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12" Vinyl FR 25.03.09
cosmo anarchy vol.2 goes a little darker. two tracks with strong atmosphere still very funky and 1 sweet old school house track on the a2 make this ep very special. a mood in between daniel bell and christian vogel. for the a1 we have for the first time on the label a strong dubstep track! great dj tool. as for the b side it?s freaky funky techno, a dark and soulful dancefloor track! s-max comes back on telegraph with cosmo anarchy presented in 2 singles released in a row. each single is moody and souful - 3 minimal-funk tracks with killer groove! s-max productions differ between house (moodymann/ jovonn/ nugroove), minimal (dbx/ todd sines), crispy+funky (herbert/ ark/ perlon/ akufen/ morgan geist) and funky techno (christian vogel, tobias schmidt, neil landstrumm, claude young). generally influenced by classic detroit/ chicago/ early warp and the whole brighton- stuff.
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