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12 Inch 18.11.22
disco volante is a new imprint created by laila moshiri (aka laila), curator of the disco volante show on ibiza global radio, aimed at merging different cultures, styles, personalities and their unique music frequencies. the imprint s first ep - aston martin - is the result of the beautiful collaboration between dandy jack & laila. pursuing an intrinsic desire to flirt with deep and sensual music, martin and laila created a collection of tracks that span a multitude of genres, from laidback minimal to detroit-tinged deep house.
Disco Volante
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12 Inch 03.06.22
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12 Inch 31.03.22
incl. monster ricardo villalobos remix more than 14 minutes yahh
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12 Inch 23.04.18
release date / vÖ = 23.04.2018 . vinyl only release ... the nose is refined and subtle, prognosticating the anterior with prudent designs on the superlative. it determines future tastes and emboldens the flavours of the contemporaneous, operating on a discreet and inconspicuous level with the other senses. oslo dj collective det gode selskab looks to the nose as they undergo the transformation from event series, festival and residency to label. dj / producer and longstanding affiliate of det gode selskab, a:g takes first watch on the first in a series of eps to indulge the senses and set the dgs collective on a new trajectory.
Det Gode Selskab
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few labels could claim to share the creative purpose and pool of talent that cosmo records does. operating out of casablanca, morocco, the imprint has made its purpose clear, to fuse experimental house and techno with traditional african musicianship in a cultural dialogue that spans generations and continents in search of thrilling new musical forms. over the past five years, cosmo has called upon some of the finest producers in the most adventurous corners of 4/4 dance music to collaborate with players of the kora, guembri, lute and many more forms of percussion and melodic instrumentation. the chosen artists congregate at the cosmo recording studios in casablanca, which acts as a hub for these disparate musical energies to come together in a fusion of seasoned, learned performances and hyper-modern electronic processes. amongst the most notorious artists that have contributed to the label so far are masomenos, radiq, argenis brito and ricardo villalobos, while moroccan producer adil hiani provides a local focus to the electronic side of the creative process, as well as conducting the a&r for the label.
Cosmo Records
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12 Inch 22.10.12
initially focused on its mission to spread left-field dance music from south america, with early appearances of the likes of luciano and pier bucci, the swiss-chilean label is now ready to conquer the whole wide world. under the command of the imprints ever-energetic epicenter dandy jack aka captain deutschland, ruta 5 pepino airways flight n° 5 takes off to a truly compass-defying journey.
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10 Inch 08.06.12
perlon artist dandy jack slips the hounds with his brilliant >hamlet machine< a devastating powerful tune showing his ability of mixing styles between old school techno and avant-garde electronic music. he clearly demonstrates to us his unique approach of choosing the right sounds and the right groove at the right moment. he always opens new paths to the music ...
Caduceus Records
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12 Inch 23.09.10
the >captain deutschland serie continues on the vinyl only format and is limited to 300 copies, all hand numbered.
dandy jack is well known for his multiple collaborations. its now about time to lay them down on wax.
the second chapter is a honest, loud and direct ode to the joy of queen bass. if you are searching for deep house and abstract minimal you should better pass your way.
dandy jack teams up with geneva fellows lad and quenum on the a side for what could be described as a tremendous and heavy ride into the catacombs of techno. sonja moonear has a slightly happier and smoother answer on the b side and challenges us with a long and percussive intro that leads into a melancholic twist. quenum and lad arent new to the electronic music and have been active over a decade. they have already been working together for labels like num and thema. sonja is dandys partner in crime as junction sm and ruta5s half head.
ruta 04
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12 Inch 31.03.10
we have never done a project like this before where the artists choose all the remixers themselves. but for the crazy italoboyz album >bla bla bla< we found ourselves not really knowing what to do. so instead of forcing our own ideas for remixers we went back to the source and let the artists run wild on the a&r. marco and fede commissioned all the remixers themselves. the producers they chose are a very diverse bunch and the vinyl 12inch takes a sampling of the best material from two very big underground names. on the a-side das kraus duo turn it a super jackin yet also very haunting rendition of >oh mio dio.< it sounds like pitched up chicago house meets demon days. on the b-side old school master dandy jack turns in one of the oddest records ever on mothership with some unusual sound design, voices and semi-dischordant note runs. super weird for the super weird! whatever you think of this odd lot no one can deny these remixes definitely carry the indistinguishable mark of that ever so quirky duo, the italoboyz
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12 Inch 18.03.10
on this record we have the honour to present:
andres garcia with >lembran<
andres garcia produces electronic music. &#8232,,,everywhere from minimal techno to the open waters of cinematic sound.&#8232,,, everything for the dancefloor, the theatrical stage, the silver screen and your listening pleasure.
dandy jack & the metronome allstars with >39 steps<:
dandy jack is maybe better known for his incredible energetic live appearances, shaking crowds all around and turning audiences into a non-stop atmospherical body wave. together with other artists (like for the memorable narod niki 1st public concert at mutek 2003) or alone, in small clubs or bigger events, the german-latin effect has nothing to proove, just power to give.
Ruta 03
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12 Inch 09.06.08
ricardo villalobos, dandy jack & the superheros remixes
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12 Inch 19.11.07
deadbeat & dandy jack mit skurrilen & originellen interpretationen während sich dj labs version in unsere herzen schaffelt. damit bleibt echocord auf der beliebtheitskala ganz oben dabei
Echocord 27
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12 Inch 25.03.06
minimal monster, villalobos playlist
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3x12 Inch 28.10.05
ultracool minimal clickin 3x12inch edition, pure villalobos style

also available as:
CD (EUR 12.95)
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CD 29.10.05
ultracool minimal clickin cd album edition, pure villalobos style

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 19.49)
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12 Inch 17.02.23
Cherry Red
Black Sunrise
When the Stars Are Gone
Dreaming of Sea
Hollywood Forever
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
Cherry Tree
Fighting a War
Lord of Misrule
Witch s Promise
Slow Burn Love
The Crow s Eyes Have Turned Blue
Skin Deep
The Pain of Never
Kill and Run
Black Heart
Little Rough Rhinestone
Flowered Goodbye
Winter Sun
Where the Heart is
Zipped Black Leather Jacket
A Kind of Love
Dandy In the Underworld
Children of the Revolution
Tainted Love
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
Last Copy!
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coloured 12 Inch 26.02.13
limited edition hand-stamped jacket colored vinyl
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12 Inch 31.01.07
this dry, cold-processed stomper from jack rock shoots like a rocket out of nowhere. with a bass drum that reminds of stakes installed in the swampland and a mysterious melody, he once again presents himself as the connoisseur of delicate club dramaturgy and jack really knows how to conquer the hearts of both, the dj and the crowd.his stumbling funk finds its equivalence in dandy jack s staccato rush whose congenial remix shows a higher concentration, but is still full of catchiness and deepness driven by a real conviction. this must-have ep offers a really wonderful ground contact and represents the continuation of a unique label policy: young, but characterised by deep wisdom, knowledge that can only be found in the dark labyrinths of the club where we love to get lost over and over again...played by john acquaviva, dinky, toni rios
Wir Im Rhythmus
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2LP 07.11.22
Music On Vinyl
Pearl Jam - Someday At Christmas
The Black Crowes - Back Door Santa
The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping
The White Buffalo - Christmas Eve
Harvey Danger - Sometimes You Have To Work On Christmas (Som
Johnny Winter - Please Come Home For Christmas
The Dandy Warhols - Little Drummer Boy
The Teskey Brothers - Dreaming of a Christmas With You
Nicole Atkins - Every Single Christmas
The Louvin Brothers - Santa Claus Parade
Willie Nelson - Frosty the Snowman
Toni Stante - Donde Esta Santa Claus? (Where is Santa Claus?
Paul Simon - Getting Ready For Christmas Day
The Offspring - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Gavin James - Fairytale of New York
Amy Winehouse - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Stevie Wonder - What Christmas Means To Me
The Ventures - Santa Claus is Comin To Town
Ella Fitzgerald - the Secret of Christmas
Lowell Fulsom - I Wanna Spend Christmas With You
The Ronettes - Sleigh Ride
Albert King - Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin
Aretha Franklin - Joy To the World
Michael Jackson - Little Christmas Tree
Akim & the Teddy Vann Production Company - Santa Claus is A
Debbie Dabney - I Want To Spend Christmas With Elvis
Ray Anthony Ft. the Bookends - Christmas Kisses
Dinah Washington - Ole Santa
Dusty Springfield - O Holy Child
The Emotions - What Do the Lonely Do At Christmas?
Whitney Nichole - Pass Me a Drink (It s Christmas)
The Staple Singers - Who Took the Merry Out of Christmas
Kurtis Blow - Christmas Rappin
Run-D.M.C. - Christmas In Hollis
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3x12 Inch 27.06.22
limited repress of logistic’s mindoor lp and ep by pit spector.
Logistic Records
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12 Inch 23.07.21
next invade release with a collab from jakob seidensticker & boronas, remixed by m.a., dandy jack & mathew jonson.
Last Copy!
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12 Inch 12.01.21
bonus 12 inch ep to the mindoor album from pit spector.
Logistic Records
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2x12 Inch 27.10.20
debut album by pit spector feat dandy jack, tin man, the mole, san proper and more
Logistic Records
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12" (180g / Fullcover / Shrinked) 28.11.19
nice price deal !!! for many years, musicians from the southern hemisphere have brought diversity to the electronic scene through their music and labels - sei es drum, cadenza and ruta 5 are testament to this. many of the first generation of chilean electronic musicians had to leave in exile for the old continent – mixing their heritage with europes culture to great success. from the mid-90s until today, this nexus has maintained an effervescent creative energy in chile. currently, the second generation of chilean producers - influenced by villalobos, luciano and dandy jack among other greats - are following in the footsteps of their predecessors and showing their countrys sound around the world in meccas of techno and house like fabric london, panorama bar, amensia, rex, concrete, montreux jazz festival and resolute nyc. we now arrive at drummas 17th vinyl release where we bring together three producers from the new blood: luis ordenes aka umho, felipe venegas and alejandro vivanco.
Drumma Records
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12 Inch 07.03.19
incl track by audio werner, bruno pronsato, tom ellis, audio and more
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18.02 EUR *
12 Inch 21.09.18
telegraph presents «classics» a concept serie available on vinyl only including tracks released during the past 20 years – all tracks are re-mastered and cut in a 160 grams vinyl for a brand new listening experience. for the vol.2 we put together a high quality ep with tracks from dandy jack (le serpent qui danse) a sweet and particular track full of colours and grooves that will keep you dancing. the b side is a track from public lover remixed by bruno pronsato together with another remix from cabanne former artist of telegraph. beauty
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8.18 EUR *
2X12 Inch 21.04.17
tobias. returns to ostgut ton with his third full length eyes in the center and expands the musical narrative laid out by his helium sessions ep (o-ton, 2016). the berghain resident keeps exploring the vast modular synth-driven techno, experimental and ambient territories on a journey in-between genres. tobias freund is long established as an influential artist and has – since the early 1990s – been working as a professional producer, sound engineer, label owner and strictly live musician. besides his early solo projects (such as pink elln, metazone or phobia) he’s also been collaborating with dandy jack (as sieg Über die sonne), ricardo villalobos (as odd machine), max loderbauer (as nsi.), valentina berthelon (as recent arts) and atom tm to only name a few. with his vast experience, diverse output and interests, tobias. doesn’t tire to actively push against existing boundaries and explore new areas of electronic music.
Ostgut LP 25
Ostgut Ton

also available as:
CD (EUR 15.59)
Last Copy!
18.48 EUR *
2x12 Inch 15.12.16
last year saw casablanca-based cosmo records launch its most ambitious project todate, celebrating five years of cross-cultural collaboration. the three vinyl releasesfeatured producers such as san proper, radiq, pier bucci and dandy jack working with moroccan musicians to create a true fusion between modern electronics and ancient traditions. the purpose of cosmo has always been to find a natural meeting place between thesedistinct musical forms, bringing out the best strengths of each practice through real time spent together in the studio, where each artist can truly understand the other in a shared quest for sonic harmony. as such, this latest release marks a step forward in exploring this idea through a new series entitled cosmo jam. as the title suggests, the focus here is on live improvisation. in late 2014 parisian producers masomenos and vadim svoboda travelled to morocco and set up their equipment at the coda casablanca music center. they were joined by m’hamed el menjra playing bass, abdessamad boussahfa on violin and sanhaji on darbuka, and the ensuing jam sessions between these musicians now make their way on to vinyl. no editing or post-production took place – the music you hear on the record was created entirely in the moment. each track highlights the magic of a different instrument – on “be” menjra’s double bass comes twisting through effects processing and subtle distortion, meeting with a low-slung broken beat groove from the visiting french producers. sanhaji’s thrilling percussive flair on the darbuka flirts perfectly with the crisp programming of drums and bass on the uptempo “kaled” and the more laid-back “petit”. boussahfa’s violin makes for some of the most arresting moments on the release, meeting with intricate minimalist rhythms on “mon” and shining in the heart-rending ambience of “frere”. presented across two 12”s, this collection of six tracks tells a most honest account of how gifted artists from entirely different disciplines can find a common ground and create something truly unique. without any studio trickery to hide behind, this is the concept of cosmo records laid bare, and the results prove it is a concept worth exploring further.
Cosmo Records
in stock
15.55 EUR *
12 Inch 25.07.16
nice price deal !!! supported by: xpansul, mathias kaden, ellen allien, johnny d, cirillo, dandy jack.
Link Electronic Dept
out of stock
4.06 EUR *
12 Inch 25.04.16
4th part with slammin minimal hypnotic stuff
Cosmo Records
out of stock
8.18 EUR *
12 Inch 15.05.14
luckily there werent any of the anticipated refund claims for the first two chapters of >if this is house i want my money back<. so we finally dared to compile number three. the concept of the compilation is pretty simple: we ask friends, pv regulars, and other good looking producers, who are famous for dancing around the edges of the genre, for an exclusive track, all of which we put together on one neat compact disc. this time the bill reaches from hot shot producer mano le tough (who celebrated his permanent vacation debut on vol. 2 of this series), maeve label buddy the drifter, the swedish house mafia in form of house dandy axel boman and edit ramajam hnny, rising star lake people, long time vacationer bostro pesopeo (together with local munich dj san quentin) and sizzling newcomer boska to the jack of all trades willie burns, fellow nyc resident octo octa, berlin-based melody masters kim brown, the neukölln acid kingpins achterbahn d’ amour (aka iron curtis & edit piafra) as well as hotflush and we play house regular locked groove. each and everyone of the participants are more than convincing in what they are doing and although they have different perspectives on the long runner house music, the tracks come together in sweet harmony on this compilation
Permanent Vacation

also available as:
CD (EUR 15.55)
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6.71 EUR *
12 Inch 22.03.13
unclear006 sees the return of the label boss elia perrone, who composed a latin sounds influenced music, with piano solos, long synths, fully melted in a continuous journey.
out of stock
6.71 EUR *
4x12 Inch 10.01.13
limited 2013 repress , vinyl only
perlon allstars on 4 x 4 !! matt john, villalobos, luciano, cabanne, kalabrese & many more.. all minimal experts on one compilation !!!
out of stock
21.29 EUR *
12 Inch 18.10.11
jimmy posters and huxleys new imprint saints & sonnets present their debut ep from production duo ethyl & huxley with the 3 feet high ep. deep, powerful and rounded deep house is on the menu for release number one as strong bass holds down light melodies and slurry vocals for an undoubtedly peak time record. electronic chameleon and self proclaimed dandy roman flugel is in for remix duty and his dubby mix 2 flirts with push and pull percussion and chopped vocal snippets for a delightfully experimental revision.
played by: dj red d (we play house recs), jepe from johnwaynes, ethyl, j.cub (eclectic avenue records), quell (ibadan, these days), cedric maison (hypercolour), milton jackson, mike omara(development music), mike w - kolour recordings, kevintsuba, chamboche (zleep/under the shade), nicola conte, huxley, sccucci manucci, sean cormac (forward disco nyc)
Saints & Sonnets
out of stock
6.96 EUR *
12 Inch 10.11.10
legendary latin sexpop icon ric y martin? the chileans’ answer to menudo? or two of the most distinguished electronic musicians of our time teaming up to take an unforgettable trip through the imagination? dandy jack and ricardo villalobos need no introduction. if you’re reading this, then you already know what to expect. delicate percussive patterns. dream sequences. warm hypnosis. recorded in 1999 and excavated from the vaults for a timely release in an age of increasingly disposable music, alphahouse delivers for everyone seeking a timeless and painstakingly stylish piece of vinyl.
out of stock
9.00 EUR *
12 Inch 28.05.10
the follow up >rmxd vol.2< comes with a lady-melting canson remix that is just perfect for summernights, with a slammin jazzy techno mix by dandy jack and the metronome allstars, a criminaltango a la markese and a beautiful workout by rizzoknors knor. they all turned the original tango crash songs into a quite unique & refreshing style of tango (crash) flavoured house & technosound.
support / plays by m.a.n.d.y, dubfire, jeff samuel, jorge savoretti, sonja moonaer, alland byallo, jimpster, anthony collins, ly sander, mathias mesteno, mikael stavostrand, rainer tr³by, sebbo, willie graff and many others.
Nice Try Records
out of stock
5.72 EUR *
12 Inch 17.09.09
andres is releasing an ep on kalk pets featuring three different versions of his track >ballad<. now if you re associating melancholy and a thousand tears with that title, you ll be taught better by the track itself. for this particular ballad is full of positive energies and sings anything but the blues.
uwe senor coconut schmidt aka atom polishes the >ballad<-track with additional beats and insightful words and turns it into a real disco-pop wingding: >this song is not about sex / it s about music / because music is better than pussy.< the minds are shaking. he has proved his sense for slant humour already before on his album >liedgut<.
another potential hit is the remix by john keys & los updates. >los updates< being jorge gonzales, who has contributed the vocals. having played in a popular band called >los prisoneros<, he is a celebrated popstar in south america, and, amongst other things, has been participating as a singer in the last album by >sieg über die sonne<. a finely lascivious party-mix. john keys aka dandy jack & andres garcia are responsible for the musical part. file under powerpop and emotronic.
playful sounds keeping the stroke of a ping-pong game and sure to keep your body high-spirited.
Kalk Pets 18
Last Copy!
5.97 EUR *
12 Inch 23.06.09
supported by: raresh, phil weeks , alex neri , ilario alicante, dave ellesmere, dandy jack, sonja moonear , ralf, krakatoa!! this is a recently born and emergent deep house label, produced by lorenzo chiabotti(iena saw), that is a perfect mix of groove, rhythmic, a powerfull bass line and a definitely catchy chord. the e.p. contains also a >ika red rice< remix, realized by ilario alicante, young talented dj from tuscany, resident at tenax club. he made different realeses for most of the best labels like cecille rec. second track is another >ika red rice< remix, made by federico grazini, famous italian dj-producer resident at tenax club too. the label is composed of two members, paolo rossano aka pato donald, dj resident at doctor sax, the famous turin after-party, and lorenzo chiabotti, producer and live performer of the project called iena saw (vinyl club/ibiza)
Deep Sabaudian Noise
Last Copy!
6.38 EUR *
12 Inch 24.11.08
if you like electronic music and youve lived in paris for the last 15 years, theres no way you dont know that man. djulz start playing the very firstparis raves back in 1992. since that time he never stoped running to make things happen in his hometown. hes also the oldest resident of rex club with his party bass culture. today djulz is releasing more and more great music after having produced eps and remixes for label such as music for freaks, paper recordings, 20:20 vision, poker flat, ovum, real tone or intacto, djulz is releasing, fleurette, his new 12inch on circus company. fleurette is a sweet, naïve and housy track. the track is build up over a piano loop which leeds us to some children vocals. all that is surrounded by a strong and precussive rythmic stuffed with a beautifull ride. its defeinitively the kind of track which gives you the power to stick a smile on everybodies face. on b side comes the fleurette tobias. remix. for sure you know the man behind mythical releases on logistic records and more recently wagon repair. hes also behind the electronic jazz combo called nsi. which just give name to his own label. an emblematic character of the scene who collaborates with artist like atom heart, dandy jack or max loderbauer in the past 20 years. supported by dixon, jay haze, Âme, luciano, laurent garnier, 2000 & one, josh wink and dj deep.
Circus Company
out of stock
6.13 EUR *
12 Inch 03.11.08
dandy jack & andres garcia kommen so seriös wie verschmitzt rüber. federleicht mit einem hohen grad an elastizität bei gleichzeitig hohen wuchtfaktor
Treibstoff 83
out of stock
5.89 EUR *
12 Inch 30.09.08
butane and dandy jack remixes !!
out of stock
6.87 EUR *
12 Inch 29.09.08
jorge has been a central figure on the latin-american musical stage since the 80s-first as the co-founder of chiles beloved political rockers los prisioneros, then as a restlessly inventive solo musician and as one half of gonzálo martínez, the experimental electronic duo with dandy jack (martin schopf). now based in mexico city and working alongside loreto otero, jorge presents los updates, a new project combining electro-pop with an unusual approach to minimalist house and techno. designed both as a studio affair and a live performance, los updates expands its collaborative scope by reaching out to a crew of well-known chilean and european musicians who were central to the development of chilean techno in the mid 90s: ricardo villalobos, dandy jack, luciano and tobias freund, all of whom deliver defiantly original remixes across a series of 12-inch singles. tobias. fills the a-side with his remix of >pictures of you< simply one of the most dazzling things youll hear this year. tobias. recent string of work-singles for wagon repair and ostgut ton, as well as remixes for two armadillos and jim rivers-has shown him to be a master of the hypnotic groove, and here he entrances like never before, laying down a stark 808 drum pattern which he threads through dubby keys, analog explosions and liquid bass figures. on the b-side cadenzas luciano is getting late and brings his inimitable touch to the remix of >etting late<. luciano reworks the song into a lean, bleepy groove that marries the cool restraint of vintage dbx to lucianos own effusive style, buoyant and percussive and completely enveloping..
out of stock
6.13 EUR *
12 Inch 28.05.08
big with sonar kollektiv posse, alex attias, peter kruder, dave ellesmere, kiki, agoria, fabrice lig, 3channels, chymera, simon baker, dan ghenacia, sasse !! + quarion remix... already featured on our current label compilation >grand cru 2008<, we now welcome andrès garcìa with his first regular release on our sub-imprint connaisseur supérieur. andrès, a geneva-based musician with spanish roots was early infected with the music virus. he started with classic piano classes at an early age, and moved from there to jazz and improvised music. this lead him to the conservatoire populaire de musique genève, where he attended classes in electro acoustic music. today he’sproducing solo or with partners like dandy jack, quenum or paris the black fu on prestigious labels like crosstown rebels, imploz and num, beside his work in the contemporary art section, for theatres and movies. >no more tears< is a genuine summer track with an alluring groove, mysterious oriental-sounding vocals and an excellent percussion work, which is tailor-made for deep and moody techno sets. drumpoet community’s man of the moment - quarion
Connaisseur Superieur
out of stock
6.05 EUR *
00/346+00/380: MIXES 1
12 Inch 14.04.08
seit 30 jahren ist conrad schnitzler im musik-zirkus der elektronischen musik unterwegs und noch immer presst er frische sounds aus seinen maschinen. hier gibt es die allerneuesten ergebnisse mit mixen von perlons dandy jack & bruno pronsato.
Orac 29
out of stock
6.22 EUR *
12 Inch 14.06.07
this is the third tuning spork blues experiment. inspired by legends like miles davis and modern day techno producers like dandy jack, andreoni is forging wacked out new house sounds, in the true spirit of jazz. this ep is no exception, and it shows why the likes of ricardo villalobos believe that signor andreoni is an amazing musician. to begin the experiment, andreoni jams you deep into space, with some seriously fucked up effects that will have you hiding under your bedclothes. sleepover is perhaps the most techno cut on this release, but the deep haze of dub still remains, over a banging percussive track. on members the melodies are perfect as you expect from signor andreoni, and here the acid line is more prominent in the mix, over deep warbling bass notes. in borderline, nothing is as it seems. melodies fall down cliffs into weird drones, and everything seems a little skewed. this completes a 4 track ep from a unique talent in the world of deep electronic house music, with 4 distinctive colourful tracks that take the genre far away from the middlebrow. make sure you check out our third tuning spork blues experiment, even if you spent most of science class using bunsen burners as water pistols
Tuning Spork Blues Experiment 3
out of stock
6.46 EUR *
12 Inch 04.10.06
Roman Photo
out of stock
6.05 EUR *
12 Inch 28.08.06
perlon s liebling dandy jack & sonia moonaer lassen das klappern nicht. reiche & vielfältige platte die so live klingt wie ein frosch im regen nass ist
Kalk Pets 06
out of stock
5.97 EUR *
12 Inch 08.06.06
incl. rmxs by dominik eulberg & dandy jack crosstown rebels release >tita< and >lnuit<, the first single release from the critically acclaimed >familia< album by their leading star, pier bucci. . a simply wonderful piece of deep and melodic music featuring vocals from armelle pioline. another artist to emerge from the chilean revolution is dandy jack who has taken on the remix duty in fine form. a hypnotising groove to say the least! l nuit is a real power. support - luciano, laurent garnier, roman flügel, jennifer cardini, mike shannon, xpress2, mandy, chloe, dirt crew, tiefschwarz, joakim
Crosstown Rebels
out of stock
7.03 EUR *
3x12" LP 22.05.06
13 unreleased tunes by: ricardo villalobos, dimbiman, dandy jack, pantytecs (sammy dee and zip)melchior productions (thomas melchior), horror inc. (akufen), copacabannark (cabanne and ark), manmadescience (soulphiction plus friends), stephan laubner aka stl, narcotic syntax, matthew dear as jabberjaw, markus nikolai, sense club (ricardo villalobos & luciano).
out of stock
17.19 EUR *
12 Inch 15.03.06
excellent groovin minimal electro tech tracks by pink elln & dandy jack !!
out of stock
6.05 EUR *
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