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Coloured 12 Inch LP 02.11.17
das debütalbum des schwedischen dream-pop duos wy vereint markante gitarrenmelodien mit den kraftvollen vocals von sängerin ebba. die 10 emotionalen songs schwelgen zwischen sanfter melancholie und hoffnung. limitierte lp-auflage auf milchig-transparentem vinyl.
Better Call Rob
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12 Inch 16.02.11
big with: nick curly, laurent garnier, sebo k, jackmate, radio slave, ripperton, deetron, anja schneider, anthony collins, gregor tresher, mathias kaden, paul woolford, brothers vibe, arnaud le texier, reboot, martinez,... all thirteen releases of the label to date have have showcased the talent of a solo artist, but today five are welcomed for what is not only their label debuts, but also a first >v/a< release for bass culture records. danny fiddo & jm aboga lead from the front with >evil intentions<, which strangely enough, with its smooth feel good vibes, is anything but. fiddo needs little introduction. as a resident of valencias barraca club, he has shared the dj booth with the worlds biggest names, and his music has already found a home on labels including buzzin fly, rekids, ovum and barraca. fellow valencian jose maria, has also resided in the house of barraca. his solo production work can be found on time has changed and novo music, and together with fiddo, the pair have released on fumakilla and monique. fabio giannelli demonstrates just how much his production style has matured on the beautifully cultured, >leitmotiv<. fabio has, over the past three years, become one of italys finest house music exp
Bass Culture
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