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12" 28.02.18
for our first release of 2018 and our 11th year in the game, we kick off proceedings with jicheal mackson. the highly in demand producer and live artist drops another forward thinking offering on our imprint. on the a side he delivers carneval, its an underground disco themed cut with hypnotic highs, a groovy bassline and intricate drum programming that evolves through out, vocal murmurs add to the ambiance and complete this winner. jichael switches things up on the b side (vinyl only) with odyssey, this is a more stripped down and trippy affair with break beat drum programming merged with 4/4 swing, white noise slashes and drones set the mood for dark little number. on b2, he lifts the mood with kraut, a more upbeat offering, driven with a bouncy bass groove and intermittent lush pads he creates another groovy master piece perfect for a late night dance floor. this ep truly shows the diversity and talent of jicheal mackson and confirms serialism never ending quest to deliver quality underground music...
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