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12" Vinyl D 01.08.18
like scsi-9 as such always was a neverthing but still existed, so pheotron minds a future synth which lives just in our head. it is from there that we take, line by line, those melodies which join to a track. midnight red is a result you get when opening a bottle of red sharply at midnight. you must be in front of your gear then. at least, it worked for us that way.
200 040
200 Records
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12" Vinyl D 13.03.18
constant variables third release comes courtesy of sven von th?len aka s:vt, whoãs slowly been making a name for himself with records on work them, myth music and, recently, dred. on club variables part 1 he delivers three no-nonsense techno workouts, aimed squarely at the dance floor. work!
Constant Variables
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10.62 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 07.03.18
2018 repress .. vivid & colorful techno explorations from gothenburg sound artist david sabel in his birds ov paradise guise. two trippy rays of sunshine through the morning mist with an aniara remix on the flip!
Aniara Recordings
in stock
10.23 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 02.03.18
ltd handstamped vinyl , after a four year break iww is back with the >diversity ep< by upcoming artist marco wachs. the record, as the name says, is a showcase of marcos wide musical range. the a side features dark hypnotic techno tunes acompanied by rumbling breakbeats. the flip instead is packed with 2 cuts of cheerful housegroovers.
IWW Music
in stock
8.76 EUR *
12" Vinyl () D 12.02.18
to differentiate between his solo dance-oriented work to the darker tones, kaczmarek aka paul ritch launched his new album titled iiiiiiiiiiiiii on october 30th on his fresh imprint kczmrk. kczmrk is definitely a more personal project for paul, helping him define a newly found darker and more genuine taste to produce electronic music, which would even the most demanding audience left surprised. kaczmareks immersive sounds on his debut album were highly supported by respected artists of the underground scene such as sterac, vril, lewis fautzi, vsk and djedjotronic, who will contribute reworks that will come out in a remix ep in february 2018. the 12inch is gently introduced with a sophisticated remix of iiiii by techno pioneer sterac aka steve rachmad, continuing with vril’s remix of iiiiiiiiii who delivers beautiful ambient tones in a euphoric travel of sound. the b side begins with emerging talent lewis fautzi and his iiiis remix in a deep and hypnotic cut, followed by the curtesy of vsk and djedjotronics remixes of iiiiiiiii. vsk sticks to the dark and hard forms of techno with glimmer of deeper and industrial sounds while djedjotronic enrich kaczmareks dark techno tones with some futuristic idm.
in stock
8.76 EUR *
12" Vinyl colored D 07.03.17
white edition. huge classic groover! killer reissue of underground uk techno tunes, top quality!
in stock
9.25 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 19.12.16
stunning freaky detroit groover by the master delano smith! one sided limited vinyl copies.
in stock
12.66 EUR *
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