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12" Vinyl IT 03.05.04
amazing floorshaking neapolitian hardgroovin techno !!!
Orion Muzik orion004
out of stock
7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 29.11.10
2010 has seen plus 8 celebrate its 20 year anniversary with releases coming from some of technos finest artists, including paco osuna, marco carola, skoozbot, mike shannon, danilo vigorito, datasoul and uto karem. now london duo layo & bushwacka! join the family with the release of their debut for richie hawtin and john aquavivas imprint, with the endangered ep.
Plus 8
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7.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl IT 26.03.08
supported by richie hawtin, marco carola, danilo vigorito, karotte, adam beyer, paco osuna and many others ... just primetime minimal techno tracks.. sure shot for fans of alex under and his minimal driven tech funk
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8.29 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl D 30.08.12
tracks supported by : marco carola, paco osuna, etienne de crecy, tom heiss, gel abril, nima gorji, craig stewart, danilo vigorito, andrea ferlin, markus guenter, andre butano, marco faraone and more more more.
Digital Traffik
out of stock
7.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 26.07.12
big with alexi delano, butch, danilo vigorito, hugo, kaiserdisco, paco osuna, pierre deutschmann, luciano and many many more.
Play With Us
out of stock
7.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 17.08.11
luis flores delievers a great techno ep for micro.fon. packed with good stuff the two originals come along with 2 tool edits and two fat remixes. audio injection from the usa delievered a dubby dirty gritty stripped down tech version of >love your machine<. veteran of mexicos techno scene and years of pushing innovating and non-conforming concepts, luis has developed his own production style that is precise and hypnotic with a healthy degree of dance floor groove. his first release on droid recordings was enthusiastically lauded and put into heavy rotation by the likes of chris liebing and speedy j. already gaining momentum with interest from dj heavyweights and international tours in europe, china, the u.s. and elsewhere, he now offers 3 slabs of pure sizzling dark groove for micro.fons latest, including a remix by super-in-demand audio injection. support by: andreas henneberg, daniel sanchez, danilo vigorito, dj murphy, drumcell, jeremy p caulfield, joseph capriati, klein & meister, paco osuna, thomas krome, tommy four seven, tony rohr & many more.
out of stock
7.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 10.12.09
supported by: brendon moeller, cari lekebusch, alex under, dubfire, laurent garnier, d julz, anja schneider, oliver ho, timo maas, butane, 2000 and one, fabrice lig, audiofly, jeff samuel, davide squillace, the black dog, trevor jackson, sis, tadeo, jona, bart skills, dj naughty, thomas schumacher, paco osuna, deetron, joel mull, marco resmann, jimpster
after hideout 001 by davide squillace and luca bacchetti hit hard, label a&r davide squillace brings you a gem so beautiful it will shed a lot of tears on the floor: lucio auilinas >black elf ep<. lucio is coming from the generation of italian minimal producers like danilo vigorito and massi dl whom he grew up with in naples.
out of stock
7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 27.02.07
the young producer massi dl (safari, multi vitamins) comes here with his phat debut on frankie records. finest minimal tech for fans of barem and co !! this stunning release comes with a remix by one of the hottest duo at the moment alexi delano & xpansul from plus 8 already suported by paco osuna, mike shannon, troy pierce, magda, wighnomy brothers, mark henning, danilo vigorito, gaetano parisio, anja schneider ...
out of stock
6.99 EUR *

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