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12 Inch 19.07.13
slammin techno 4 tracker
Hauptbahnhof Music
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12 Inch 30.07.10
support by: adam beyer, technasia, the advent, dave clarke, dubfire, chris liebing, secret cinema, justin berkovi, joel mull.... here we go with the roots of dark techno, michael schwarz now shows up with the basic track of fauna, that was remixed on pt. 1 of this package by justin berkovi. fauna is nothing less than a masterpiece, so it draw the attention of alex bau immediately and he hook up with man behind the secret moniker floom. the guys delivered what you would expect anyway whenever you read their names: total dedication to techno in its basic sense. big support from all the techno-guys around!
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12 Inch 27.07.10
a new hottie from germany is the guy for some dark sounds. he starts of with >flora< which is undoubtly the sure shot in the sets of all the liebings, speedy js and other more dark heroes of underground techno. on the flipside mr. berkovi layed his hands on the talent of michael and he prooved why he achieved his very own outstanding reputation when it comes to spooky sounds and eclectic sounddesign.
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10x12 Inch 08.11.22
10x 180g vinyl - with poster and download card - remixes by goldfrapp, alter ego, michael mayer, tiefschwarz, tiga sasha a.m.m !
Sony Music
Precious - Sasha s Spooky Mix - Full Length
Precious - Sasha s Gargantuan Vocal Mix - Full Length
Precious - Misc. Full Vocal Mix
Precious - Michael Mayer Balaeric Mix
Precious - Motor Remix
Precious - Misc. Crunch Mix
A Pain That I m Used To - Jacques Lu Cont Remix
A Pain That I m Used To - Jacques Lu Cont Dub
A Pain That I m Used To - Bitstream Threshold Mix
A Pain That I m Used To - Bitstream Spansule Mix
Suffer Well - Tiga Remix
Suffer Well - Tiga Dub
Suffer Well - Narcotic Thrust Vocal Dub
Suffer Well - Metope Remix
Suffer Well - Metope Vocal Remix
Suffer Well - M83 Remix
Better Days - Basteroid dance Is Gone Vocal Mix
The Darkest Star - Holden Remix
The Darkest Star - Holden Dub
John The Revelator - Dave Is In The Disco Tiefschwarz Remix
John The Revelator - Tiefschwarz Dub
Lilian - Chab Dub
John The Revelator - Murk Mode Dub
John The Revelator - Boosta Club Remix
Lilian - Chab Vocal Remix
Better Days
John The Revelator - Single Version
Lilian - Single Version
Precious - Michael Mayer Ambient Mix
Suffer Well - Alter Ego Remix
Lilian - Robag Wruhme Slomoschen Kikker
A Pain That I m Used To - Goldfrapp Remix
A Pain That I m Used To - Telex Remix
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3x12 Inch 29.04.19
...zdf hitparaden hits auf 3lps, incl roland kaiser, karat, peter maffay, dschingis khan, münchener freiheit, wolfgang petry, andrea berg, blue system, rainhard fendrich...
Sony Music Catalog
Last Copy!
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2x12 Inch 07.06.18
available again! soul jazz records new 2018 edition of their long out of print classic first “deutsche elektronische musik – experimental german rock and electronic music 1972-83” is ‘a near-definitive guide to some of the world’s most extraordinary music’ (the guardian).
featuring a stunning line-up of groups including cluster, can, faust, popol vuh, neu!, amon düül, harmonia, la düsseldorf and tangerine dream as well as a host of lesser known groups such as kollectiv, ibliss, between and many more. this new edition is fully re-mastered and features all the original artwork and tracks.
the vinyl edition is made up of two separate volume heavyweight loud gatefold double albums (now + free download codes) featuring all sleevenotes and text.
Soul Jazz

also available as:
part of a serie (EUR 29.99)
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12 Inch 22.01.16
berlin-based producer and dj mike wall is back for his next release on his own imprint wall music. already well-known in his hometown for the legendary walls events at suicide circus berlin, mike had a massive year 2015. for his return to wall music, mike delivers two original tracks with a sense of depth and dark chord sounds. his newest ep is called inkognito / if only i could. listen to the secrecy of the true name or identity of this tracksthe ep comes with two massive remixes by keith carnal & wall music artist michael schwarz
Wall Music Limited
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12 Inch 05.03.15
here comes the second blind spot music vinyl with some of our favourite techno artists on the board. the original track scattered produced by the japanese ryuji takeuchi and it is a proper peak time smasher. ryuji after a few remixes is finally landing with an original track on blind spot music. in the past techno fans have heared his unique style on various releases on label likes of nachtstrom schallplatten, sick weird rough, huehelix or his own imprint local sound network.
on the remix duties are: mallorcas techno ambassador angel costa, who has released on some of the most prestigious labels of the techno scene such as clr, electric deluxe, micro.fon. the german michael schwarz, whose unique driving-techno materials came out on driving forces, wall music, praxxiz and at last but not least blind spots very own dr hoffmann & gabeen. the duo is infecting the techno scene slowly with their lethal sounds.
the scattered ep is not for the faint-hearted, serious underground techno beats on it.
Blind Spot Music
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7.03 EUR *
12 Inch 09.08.11
the future of hidden recordings is vibrantly on display with the young producers m.a.d.a. & plankton, who are already a hot property these days with crucial releases on tanz factory, naked lunch, phobiq, sleaze, eminor and more. it seems only natural that the duo would eventually cross paths with the high flying new york city based hidden recordings, a label soaring on the success of its previous two releases - 013hrwolkenreise and 012hrthe great lawn. the union here is a blast of refined techno in the form of antiz. the ep is as dark as midnight and heavy as a load of bricks with a musical character that is memorable and distinct. hidden once again shows its commitment to releasing quality dance floor music with a hard-hitting original and a hand-picked collection of remixes from other well-respected new techno stars including: sasha carassi, alejandro trebor, felix bernhardt, mike wall, michael schwarz, and hidden founders deepak sharma & dieter krause. hidden recordings once more delivers a massive release, this time to celebrate the next generation of producers forthcoming on the label.
Hidden Recordings
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12 Inch 14.01.11
again forward going prime time techno on android. this time with a tom hades (mb elektronics) remix
Android Muziq
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cd 25.10.19
2nd part of the struktur black circle series
in stock
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12.60 EUR
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