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12" Vinyl UK 12.09.18
londons long standing sunday party purveyors, wetyourself!, drop the second in their vinyl only limited series with wys! co-founder peter pixzel and herr stepping up to the plate. side a serves up two weighty minimal rollers, complete with heavy basslines, pounding kicks, crisp hats and glitchy bleeps. on the flip nexcro maintains that wetyourself asthetic yet teases in some intergalactic synthwork, echoed out to melt any minds its put before. to close out the ep. topup moves down a darker path with a tougher soundscape, haunting synth breakdown and pulsating percussion. wysl002 offers a weighty follow up of four peaktime rollers from the wetyourself! camp be quick, don t sleep!
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12" Vinyl FR 12.09.18
dead rail is a soundshaping railroad soaked in fog and cough. dead rail is the breath that transforms light into smoke. smoke into brain waves and brain waves into some anamorphic sound blend. dead rail is a walk through an eyeburning beat and runs on mandibular tracks. dead rail is the dark corner of a party where the tones are stagnant in a motionless dynamic. dead rail is the suspended activity of synapses while earing is driving the other senses. dead rail is the dying frequency in your ear. dead rail is noise from within.
Dead Rail
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