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12" 07.06.19
12inch with printed inner-sleeves handcrafted covers: manually stamped, numbered and printed (silk-screening) in berlin, 180g vinyl
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8.53 EUR *
12" BE 03.04.19
special offer!!!! (setaoc mass) the sixth release of form and function, is the second one of the function series. this time its qindek who provides his debut ep on the label. reach for the cosmica is a lovely journey through qindeks world.
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9.99 EUR *
12" FR 29.06.18
autodidact is back with an ep by qindek, who offers up three delicate techno tracks with beautiful modular sounds and intricate drum patterns. on the b-side we find the legendary icelandic (dub)techno producer thor (thule records) with a deep but dancefloor-friendly remix.
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11.49 EUR *
12" BE 12.06.18
form and function presents a compilation of 4 transcendent cuts with a different approach in mind. it marks the start of a new chapter where the label will focus on two styles. the form series will have a diverse sound palette where the weird and beautiful come together. the function series on the other hand have a focus on dancefloor orientated tracks. we kick off with this new trajectory with form001.
Form And Function
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9.64 EUR *
12" FR 15.06.17
artcub records is an new open-minded techno label created by marco gayo from france. the label will propose somes deep to raw techno in his futures releases. here the first work from the rising star of nederlands: qindek. darko esser was the man who pulled qindek and gave him a shot at his own wolfskuil-label to release music in vinyl. people like laurent garnier, rolando, norman nodge, ben sims, dvs1, pfirter, benny rodriguez (rod), sandrien and Âme incorporated qindek’s release in their sets.
trappist one ep is an attempt to create some of the emotions and state of minds while being on the ship towards our next destination within this multiverse. intergalactic light ensemble is traveling at lightspeed towards adventure, and midst of travel we discover something unexplained. waves and waves is the contemplation of that moment. alarma is a code red, losing our minds as we encounter a energyforce which has far greater powers than we ever imagined. how do we face such powers? eon gives answer to such quations, as we progress into our creative awareness, and gaining new insights on how to manipulate energy.
Artcub Records
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7.79 EUR *
12" NL 17.02.17
invite’s choice continues with a coherent and versatile 4-track ep showcasing hypnotising techno.
Invites Choice Records
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9.45 EUR *
12" 30.12.16
making a welcome return to wavereform after last years effe ep, qindek is back with the kind of distinctive dancefloor alchemy that promises to get under your skin and create an unforgettable experience. hailing from deventer in the netherlands, thomas lauren has already issued some essential releases over the past few years for labels as respected as wolfskuil and sneji, and now he comes back to wavereform with one of his most potent creations to date.
in stock
8.76 EUR *
12" shrinked 11.05.16
romanias snejl black teams up with qindek for its 4th release. what we get are 3 tracks, carefully sculpted, ultra-pure visions of techno. each is thoroughly uncluttered, and given just enough color to be compelling. simple kick drum, undulating sounds that provide something distantly related to melody, and very subtle backdrops that pair a soothing hiss and quiet drones. nothing is superfluous, everything is essential.
Snejl Black
out of stock
8.28 EUR *
004 ( VINYL ONLY / 180G)
12" 180g shrinked fullcover 02.05.16
across the four tracks the studio r approach is further refined, balancing the desire for solid rhythmic constructions with a more introspective, soul-stirring musical message that makes for the most timeless, meaningful electronic music. after the bold statement of the triple-vinyl studio r 003 release that saw fred p, mike parker, dj spider and more alongside newer artists, the label returns with a single that continues the mission of the berlin-based broadcast and record label project. dealing in the most adventurous and heartfelt corners of contemporary house and techno, studio r 004 once again pairs established artists with unsung talent.
Studio R
in stock
8.76 EUR *
12" BE 01.04.15
after his outbreak ep (heavily supported by the likes of luke slater, Âme, dvs1 and lucy) the mighty qindek returns to wolfskuil with another hypnotic and tripped down peak-time techno tool
Last Copy!
8.37 EUR *
coloured 12" 12.03.15
amazing dub techno. new wavereform by qindek. 1o years of experience as an artist, including gigs at amsterdam’s legendary trouw and his ground breaking appearance on darko essers wolfskuil label speak a clear language on the 4th release of our artist series. a mighty and warm bassdrum, razor sharp hihats, evolving percussions paired with athmospheric shadows throughout the deepness of dub will easily let you imagine the view out of qindek’s studio window onto a fog layered meadow. this two tracker by deventer based qindek was made to explore well hidden spaces in your mind and on the dancefloor.
out of stock
7.79 EUR *
12" 29.08.14
following last mays label kick-off in the form of jssl s fake facade ep, format records now invites dutch prodigy qindek for its sophomore release, which is backed up with an excellent remix by swedish techno veteran paer grindvik.
Format Records
out of stock
9.06 EUR *
12" BE 24.04.13
when thomas lauren came to us with his new techno project qindek, we were instantly intrigued. qindek sees thomas moving away from his melodic background into uncharted abstract territories, without losing the warmth and depth
Last Copy!
8.67 EUR *
12" 05.10.15
wavereform continues to shape out its identity as a guiding light for cutting edge techno coming from less explored corners of europe. after jüras lietus seismic starp 12inch, the berlin-based label returns with a powerful single from finnish newcomer laiva. hailing from the eastern town of kuhmo, laiva was inspired to start producing his own music after finlands leading alternative radio station mafia ceased broadcasting in 2003. after spending years refining his craft, wavereform proudly presents the first evidence of this thrilling new entity on the scandinavian electronic music scene.
out of stock
7.79 EUR *
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