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12" Vinyl UK 11.10.18
with his fourth outing on into the woods recordings, maheras delivers “tartessos,” a nod to his roots in greece and a journey into dancefloor dub that continues into the woods’ tradition for moody and effective dancefloor tools.
“tartessos” sets the mood of this ep with risers and chord stabs that delay across a four to the floor bass line and kick pattern. maheras allows the reverb space to build here here, creating atmosphere that builds slowly until the chords drop halfway through and bring an ethereal mood to a peak.
on the flip roman flugel delivers an outstanding remix that doubles down on the delays and pushes into more traditional dub tech territory. flugel divides and multiplies musical elements across a live mixing desk, through effects chains and back to a mix that maintains the momentum of the original rhythm but amplifies the flutters and flourishes.
Into The Wood
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12" Vinyl UK 10.10.18
the belfast based dj & producer, garry mccartney, otherwise known as ejeca, has been steadily and consistently building his sound and profile over time, through a series of impressive releases for aus music, unknown to the unknown, w&o street tracks, bpitch control and last night on earth, amongst others.
ejeca carves out an energetic slab of audacious party house on ‘unloving’, resplendent with rolling beats and stabby chords, and topped off with dramatic strings and vocal chops. elsewhere on the ep, ejeca unleashes some 303 bassline action and dark vocals on ‘standard acid house track’, which thankfully rises well above anything standard! and on ‘crystal maze’, ejeca harks back to the darker dance energies that were a staple of the late 1980s uk acid house boom. wrapping up the ep, ‘iswhatis’ gets ever so slightly twisted with an orbiting synth hook and weighty stabs over a spirited rhythm section.
Four Thirty Two
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12" Vinyl IT 08.10.18
ltd repress! club style is the pseudonym used by 2 all-time chicago legends, a truly all-star line up on this record, that s right, the pairing of paul johnson and robert armani. say no more really. crazy wild is a 4 tracker of infectious, grooved out, jacking and tough house jams, both producers fingerprints are all over this one. narcotic, driving drum machines, phased out loops, armour piercing claps and basement trembling basslines are all over this ep, originally released in 1994. this one s a bit of a cult release from dm, collectors and freaks rating it highly. as usual it s a tough one to try and track down, changing hands for some hard earned cash too. this is the first time crazy wild has ever been reissued in full, just as it was originally released in 1994, complete with original dance mania label artwork. 100% legit, reissued in conjunction with dance mania records, chicago il and parris mitchell. don t sleep.
Dance Mania
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12" Vinyl NL 05.10.18
finally a new sampler on siena! this time on 3.0 a broad range of sounds from funk to techno. the a-side starts with a smooth summer jam by griffy hildalgo. perfect to start a roadtrip! tetelepta & gerressen teamed up to fill out the a2 with their raw sampling house joint. for the techno heads among us, yes, the b sides delivered it. b1 start with bas amro with his emotional melodies and deep grooves. the closing track for this ep is by ben buitendijk, who delivered a true masterpiece for detroit techno lovers - don’t miss it!
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A PART OF ME VOL. 2 (180G 2X12 LP)
2x12" Vinyl NL 05.10.18
this album is a curve ball. mr. g is showcasing some of his deep and sample oriented works on “a part of me vol.2”. a touching collection of tracks taking the listener into the depths of the uk based artist’s perception.
Phoenix G
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