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12" Vinyl UK 10.12.18
very limited repress. making a return to the scene after an extended hiatus is vuo records, who mark their reemergence with a no nonsense four tracker from newcomer shuffless.
the a1 launches with * gotta go*, a deep-rooted house track carried along by a dreamy synth and some proper retro feels. phonogenic jumps onboard with a deep and driving remix of * gotta go* on the a2. a real lights down moment.
* yössä* kicks off the b side, a mood focused jam that twists and turns between house and techno. the ep closes with another remix of * gotta go*, this time from tm shuffle. its a subtle but hypnotic tribal affair.
Vuo Records
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12" Vinyl UK 07.12.18
dos attack are two childhood friends come djs and producers from madrid who ve have managed to create their own little space in the electronic music landscape. the masterminds behind cult label riverette, with releases by such exciting and forward-thinking artists as legowelt, oskar offermann, kornel kovacs, and minor science, the two are insatiable diggers to a point that they opened their own record store in the center of their hometown, named after the label. both as djs and producers, their creations are a reflection of their collection and taste – sometimes trance-y, sometimes hyperactive, always weird and wonderful, mixing the energy of late 70s new york with the good vibes of 90s rom-coms – pure love.
Turbo Capitalism
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