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coloured 2x12" Pre sale
23.86 EUR *
2x12" 28.12.20
newly remixed and remastered reissue of the 2007 album from between the buried and me. pressed on double vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve.
A1: Foam Born (A) The Backtrack
A2: (B) The Decade Of Statues
A3: Informal Gluttony
B1: Sun Of Nothing
C1: Ants Of The Sky
C2: Prequel To The Sequel
D1: Viridian
D2: White Walls
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30.83 EUR *
2x12" 21.10.20
newly remixed and remastered reissue of the third album from between the buried and me, originally released in 2005. the double vinyl lp is housed in a gatefold sleeve.
A1: All Bodies
A2: Alaska
A3: Croakies And Boatshoes
B1: Selkies: The Endless Obsession
B2: Breathe In, Breathe Out
B3: Roboturner
C1: Backwards Marathon
C2: Medicine Wheel
D1: The Primer
D2: Autodidact
D3: Laser Speed
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30.83 EUR *
12" lp UK 26.07.17
1970’s experimental & electronic music recorded in soviet russia by yuri morozov. banned by the kgb for its esoteric content and references to forbidden spiritual texts, yuri recorded over 46 albums between the 1970s until his death in 2006. only available on cassettes passed around in secret within the russian music underground until now.
Buried Treasure
out of stock
15.14 EUR *
12" 26.07.18
body sculptures is a contemporary project that brings together five unique voices in european experimental electronic music today. the formative element is the collaborative pact between sweden’s northern electronics and denmark’s posh isolation. last year marked both body sculptures debut live performance - a highly notorious set at berlin atonal festival 2015 - as well as their debut recording, “the base of all beauty is the body”. the disparate elements that have come to inform the project thus far are further refined and encoded in their new lp, “a body turns to eden”.
Posh Isolation
out of stock
13.92 EUR *
coloured 7" 05.03.18
the next collaborative release between freeride millenium and pauls musique is a terrific two-tracker from manchester artist joseph louis harland manning under his new alias los angeles with the 7? vinyl release artwork designed by daniel rajcsanyi as part of his ‘baby exhibition in austria. joseph louis harland manning was the drummer of the band wu lyf and is involved in projects like los porcos, the mancunian boyband menage a trois and dream lovers. under his other aliases he released on aficionado, cracki, ocean records and is it balearic? sub label u?ber as well as having made music videos for molly nilsson. here he is fine form across a pair of delicate and moving synth tracks. opener ‘lamour is a gentle cut that starts with celestial chords and wide-open expanses of synth before a buried deep groove slowly comes to the fore. breathy vocals also add to the loved-up, dreamy feel and the whole thing carries you away in a majestic reverie that shifts from ambience to new age house. the track features the artists own field recordings from the streets of berlin, twisting up sounds from the sidewalk into percussive notes that give an organic feel. the perfectly soothing second offering is ‘i wanna go to heaven is a gorgeous synth piece that suspends you in a crystal clear blue sky on a warm summers day. chords are smeared and stretched whilst angelic, wordless vocals drift by. it is the sound of a blissful passage to the afterlife and will leave you feeling cleansed.
Freeride Millenium
Pauls Musique
in stock
6.55 EUR *
coloured 12" UK 12.09.14
if you re going to beat em down, you need the right tools. on the label s second release, grimy trax has given you a couple hammers. the a-side, dejay cease s the fixer is straight chicago. we re talking banging 909 funk that might be found buried on a particularly unhinged ron hardy mix. a simple bass line and two notes of acid are all it takes to make the floor go wild. this is functional heat with enough atmosphere to engage the mind, body and soul. on the b-side, rising chicago son boogienite proves he s earned the hype. boy, ok is an instant classic thanks to some recognizable disco strings and a funky escalator of a bassline. the producer uses a trippy, rubberband synth which eventually turns into rhythmic, teasing vocal. the mixdown is ridiculous, especially as the lengthy track passes the halfway mark. boogie brings the bassline in and out in between beautiful ambient rhodes and a call and response male and female vocal. those strings hit again and you feel no pain.
Grimy Trax
out of stock
8.15 EUR *
12" UK 30.09.09
the revitalized moton records inc continues to impress and inspire us with amazing, undiscovered music. despite being launched in the early nineties, the label have only released just over 20 records. a co operative effort between djs diesel, harvey, faiths dave jarvis and ashley beedle, this label has expertly amended and extended many and undiscovered, lost classics. as passionate afficionados and music lovers, their selections for the moton treatment are always dealt with respectfully, and released in super limited quantities, hence the crazy prices they reach in the second hand market! this expertly crafted trio of cuts is right up there with their best ever releases. from incredible vintage soul to priceless soulful disco, the moton biys have unearthed yet more buried treasure for your listening pleasure the quality is off the scale, the pressing is a one off - you know what to do!
Moton Records Inc
out of stock
7.03 EUR *

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