (LP)
12" Vinyl lp US 05.04.17
one of the funkiest records ever from brazilian soul legend tim maia and a set that also has him singing a bit of english language lyrics too!
Oficial Arquivos

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Vinyl (EUR 31.18)
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12" Vinyl UK 04.04.17
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2x12" Vinyl lp, 180gr + mp3 UK 03.04.17
3rd album by philly based hiphop-band the roots, original released in 1996.
180gr pressing 2017 re:issue, incl mp3 download voucher
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10" Vinyl + mp3 + book UK 03.04.17
mark rae is the man behind one of the key uk music movements of the last 25 years. as a founder of the shop fat city records and the label grand central, mark worked with some of the worlds biggest artists going on to earn several platinumm discs with his work as one half of the highly respected production duo rae & christian. this project is a worlds first autobiography and album, the release is packaged as a gatefold 10 inch which opens out to the book held within. the 40 000 word book covers the author mark rae s journey through the music industry. it follows the creation and dissolution of fat city and grand central records, rae & christian and yesking. the underground club scenes of manchester, gang wars, success, failure, working with bobby womack, jay z and the pharcyde. the project has been supported by whosampled, dj magazine, vice and the tate modern. the artwork is exceptional featuring an historical montage throughout the inner gatefold sleeve. the music features guest vocals from tony d who was a big influence in the original grand central records sound, soul king pete simpson, multi instrumentalist shawn lee and kate rogers.
Marks Music
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7" Vinyl US 24.03.17
ltd 7 inch
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12" Vinyl UK 24.03.17
dele sosimis album you no fit touch am was released in 2015 to much universal acclaim. a perfect document of the lessons the keyboard master and vocalist learned in fela kuti s ranks during the 70s and 80s, but brought firmly up-to-date and with contemporary social comment as vital to the afrobeat genre as any rhythm or instrument. in 2016, to take that forward thinking even further, wah wah 45s commissioned four huge remixes from a quartet of the uk s most interesting new production names. that was just part one of the story though this year the label can reveal the final four remixes to be taken from this hugely popular and influential project.
Wah Wah 45s
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2x12" Vinyl NL 24.03.17
following last years compilation of archival recordings by suso saiz titled odisea, music from memory are thrilled to mark their 20th release to date with an album of new works by the spanish electronic music pioneer. recorded in madrid between january and february 2016, this is suso saizs first release of new music in nearly 10 years
MFM 020
Music From Memory

also available as:
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2x12" Vinyl FR 21.03.17
lady blacktronika : she needs no introduction to the usual skylax heads, after last year’s killer ‘it’s a blacktronika world’ ep, the queen of beatdown returns to the skylax fold with a packed eleven track lp for us. it has got her signature slo-mo grooves, as well as a couple of housier cuts on the back-end of the record. naturally, a lot of these tracks are perfect for the club on their own, whether it’s an early set or a late one, but the lp really stands up on a full run through for home listening too. on the topside of the record, there’s the chugging vibe of “who doctor”, with its whirling synth and sizzling hats perfect for that low light, early mood. then you have the likes of “how i miss my x”, and titular track “a lonely space program”, that both raise the tempo into housier territory. all bases covered, really. this record is a slice of beatdown history, one you’d be a fool to sleep on!
Skylax Extra Series
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15.10 EUR *
four313 is a detroit group of deejays, musicians and producers from the 1st wave of the detroit techno dance movement. blake, eddie, santonio & thomas have joined forces as the unit four313, a group name with meaning and purpose, and that is to preserve detroits true history in dance music and support the dj culture through vinyl releases. the debut album of four313 will be released with the launch of their new record label called ther label. four313 will collectively release special limited edition vinyl of brand new recordings starting at the beginnning of 2017.
The Label
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19.00 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 16.03.17
draculas son lp, visual artist jockum nordstrom and music producer joakim ahlund (les big byrd, the caesars, teddy bear stockholm) team up for a second lp, this time draculas son. now availble on junk yard connections here for stay. grab a copy before the stock is out! keep it indie!
Junk Yard Connection
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12" Vinyl lp NL 14.03.17
great early 1979 disco funk by al hudson. time for some roller skate disco parties!
Abc Records
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 10.03.17
bereits 2010 gaben shobaleader one featuring tom jenkinson aka squarepusher am e-bass mit dem album d demonstrator ein erstes lebenszeichen von sich. mit elektrac meldet sich die band nun 2017 zurück und liefert live eingespielte interpretationen von 11 squarepusher tracks aus dessen reichhaltiger diskografie ab. shobaleader ones sound ist retrofuturistische, organische space-fusion aus funk, jazz und electro. diese präsentieren sie im markanten outfit aus mönchskutten mit led-masken auch live. das prägnante artwork stammt übrigens von iron maiden-designer mark wilkinson aka the masque.
Warp Records

also available as:
CD (EUR 17.5)
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12" Vinyl D 10.03.17
repress schlepp geist returns on underyourskin with another pearl. deep and hypnotizing grooves are getting remixed from nico stojan (dantze, upon you, bar 25) and greenville massive (initials, soul sheep).
Underyourskin Records
out of stock
8.18 EUR *
5x12 lpbox D 10.03.17
hot compilation - very nice price action !! also incl only vinyl tracks (not on the cd compilation) incl exclusive tracks by jona, elektrochemie, dj t. booka shade, rito vs heidi, audiofly x, chelonis r. jones, lopazz, einzelkind m.a.n.d.y. vs booka shade ... happy birthday
Get Physical Music
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6.81 EUR *
7" Vinyl UK 09.03.17
lynn williams may not be someone you have heard of but her pedigree is strong. her father was hank ballard (of king and james brown fame) and her mother was 60s miami radio personality and dance group leader vanilla miss boom boom williams. lynn cut 5 excellent 7inches for various henry stone owned miami labels in the 70s here we present her two most collectable. the first it takes two is a smokey deepfunk killer. on the flip dont be surprised is one of miamis best ever deep soul records period, a dark serious ballad pulled off with amazing emotion considering her young years at the time of recording.
in stock
11.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp UK 09.03.17
the last couple of years have been huge for pomo, going from a relatively obscure canadian producer to releasing his debut ep on hw&w, remixing for the likes of janet jackson and mark ronson, producing am i wrong? on anderson paak s debt album and touring the globe with disclosure as their opening act. bastard jazz has commissioned pomo to be next in line for the fourth volume of their tempo dreams compilation series, following on the heels of the hotly contested soul clap compiled vol. 3. as with other tempo dreams records, pomo has curated a slick and well polished album full of exclusive tracks from friends and collaborators such as lindsay lowend, aloka, exmag, syre, daniel crawford, fvlcrvm and more. touching on the shimmering nudisco sound, plodding deep electronic vibes, funky instrumental hip-hop, and even a hint of drum n bass, tempo dreams vol. 4 takes it s rightful place in the series as one of the most forward thinking compilations showcasing emerging young talent.
Bastard Jazz
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12" Vinyl D 08.03.17
hell’s first single in well over a year, ‘i want u’ throbs and thrusts with in-the-moment physical tension. unhurried and extensive in its 11+ minute arrangement, it’s every bit as deep and as long as you’d want such a session to be with its rush-riddled breakdown that dips deep under the skin with lavish emotional chord changes and peaked atmospherics. a celebration of gay culture, an homage to purist analog-driven proto techno, a statement for what’s shaping up to be yet another exceptional album from the hugely influential international deejay gigolos founder, ‘i want u’ comes complete with two startling remixes: the legend that is the hacker accentuates the grit and crunchy ebm charm of the original with an all-out exercise in sonic horsepower while hell’s selector kindred spirit and all-round robot-rustling icon martin matiske provides a whirlwind trip back to another foundation era for electronic music with b-boy-busting electro boogie spectacular. trust us, you’re going to want all three. and thankfully you’ll get all three right here. let us know what you think!
Gigolo Records
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10.23 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 07.03.17
for the fourth release shaw cuts lines up five shaolin commanders who created their own interpretations of farrons death duel ep: marco zenker, russian duo poima, roger 23 and simo cell. these heavies form the shelter clan whose mission is to cover ah chis back wherever he goes. marco zenker gives we dont make no sense his signature machine funk that decimates challengers in one swing. ah chi can always count on marcos sword. poima from moscow rival with sabers, severing those who dare to cross their path. their version of tangency is lead by a dirty break-beat drum combo blazoned by cosmic synth melodies and warm machine derangement. centro on the b-side gets heavily grimed by veteran roger 23 whose axe is as heavy as his remix style in general. beware of roger! armed with tonfas, simo cell layers par 2 with a complex and fresh-sounding groove, causing lethal devastation to enemy combatants. ah chi is well-shielded by his companions and still unbeaten to this day. trust in the shelter clan!
Shaw Cuts
out of stock
9.74 EUR *
7" Vinyl UK 06.03.17
hip hop on 7 inch by tomppabeats
Yellow Flower
out of stock
7.20 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 06.03.17
brooklyn based luminary recloose readies his second 12inch for the label and in doing so enlists the help of mara tk of electric wire hustle, ezrakh and son of sound of house 2 house and strictly rhythm fame. his spirit knows ep adds to a catalogue of more than 20 years - one thats touched the likes of planet e, rush hour and peacefrog and in a similar vein to honey rocks - his latest offering comprises 3 eloquent cuts of house music and carries with it a balmy sense of soul that fans both old and new will relish.
Aus Music
out of stock
8.57 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl D 06.03.17
nous horizon is yukseks great studio album comeback, 5 years after his last album. yukseks characteristic sound, midway between post-disco, house and pop, shines through on its various tracks. even more than on his last album, living on the edge of time, yuksek shows his talent as a singer. nous horizon is an album of mostly duets, invitations to sing together (break my heart, sunrise, sweet addiction, stay) featuring greek singer monika, french pop bands her, juveniles and roman rappak (from band breton) his new melodies are sunnier than before his beats and production more subtle.

also available as:
CD (EUR 13.64)
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12" Vinyl UK 01.03.17
yoruba records is proud to welcome back toto chiavetta for the release of his debut album, impermanence, split on vinyl format over two 12inches. hailing from catania, sicily, toto is known for his deep, techy, and often moody dancefloor-ready jams. on impermanence (part 2), dont give hope away revisits toto’s focus on the peak hour dancefloor, a warm and thick bass ushers in a smooth and spacey vocal that is definitely one to get people moving. the title track of this release, impermanence, keeps things chugging along with a classic deep house sound. the bassline commands you to move you your body as tshaka campbells spoken word vocal will have you lost in the moment. we couldnt be more proud to offer this debut album, one that highlights totos growth as an artist while maintaining a strict focus on the dancefloor. djs and listeners alike will find these tunes well suited for the late night hours, listen and enjoy!
out of stock
10.23 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp+mp3 D 27.02.17
efficient space continues to expose australias esoteric musical history with oz waves - a collection of 80s diy recordings, compiled by odd wave anthropologist steele bonus. definitive proof that inhabitants of the down underground were links in a global network of creative kooks, oz waves connects those who utilised mobile recording rigs and small press releases to create and disseminate misfit synth-punk, tape loop experiments and inner city pop. through overseas mail order exchanges, anonymous groups like zerox dreamflesh could find place on belgian compilations, while chris and cosey lullabied their son to sleep with irena xero and her interdisciplinary art collective zip. bonus selects 10 survivors from the fertile period (1982-1989), most of which were only issued on cassette in tiny editions of 5 to 100 copies. m squared affiliates prod join the extraterrestrial software seduction, he dark ages minimal wave neglect and the irreverent cut ups of the horse hes sick and mk ultra & the assassins of light. the remaining tracks have been sourced from musicians private archives and are being officially released on oz waves for the first time - andy rantzens industrial dub itch-e & scratch-e precursor, the buoyant vocal-drone of ironing music and moral fibro, sydneys short lived answer to weekend and marine girls. with detailed track by track notes, lines are drawn to severed heads, scattered order and other
Efficient Space
in stock
19.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 23.02.17
secret crunch follows up with the second release, the „one split wonder“ ep. another record by label heads roman rauch and moony me, but this time separated on two sides.
Secret Crunch
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12" Vinyl shrinke D 20.02.17
honest peak time techno bangers. suburban avenue welcomes two other great artists in its team. sav007 is a splitted ep between the german-based djs and producers, johannes volk and savas pascalidis. volk delivers two works: a1, >dont be afraid, theres no hope< is a an elegant and minimalistic techno tune, that seems to reveal his dystopian vision of the future, a2, >wrong prophecy< is a proper detroit banger track. pascalidis gives his contribution to this release with other two amazing cuts: b1, >night force< is a perfect track, ready for the big floor: noisy, boomy with a straight groove. b2, >strobe< is a classy and effective techno tool, lost in space.
Suburban Avenue
in stock
8.76 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 14.02.17
tell (aka milan for the ones who know) is a french producer who did tracks for beat x changers, banoffee pies, house running, nachtbreaker new imprint & just caught the attention of the mighty boiler room. this is his first ep which is in fact a mini lp & it s a fucking killer ! if you like pepe bradock, moodymann & strictly rhythm (so skylax in a way ,-)), this is definitely for you. ultra classy producer on the verge of getting big. we ve been following him for years now (thx to garage shelter / signal st advise) & we won t regret, the result goes far beyond all of our hopes. futur classic. skylax records 4 ever
Wax Classic
out of stock
9.25 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp D 14.02.17
sophomore album from the alan parsons project, originally released in 1977, now back on 180 gram vinyl.
Sony Music

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 23.39)
in stock
16.56 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl, 180g UK 13.02.17
as yse saint laur ant, ant plate (one half of ever productive duo rhythm plate) takes some time out from crafting refined deep house music to indulge his more wayward tendencies. amongst the music coming to light in this intriguing diversion from a prolific artist is the fantastic just because, which comes on like early wagon christ material with a modern production sheen. space is defunct meanwhile slaps down some chugging 80s flavoured grooves, 2106 reaches for the boogie and dont make me think channels a laid back balearic mindset. it s a mixed bag of a record, make no mistake. that s also what makes it marvelous.
VOV 05
Vinyl Only Records
out of stock
10.23 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 01.02.17
brazillian-born daniela caldellas returns to hotflush recordings with misantropicalia, a three track ep, with each one showing different facets of her influences, further enriching her identity as terr. picking up where last aprils burn the past ep left off, terr continues to develop what is becoming her retro-futurist signature. the unmistakable footprint of electro, as well as a palpable nostalgia for the early 80s, is present throughout. the title track perhaps even betrays a whiff of italo or hi-nrg with its moroder-esque bass and silky guitar licks, before moving into pure body-popping, linoleum dancefloor territory on the b-side. outrun is an invitation to do the robot worm best heard on a portable ghetto blaster, while dont look around rounds off the 12inch in galvanizing style with hints of electroclash in fractured, fleeting vocals and beats of the fat variety. misantropicalia shows terr with her influences on her sleeve, and her gaze fixed firmly forwards
out of stock
9.25 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 20.01.17
taste me is a 1981 obscure instrumental library music album and a weird example of italo funk disco played by professional musicians (most of them under pseudonym) involved also in many different musical projects (from jazz, progressive rock and disco music). the lp includes the killer disco funk dont stop it. repressed in limited edition with original artwork for the first time since 1981. dont miss it.
Mondo Groove
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2x12" Vinyl D 20.01.17
re-issue on heavyweight double vinyl of this 1991 compilation with eurythmics biggest hits.
in stock
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21.40 EUR
10% Discount
12" Vinyl UK 18.01.17
arthur forests name should be more widely known in the world of dance music, the man lent his expert to touch to more than one classic record emanating from detroit during his time and has quietly left an indelible fingerprint on house and techno history. here at mint condition and for our third release we are extremely proud to present one of art forest s (in our opinion) finest moments - the majestic, futuristic expectations ep. released in 1992, this 4 track ep has always been sought after by detroit lovers worldwide. often very difficult to track down and commanding high prices on the second hand market, this 12- is a real rarity. showcasing a style that stands out from a lot of records released around the same period -expectations- still sounds so killer today. listen to -flow with me- on the b-side, an insanely deep, melancholic piece of detroit house, steeped in motor city futurism (those synth pads!) and with an otherworldly vocal performance from dan carter it ticks all the boxes, absolutely sublime and worth the admission fee here alone. stunning. if you re up to your neck in the history of detroit dance music, or if you ve literally just stumbled upon this entire world of amazing music (welcome!) you ll want a piece of this. beautifully crafted deepness from a quiet master of the artform, what s not to dig? mc003 has been reissued with the permission and involvement of arthur forest and remastered by london s very own curvepusher. 100% legit, licensed and released. dug, remastered, repackaged and brought to you by the caring folks at your new favourite reissue label - mint condition!
Mint Condition
in stock
10.71 EUR *
3x12" Vinyl lp + mp3 UK 04.01.17
ltd nice price , 50% rabatt - max 1 per customer ... the new album by actress as triple 12 inch vinyl plus download code.
Werk Discs
out of stock
26.31 EUR *
7 TRACK EP (2X12)
2x12" Vinyl UK 27.12.16
7th storey projects in conjunction with new label peace on wax are proud to announce our new joint-release - a double 12- pack of rare and previously unreleased tunes from fozbee & cooz/the matchstick man. featuring tracks from the highly sought-after matchstick man ep, plus the title track from the fantastic magic & mystery ep , backed up with four previously unreleased tracks hand-picked from his 1992-1994 archives - we hope that this release will offer something for everyone!
Peace On Wax
7th Storey Projects
in stock
21.92 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 27.12.16
to close out the last of the space between remix series, we turn over four more prime cuts to some of the freshest producers in the scene. first up, we take one of the most memorable jams from the album, dubwise roller “backfoot dub” featuring long time bos family member the emcee child. we turn remix duties over to one of the masters of jungle riddims ­ the mighty bladerunner. wasting no time at all, the tune drops into thick amen beats before introducing the ska-­tinged horns of the original. from there we go straight into a monster reese bassline that’s setting floors alight.
Code Recordings
out of stock
10.23 EUR *
cassette / tape UK 27.12.16
cassette !!
the footloose lp by expanding universe is a young musicians attempt to drag himself out of one of life’s little dark holes. 24 year old dutch producer kevin huizing turned to music as a way of providing a much needed sense of positivity in the world. the result is an accomplished mixture of modern electronica, classical and world rhythms all composed by someone firmly outside of their comfort zone. the overwhelming theme that holds these contrasting influences together is emotion and a desire to make things better. natural and heart- felt. poignant and inspirational. it’s a masterclass in transforming a negative situation into one that’s magical and full of hope. melodies that will stay with you for ever and compositions that truly over ow with feeling and vibrancy. the eight tracks combine to form a wonderful journey of intergalactic escapism worthy of any movie soundtrack. taking science fiction as inspiration if each song where its own unique character they would undoubtedly fuse together transforming into one giant laser beam wielding robot destroying negativity and saving life’s across the galaxy. each track is great but together as part of the album they are unstoppable.
Next Phase Records
out of stock
10.23 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 22.12.16
following previously unreleased - the critically-acclaimed run of nine 12inch vinyl eps released this summer over 9 weeks by trevor jacksons much loved playgroup - a limited edition vinyl bonus ep is being released to coincide with a selected highlights cd and digital version of the album available on the 2nd december.
Yes Wave
in stock
12.18 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp US 20.12.16
jonwayne made his introduction to the world as a producer. he has since gone on to release several highly lauded projects, and eventually stepped behind the mic, garnering hiphop album of the year from gilles petersens worldwide awards for his stones throw release, rap album one. now he puts the mic back down for here you go, a collection of 30 beats that will be available on 2lp via street corner music, and authors recording co, jons new imprint. no tapes. no digital. just vinyl. all heat.
Street Corner Music
out of stock
28.76 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp D 19.12.16
part 2 of the legendary use your illusion album!! includes knockin on heavens door, you could be mine from the terminator soundtrack and the wonderful dont cry!! reissue
out of stock
23.39 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp FR 12.12.16
an independent band since 1998, dub inc are nonetheless fully acclaimed by the entire reggae scene. the group won no less than three victoires du reggae awards (in 2014 for the paradise album, in 2011 for hors contrôle, and 2008 for afrikya). in 2016, they are back with a sixth lp, so what. no doubt this one will be yet another important landmark. completely self-produced, as is their habit and will, this fourteen-track record is the result of a long process of composing and writing songs inspired by the dark events that have been going on in france in the last few months. featuring a mix of dancehall, hip-hop, and electronica influences, so what is a pure reggae album upholding the values of this rebellious, spiritual, and universal music genre.
double vinyl lp in gatefold sleeve.
in stock
23.35 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 09.12.16
anoffee pies black label series 02.1 lands exploring more deep minimal bumpers for the floor. bpbl02.1 offers another unknown sample heavy edit, an insert from bristol local and label friend crump, and tracks from their newest label affiliates, jase and pablo marco. groovy business from the banoffee camp. heat!
Banoffee Pies
in stock
10.67 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 07.12.16
cowboy in sweden, the soundtrack to the 1970 cult classic film of the same name, is quite possibly the purest distillation of the hazlewood sound lush melancholy country pop with a pinch of humor lee hazlewood spent a good part of the late 1960s traveling the globe, cutting records and inking business deals. a string of hits with nancy sinatra enabled lee to build a mini media empire lee hazlewood industries and afforded him nearly unlimited resources for a time. by the end of the decade lhi records had burned piles of cash, gone through a half dozen distributors and failed to achieve the kind of chart success boots had promised. fortunately for lee there was a land where he was still on the top of the charts, a place where women flowed like brannvin. sweden was calling.
Light In The Attic
Last Copy!
32.16 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 06.12.16
illicit disco soul exclusive to vinyl and previously unreleased
out of stock
9.74 EUR *
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11. traumer
12. alci
13. bonzai
14. omar s
15. drumcode
16. wave 4 rave
17. defected
18. barac
19. 999999999
20. treasure series
21. bar 25 music
22. giegling
23. djoko
24. qnqn
25. regis

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