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3x12" Vinyl BE 13.05.09
only a very small handful of djs and producers have the ability to transcend all styles and genres, rising above fleeting trends and cliques creating their very own sonic landscapes. gallic legend laurent garnier sits effortless amongst those few, blending techno, deep house, drum n bass and jazzy funk with total ease. his latest opus >tales of a kleptomaniac< released on may 11th 2009, pushes his already vast musical boundaries further than ever before, showcasing a devilish diversity that has made him one of dance musics greatest assets.kicking off with the classic skyy sampling >no music, no life< laurent takes no prisoners with block party chants and handclaps making way for some mind expanding bleepage and cone ripping bass. >freeverse part 1< follows at a deceptively relaxed pace before thundering 808s and the superlative gallic rhymes of micflow build into high octane lounge funk, replete with lilting horns and screaming guitars. current single >gnanmankoudji (horny monster mix)< heads into epic territory with driving four to the floor kicks, cut up vocals and tribal percussion laying the foundation for a menacing bass progression peppered with stabbing horns. film noir soundtrack vibes permeate the double bass and shuffling beats of >dealing with the man< before >last dance @ yellow<s deep and blissful four in the morning loops take hold. >desirless< features classic laurent grooves, growing exponentially as the track snakes its way into your head and all the way down to your feet whilst the lustful >pay tv<s breathy samples and libidinous grooves burst into life with huge drums and crushing bass making like a 21st century serge gainsbourg. >bourre pif (avant bath time!)< cranks up the bpms, rinsing some firing drum n bass leading into a return to >freeverse< this time with a stripped to the bone mix featuring tumi spitting the lyrics over the disrobed beats and subs. >back to my roots (back to my technodiziak roots mix)< displays the sort of expansive percussive techno the likes of which only laurent garnier can make, as >food for thought<s digital dub lays the framework for legendary electric dread winston mcanuff to strut his stuff, leaving the laidback twisted jazz flavours of >from deep within< to close >tales of a kleptomaniac<.
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12" Vinyl D 03.03.08
das mathias kaden im geiste öfter durch die afrikanische steppe flaniert und danach rhythmusinfiziert am stammesfeuer platz nimmt, deutete sich ja bereits an. hier bringt er den zusammenschluss der rhythmischen kulturen, so dass man sich wirklich die hände reicht und feststellt, wie sehr die welt klanglich zusammenrücken kann. toller tribal in jeff mills manier
FAT 035
Freude am Tanzen
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12" Vinyl D 20.12.06
irish influenced tribal techhouse mover with a great chris cargo remix
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12" Vinyl D 29.10.08
after 2 smashing eps on switch and sinden s imprint counterfeet, radioclit is back with their brand new signature sound secousse on mental groove records. inspired by the street sounds of angola, pretoria or abidjan, secousse is a future afrobeat anthem and is currently being turned into a vocal monster starring all the great singers and rappers who came and tore the roof of the infamous secousse worldbeat residency that radioclit has been doing at the notting hill arts club over the last few months. backed up by remixes from crookers aka the biggest house producers these days, it also features a remix by bablee, a legend from the coupe-decale scene hailing out of ivory coast and author of the world wide hit sous les cocotiers .
Mental Groove
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12" Vinyl FR 27.04.10
small backstock of this 2001 tribal-techno release by john thomas on logistic records.
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