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12" Vinyl US 09.08.18
fresh with love from detroit ...though hes been djing in detroit for well over 30 years. talley put out his first full-length. norm-a-lize. just last year via fxhe. hes following quickly with a new ep. i tried to told cha. the ep from talley comes on the heels of an fxhe 12-inch from label boss omar-s. your socially awkward criminal.. next norm talley.
FXHE Records
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12" Vinyl D 08.06.18
chez damier plus cab drivers being summer anthem! chez and the cabbies teamed up in berlin to jam on >holiday ahead<. holiday time was made with the deepest love for house music. it will not only warm your heart but it will make your shoes burn. the dub is stripped down and full of the funkiness you expect from cab drivers.
Cabinet Records
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12" Vinyl FR 19.07.18
one sided hand stamped limited release
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12" Vinyl (coloured) D 06.08.18
new chapter of jonas kopps house adventures untidy. moody and groovy detroitish house chapter. first pressing comes in strong limited blue clear vinyl. tip!
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12" Vinyl UK 09.08.18
when commissioning remixes. the best labels think outside the box. that s exactly what firecracker s lindsay todd did when seeking out producers to rework tracks from linkwood s excellent expressions album. on this second 12- in an ongoing series. that faith has paid dividends. whereas the original version of ignorance is bliss was a warm. woozy. sun-kissed deep house affair. healing force project has reinvented it as a stargazing chunk of 21st century space jazz. complete with twinkling chords. low-slung double bass and reverb-laden drum solos. the musephased interpretation of love lost by kimochi label head area sticks closer to the ultra-deep. melancholic vibe of linkwood s original. but adds a frisson of excitement via bubbling. detroit-influenced electronics and hypnotic rhythms.
• healing force project & area remixes
• strictly limited vinyl
• silkscreened artwork by house of traps & al white
• custom. unique obi-strip artwork
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2x12" Vinyl ES 31.07.18
derek s music instantly takes the listener on a midnight drive. cruising the grand river avenue through detroit. derek carr s ability to create soulful melodies that effortlessly wrap themselves around bouncy basslines and elegant beats is not only classy – it s classical. derek carr is not from the detroit though.. he s an irishman through and through. born and bred in westmeath. about 3400 miles from the state of michigan. yet he absolutely nails it! after two decades of crafting his own sound with analogue synths and samplers with the music culture of motor city as an inspiration. derek carr doesn t sound like anyone else. all the archetypical detroit sounds are there – from the robotic bleeps in binary systems to the moody strings of metro city – but derek carr uses them to create a primarily club oriented vibe. uplifting and positive.

the artwork for this album is made by abdul haqq. the legendary visual artist responsible for a great number of classic covers for artists and labels such as juan atkins. derrick may. transmat. drexciya. carl craig. planet e and underground resistance...
Subwax Excursions
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12" Vinyl UK 01.08.18
detroit s inner city. one of the most influential dance acts of all time celebrated their 30th anniversary starting with a memorial day live show on the main stage of detroit’s movement festival this year. formed in 1987 by record producer. composer and international dj kevin saunderson and vocalist paris grey. inner city are best known for their early crossover hits “big fun” and “good life”. further successes saw the group topping the us billboard dance chart five times and securing nine top 40 hits on the uk singles chart.this 30th anniversary will mark a new chapter for inner city. one which sees kevin saunderson now joined by his son and creative protégé dantiez as a full-time member. new material and a live show will soon follow. featuring a variety of musical collaborators and vocalists. movement festival will set the stage for inner city’s new era. with a show formation featuring grammy winner and original inner city bandleader dennis white and kevin saunderson’s long-time collaborator tommy onyx alongside local talent and vocal sensation. steffanie christi’an. in kevin’s own words: “a true family and new sound for a new generation”. with over three decades in the game under inner city’s wing. with a renewed commitment to live performances featuring a strong family core. and two generations of saunderson men in the studio – inner city are poised to enjoy the good life as much today as they did in 1987 and this is entirely evident on the group s latest offering heavy . boasting a stellar edit from detroit techno luminary and inner city collaborator carl craig. heavy is a fresh taste of what s to come from this legendary outfit. essential detroit techno.
KMS Records
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12" Vinyl UK 03.08.18
acid house alert! we are really excited to introduce you our new release. tomlin is a misterious producer from our gang and we are sure you will love him. pure analog stuff for omar s and levon vincents fans. dont miss it!
We Play The Music We Love
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12" Vinyl D 25.11.16
alert - b1 contains 8 clicks in the intro! the fifth regelbau record is a maxi of the single >i know<. the arhus group hi mount consisting of ph 1. dj central & dj sports. have teamed up with c.k of 2 bit crew. first mix was made by the four in thaiwork studios (cs livingroom). club mix and deep dub mix were made for the floor by the two brothers zaks.
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12" Vinyl D 30.07.18
houseworx proudly welcomes gary romalis from the motor city! i guess we don t need the introduce this great artist anymore. gary released on some of the scene s big players like intangible records. slow town. rawax. housewax. skylax jutst to name a few. w re very excited to share the -back 2 basicz- ep with you
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12" Vinyl UK 30.07.18
one of detroits true talents today. amp fiddler joins forces with grammy winner louie vega hitting you with some funk deep house on vega records. amp fiddler is the quintessential singer / musician who has played in the seminal band parliament with george clinton. and has had his own band for years now. louie has always wanted to work with amp since first meeting him at the montreaux jazz festival when amp and his band and elements of life were on the same bill on the worldwide stage. finally coming together. amp reaches out to louie for a remix and the result is a beautiful soulful song written and produced by amp fiddler. the remixes by louie vega combining deep house sounds with the funk synths played by axel tosca. there’s one version where amp did more lead vocal overdubs and adlibs. as well a funktified synth solo version which gets immediate response when played. the four versions on 12” vinyl lend itself to different moods and are sure to bring you a dancefloor or house party on fire!
Vega Records
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12" Vinyl NL 11.07.18
derek carr has flown back onto the radar after reissues on ben boe s for those that knoe imprint and a string of newly released music through 2017 and early 2018. in true craigie knowes spirit. derek has been drawn off of the beaten path to supply a wider variety of sounds than you would usually expect to hear from the irish producer. acid. techno and detroit electro tinged sounds throughout. tip!
Craigie Knowes
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12" Vinyl US 24.07.18
generation next returns with his 6th solo ep on the 7 days entertainment label titled phoenix. the ep opens with the song sundance kid. a tune that carries a high-spirited synth and bass throughout mixed in with a simple kick drum. high hat and snare combo. next up on side a is roseland. a cool. smooth house track from gn. a funky baseline accompanied with a warm piano. some complimentary synth and a clean rhythmic drum kit pattern. on the flip side. the first track is jungle 10.10.15. the recording used at the opening is from a voicemail received on the date 10/10/15. this track is pure memorization. the voice of a woman over a frantic high hat pattern and knocking kick drums. the last song of this 4 song ep is gold scorpion. a simple dance tune with high- energy percussion. piano. and kick drum. this dance floor mover will definitely be a favorite.
7 Days Entertainment
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12" Vinyl D 23.07.18
this record comes with a version for every time and mood of a club night: jo pariotas cut of the original mix is the ideal warm up tune. flowing on a synthline that calls mike huckabys waldorf to mind. it is sweet and driving at the same time. the original mix by loveits own nico brun might be called „casual affair. but comes rolling on a phat wonky rhode that brings the groove! between the crunchy drums. a relaxed vocal snipped and warm synth unfold like the first rays of sunlight. the jk & lds reduction is punchy. minimal and dubby - with its pull and release kind of melody and the stuttered vocal sample it works perfect as a peak time dj tool. finally. the a.s.s. amnesia returns mix is something else entirely… you just have to experience it in its full 8 min breakbeat aphex twin-like glory. - morri313
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12" Vinyl UK 23.07.18
the ever-prolific seven davis jr has been thoroughly generous in sharing out his smoky. sensual strain of deep house in recent years. with the dust still settling from his last album. now he s back with a full tilt five track ep that hints at a new direction to come. embracing the momentum and minimalism of techno without losing the distinctive bump that his music just can t do without. -no mercy- is a dark. kinetic affair while -lipstick- gets tougher. funkier and rawer. -super model- is a sleazy jam that revolves around a strutting beat and a nasty bassline. with some of davis jr s cool and deadly vocals rolling over the top. -on the catwalk- has a rugged dance mania feel to the groove. and then -to be continued- spells out that this new. ruffneck direction for seven davis jr has got a future
SA 006
Secret Angels
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12" Vinyl US 16.07.18
after the launch of her own label. frizner electric. ladymonix takes another step forward with her debut release. the opener & title track bc i want to is a deep and sensual body mover. anchored by empowering vocal samples that make no apologies. . the mood cascades from curiosity into downright permission. know what then takes over with a potent house beat and more strapping vocal cuts. the temper of this track begins liberating and lush. spiraling into a mirage of uplifting sounds for the final 3 minutes. tying the threads of the ep into a final knot is in flight. a soaring track that blends the energy of an evening into the power of the night. charming and eccentric beats run smoothly from takeoff to landing. making for a steadily blissful atmosphere. overall. bc i want to is a divisive house recording that can be admired from the dancefloor & from the bedroom alike.
FE 001
Frizner Electric
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12" Vinyl UK 13.07.18
top-remix-paket für die soul-perle -deep shadow- feat. sadie walker aus dem aktuellen nightmares on wax-album -shape the future-. kein geringerer als detroit-legende moodymann liefert deepe dancefloor-emotionen und damit eine seiner seltenen remix-arbeiten. sein detroiter nachbar illa j kommt mit einem gedämpften hiphop-bounce daher und nightmares dj e.a.s.e. himself erhöht schliesslich das tempo für seine club-version.
Warp Records
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12" Vinyl UK 12.07.18
after a hiatus in 2017. city fly records return with a superb ep from label co-owner & serious sample digger. the last trip to gandahar. with previous sell out releases on better listen. kolour ltd and his sublime disco infused nugget r136a1 also on city fly. gandy’s releases have gained support from the likes of giorgio moroder. larry heard and bbc radio 6music. the ep brings an abundance of dancefloor dynamite which includes a collaboration with the ever talented erik rico. who has previously worked alongside artists as diverse as ron trent. dj spinna. q-tip and hip hop monarch tupac shakur. man of the moment byron the aquarius also steps up with a beautifully deep remix of higher! in a full ‘body & soul’ style.
City Fly Records
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12" Vinyl FR 06.07.18
bass culture welcomes frenchman leo pol to the fold for this fresh new four-tracker full of analogue vibes. leo s penchant for synthesisers and the warmth of his beloved machines is evident throughout this new release. with a retro soul spliced with modern sensibilities and. of course. visions of the future. things get off to an energetic start with caliente . a track that combines a killer main riff. scintillating pads and steam-powered percussion to really get those feet moving. this is followed by fnc burning . which totally slips the script with its off-kilter rhythm and uk-influenced breakbeat-esque sound. get ready for a sublime breakdown. with more uk rave stylings in the second half... fresh!on the flip side we get dark outside. which harks back to the early days of post-electro detroit. those formative years when masters like juan atkins were the soundtrack of motor city... from the hushed. silky vocal to the cosmic bleeps. this is a homage to the ghosts of techno s past. with a contemporary sheen.finally. we finish up with techyes no! . a dark. marauding stomper with a menacing atmosphere and spinetingling strings to really amplify the eerie feeling that pervades throughout. a diverse. yet cohesive collection of killer cuts from the young master leo pol and another superb bass culture release. only the finest from d julz s excellent label...
Bass Culture
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12" Vinyl UK 12.07.18
detroit’s finest rick wade returns to shall not fade with the soulful “passion play” ep. housed in full sleeve artwork. with inner disco bag.
Shall Not Fade
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12" Vinyl US 06.07.18
we are happy to introduce a new release and a new project from ben vedren and chez damier. a new collaboration that has been in the making for some time now. side aa1 presents a unique sound in its vibe. kind of a minimal track. the french discussion/vocal in the background adds another dimension. you don t need to speak the language to understand what s going on. but you must wonder at some point: do i understand french or is it the music that made me understand them? an -organ- sound intervenes towards the end bringing power and light to the hall. it s eleven minutes of pure music! while -aa- is composed of two different remixes of a different track. -berlin nights in paris- it can probably be called the house anthem. it starts strong with some acid sound and is filled with a lot of wonderful elements. like a gourmet meal. you wonder if the track shouldn t have been at least three times longer to satisfy the gluttony of the listen. the techno remixes of the track. it s a perfect example of detroit meets house. techno track can. with no doubt. feed and drive the dance floor. no need for more than five words to describe it – it s a serious techno track.
Balance Promo
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12" Vinyl US 06.07.18
balance records is happy to release -paul cut- while no stranger to the french scene paul is one of the up and coming dj/producers out of paris. this release finds it roots in jazz (chicago /paris?). a1 starts with some heavy beats. which later combined with the other elements can bring the madness to any dance floor. side . a2 brings another kind of madness which shakes you from inside like heated particles with its jazzy vibes. b2 heats you in a subtly way. when you expecting it the least with background sounds inspired from jazz. and once they suck you in you start to be driven by them. like being stuck in the waves. b1 will draw anyone inner energy with its piano. it s a great track to lead to the end of the night or even closing. for the love birds and the loners on the dance floor. b2 heats you in a subtly way when you expecting it the least with background sounds borrowed from jazz. and once they suck you in you start to be driven by them. like being stuck in the waves.
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12" Vinyl NL 04.07.18
those with an internet connection may be familiar with paolo di nicolantonio through his incredible youtube channel. synthmania. his channel is hub showcasing his endless arsenal of synths and drum machines from his home studio in italy. unlike his italo-heavy channel. this record consists of two original tracks. one old-school deep house number and an additional beatless juno-60 jam to boot. craigie knowes also welcome their first remixer to the label. the impeccable uk deep techno producer. john shima.
Craigie Knowes
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12" Vinyl D 06.07.18
violet-the color of royalty and majesty. of dreamy and calming consciousness…here translated to a spirited collection of absolute music drivetrain (detroit. usa) – “breathe” derrick thompson engineers another captivating late night soul-bender. a commanding filtered bass groove. dominates melodic chord progressions with accentuating dynamic percussion and spicy vocal support mattimoe-perrine (toledo. usa) – “llucid” nathan mattimoe and todd perrine return with a composition of charismatic rhythm intelligence. as the journey builds. the elements become more intense. evolving to a vocal crescendo of synthesized deepness trecci (paris. france) – “sagami” soiree proudly welcomes trecci and his tribal inspired floor filler. drum manipulation integrates with vocal energy to ultimately dissolve in a hypnotic. quintessential string refrain funtom (zagreb. croatia) – “french connection” another newcomer to soiree. funtom musically animates the essence of high-tech sensuality. an alluring female voice subconsciously unveils a bed of infactuating pads. stabs and inflections
Soiree Records International
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12" Vinyl UK 03.07.18
marquis hawkes is an alter ego adopted by long time electronic music producer mark hawkins. founded for his house music focussed activities. hawkins decided it was time for a reboot after being head-hunted by old friends dan monox and kenny wasp. who had just founded dixon avenue basement jams in 2012. particularly as the material differed from what hed previously released.
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12" Vinyl D 02.07.18
rerelease !! the t.e.n.s label is a home for noted and unknown producers alike to work freely. removing any prior associations. using only pseudonyms.
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12" Vinyl FR 29.06.18
detroit legend alton miller joins again neroli after his first release from a couple of years back. the music institute resident teamed up with neroli to pick up a selection from his vast catalogue as well as new songs or never released versions. deep. soulful and beautiful...
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12" Vinyl UK 27.06.18
vinyl only w/ mike huckaby remix. jorge caiado’s new “cycles” ep. offers 3 strong versions of title theme plus a remix by detroit legend mike huckaby. a house/techno manifesto that takes his artistic vision one step further. placing him as a cutting edge producer internationally supported by the likes of move d and others. from lisbon via detroit. “cycles” will make any worldwide dancefloor take a peak. so grab it. play it and check the results.
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12" Vinyl D 29.06.18
the saver flex ep offers up no less than four seriously catchy house jams. blue shoe kicks off the proceedings with some funked up percussion. which immediately shows that kolja s background as a drummer has taught him a thing or two about groove. a looping organ lick. some little shouts in the background. big stabs and a massive kick drum push the track forward. cleverly arranged breakdowns allow for a couple of breathers to keep the party action going throughout. moving on to lax wax . we ease up a little with a lighter beat on top of which filtered piano chords. a live bass and just a touch of guitar set the perfect mood for an organ solo that simply oozes summer vibes. buggel runter rutschen keeps the mood nice and sunny while adding more punch with snappy kicks and snares – a hugely danceable foundation for these guys to show us what is so great about 70s and 80s disco and funk that these styles are amongst their biggest influences. you had better ask a german what kagghaufen means. we don t want to put you off your dinner. we hope it will be just as tasty as this track is with its pounding. straight beat. which is counterpointed by bouncy congas. funky vocal cuts. beautiful pads and healthy dose of squelchy acid for good measure. all of this is effortlessly combined to round off the ep in style.
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12" Vinyl UK 26.06.18
casey tucker is on a roll at the moment. and his infectious brand of uplifting. full-fat machine soul seems to have struck a chord in many places (not least via his reissues on for those that knoe). after appearing on love notes back in 2015. tuckers back on the label with another salvo of colourful. charming and utterly magnificent house jams shot through with the inventive programming of techno. alternative faction is many things a bubbly acid track. a swooning deep house cut and a sassy broken beat affair and yet feels utterly smooth in its execution. that time of year has plenty of motor city soul feeding into its composition. not least in the gorgeous synth strings. and new mission gets busy in the swing with all kinds of bouncing melodies and rhythms.
Love Notes
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12" Vinyl UK 21.06.18
ahead of the release of honey dijons upcoming remix album xtra. maurice fulton. ashley beedle. derrick carter and horse meat disco step up to remix records from honeys debut full-length work‘the best of both worlds. on the a-side is honey dijon featuring joi cardwell state of confusion. maurice fulton giving it a new jersey-esque lilt and allowing jois voice to resonate. next up ashley beedle ups the tempo and the energy on his mix of burn. honeys collaboration with tim k featuring jason walker. derrick carter cranks the pressure on catch the beat. crunching out the bassline for an extended industrial backdrop to cakes da killas rap vocals. in stark contrast. the final b-side is a horse meat disco mix of honey and tim ks cover of aquarian dream. look ahead featuring the voice of sam sparro. with all the warmth of a sunny afternoon in the city. the london collective funk the cover all the way up. adding horn blasts for more of a house strut. giving a glimpse of whats to come from the full-length xtra. this is the ultimate vinyl fix from honey and friends to tide you over.
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F.M.E. HUSTLE (2X12)
12" Vinyl D 18.06.18
next up is berlin s christopher rau with his -f.m.e. hustle- long player. the long time firm favourite delivers 11 tracks full of hiss and soul. from driven dub techno to cool house and ambient excursions rau travels far without loosing the interrelation.

analogue club fire coming straight at you in form of a full cover double 12 inch. designed by rahel süßkind. including as special insert.
united people.

Money $ex Records
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12" Vinyl D 11.06.18
dubbed by igloo magazine as the -romanian detroit electro/techno pioneer- and by the late aaron carl as -the romanian underground resistance himself-. andrew red hand from romania s spiritual capital of lasi stands up as an unwavering militant of the underground. a true detroit spirit possessed as romanian humanoid! from his early gigs throwing parties as one of the first generation djs in lasi since 1997. arh continues to break boundaries as part of the romanian resistance scene and numerous time portals as they open around europe. his blistering. mind-bending sets such as at berlin s tresor and griessmuehle see the dj with the red hand fuse pure detroit electro and techno with the sounds of techno-bass. raw chicago acid house. classics and futuristic beats. his mixes for radio ur (underground resistance) and the grid (detroit techno militia) remain some of the best frequency transmissions to surface to air. armed with a soviet union reel to reel majak 203. his scorching raw analogue and searing acid productions have been picked up by foundational detroit labels such as twilight 76. matrix. detroit underground. databass. detroit techno militia. cratesavers intl. visillusion as well as around the world from holland s iconic m>o>s recordings to 1Ø pills mate (lobster theremin). bass agenda and land of dance. on his remix list includes work for scan 7. santonio echois. thomas barnett. sean deason. niko marks. six foe. t.linder and more while support from anthony shake shakir. dj bone. dave clarke. dj godfather has been garnered for our sonic warrior... beware of the red hand!
Chiwax Ltd
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12" Vinyl UK 30.11.17
adryiano&#8203. &#8203.returns&#8203. & &#8203.shall&#8203. &#8203.not&#8203. &#8203.fade&#8203. &#8203.with&#8203. &#8203.the&#8203. &#8203.infectious&#8203. &#8203.- nite&#8203. & &#8203.ep -. adryiano&#8203. &#8203.richter&#8203. &#8203.follows&#8203. &#8203.up&#8203. &#8203.his&#8203. &#8203.initial&#8203. &#8203.output&#8203. &#8203.on&#8203. &#8203.snf&#8203. &#8203.with&#8203. &#8203.four&#8203. &#8203.thumping.&#8203. & &#8203.friendly&#8203. &#8203.tracks. the&#8203. &#8203.four&#8203. &#8203.track&#8203. &#8203.ep&#8203. &#8203.features&#8203. &#8203.a&#8203. &#8203.mixture&#8203. &#8203.of&#8203. & &#8203.floor&#8203. &#8203.orientated&#8203. & &#8203.jams.&#8203. &#8203.showcasing&#8203. &#8203.adryianos&#8203. &#8203.versatile&#8203. &#8203.sound
Shall Not Fade
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12" Vinyl US 07.06.18
the collective rhythm network (hamilton. canada). is a weekly radio show that focuses on underground dance music past and present. this ep was produced in celebration of the radio shows 20th anniversary. featuring tracks by detroits rick wilhite. ron allen and terrence parker !
CRN 001
Collective Rhythm Network
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12" Vinyl UK 08.06.18
k15 returns to wotnot after more killer releases on eglo & wild oats. a collaboration with henry wu. and remixes for nubya garcia. colm k (on tiffs joints) and wotnot s own william florelle. not to mention the beautiful record earlier this year under his culross close alias. we re all creative but somehow. being creative has become a class within itself. often defined and measured by the whims of popular culture and monetary gain. which leads us to devalue what we create if we are not successful by those metrics. we are all creative. we all use our experience. talent and feeling to shape and we should be glad we create anything. this ep holds onto this mantra tightly throughout. reflecting both the meditative and joyful effects of unimpeded creativity. the title track begins with k15s signature introspection. deep washes of jazz-inflected textures before exploding into a rapturous syncopated synth groove. b1 communion explores the spiritual angle with a devotional piano cadence over bouncing drum pattern. with interlocking bass and synth rhythms adding to the hypnotic mood. wrapping up the release is a warm. deep-soak hip hop instrumental titled you re alive (theres still time). a message to self but also a beacon of hope to those who have maybe not created as much as they would have liked. or have strayed from the path the intended to take.
Wotnot Music
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coloured 7" Vinyl ES 07.06.18
super limited john shima 7- on juicy green wax from exalt. only 50 copies of this so be fast!
Exalt Records
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3x12" Vinyl D 01.06.18
futre house classic auf 3x12inch .. danke edward ...
* set u free- embodying a vocal sample from the master recording -set you free- by planet soul . courtesy of bmg rights managament (uk) ltd
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12" Vinyl NL 31.05.18
roy davis. jr. s undaground therapy muzik label relaunches after almost 20 years with al zanders guidance ep. al zanders approach to his first ep of 2018 is as precise as it is whimsical. featuring 4 tracks showing zanders sheer versatile when it comes to making music. opened by piano-percussion track martha s revenge which is made so clearly for dance floors. followed by television. a chance for a closed- eyes boogie be it on a dance floor in the middle of a set. or on the sofa at home. on the b-side. likes for cash s comedic title is met in contrast with a piercing synth top-line and stripped back drums. with just enough of a bassline to sit in-between the drums and synths. closing the ep is guidance. a reflective and a chance for the ep to close as well as it would close a dance floor when the lights come on at the end of the night.
Undaground Therapy Muzik
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12" Vinyl NL 01.06.18
next up on late night burners we have four warm cuts by roman coskun. with the -feels like forever ep- he showcases his own personal brand of wayward. but elegant deep house.
the title track is deep. but very functional. and clearly built on the underpinnings of classic deep house. while remaining fresh at the same time. then it s time for -sunwards-. blending acidic dreaminess with a lock-tight groove. on the b1. -steps- reminds us of mediterranean summers. with its warm pads and floaty steel drums. and finally. on -tales from the reef- the gifted 92 spacedrum orchestra joins in for a raw. yet delicate late-night club joint.
Late Night Burners
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2x12" Vinyl NL 01.06.18
de lichting is a brand new collaborative project between three key underground labels from amsterdam namely yield records. native response and working titles. all with their own successful solo projects and well established in what they do. the collaboration is -a coming of age story narrated by a bunch of music heads from the same city.- it is a project that sees seven self-confessed music nerds putting their diy ideals front and centre and coming together to self-release these 13 new and exciting tracks.
De Lichting
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12" Vinyl UK 30.05.18
mike huckaby. bergqvist. dj sports. raam and lns remix ‘deep soundscapes’. takecha’s album recently released on sweden’s love potion. released in march. the album incorporates takeshi fukushima’s work between 1990 to 2013 and affirms why the producer is such a respected figure within japan’s electronic music scene. now his compositions have been remixed by some of house music’s best. featuring renditions from detroit’s mike huckaby. aniara’s henrik bergqvist. the elusive raam. firecracker and regelbau’s dj sports. as well as wania and freakout cult’s lns. mike huckaby inaugurates the release with his sultry take on ‘low sentiment’. blending deep synths with murmuring vocals to forge a proper deep house cut. bergqvist then remixes ‘rhodes deep’ creating a bouncy minimal cut incorporating the original’s scintillating melody alongside meandering percussion and twisted effects. making way into dj sports’ remix of ‘gradual atmosphere’ with its intricate breakbeat drums and dreamlike atmospherics. raam then reinvents ‘calm imagination’ taking it into subterranean territories complete with infectious keys. until lns ties it all together with her mesmerising beatless reimagining of ‘factory 141’.
Love Potion
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10.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl ES 20.07.18
shadows lengthen. the nights heat up. and flexi throws down the new piada vibes. like any italian dish the ingredients are simple and effective (let s say piadina romagnola)!
Flexi Cuts
in stock
12.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 22.05.18
fragrant harbour once again dig out a cult gem from the seemingly endless vaults of 90s dance music. picking up on a rare and precious gem from a seminal laurent garnier mix and giving it the remaster and reissue it deserves. the artists responsible. broccoli brothers vs righteous men. hailed from germany and were trying to emulate mike dunn. -catch it (calm manoeuvre)- is a spaced out deep house track with all the gritty impact of a classic jam. while -catch it (jam)- gets decidedly rowdy with its hefty kick. jacked up swing and wonky bassline. on the b side -ruhrschnellweg (last exit stahlhausen mix)- brings a little detroit flavour into the mix with spectacular. uplifting results.
FGHB 005
Fragrant Harbour
Last Copy!
11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl () D 14.05.18
cinthie is best known for her imprint beste modus. for ground service cinthie delivers two strong floor bangers that will fulfill your needs on setting your crowd on fire. zky of cab drivers remixed both of the tracks. his interpretations with additional sounds and basslines give them a more jacidish twist.
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 16.05.18
esteban adame cut his teeth djing at the ditch parties and house parties of east la in the 90s. he then moved to detroit to apprentice with mad mike banks. performing as part of los hermanos and galaxy to galaxy. more than twenty years on. he still lives and breathes music. this is his debut record for mister saturday night records. raw and joyful.
Mister Saturday Night
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 16.05.18
dj koyote and too smooth christ team up to release on some party tunes. a 3-track ep of collaborative and spontaneous jams. willing to produce coupe-decale-inspired tracks with old analogue gear. they crafted at the end an hybrid sound mixture. somewhere between south african house. grime and uk funky. on error : does not computer. a tr606 meets swirling arpeggios spiced with crystal riffs. a sneaky bass line provides an even more swaying groove to the track. on strike (on-a-string mix). a straight-out-of-pretoria riff meets a strong and conquering string stab on top of a really dry and thumping beat. modern action is the most introspective track of the ep. with an m1 pattern flipped upside-down and hazy cymbals rythms.
Supergenius Records
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 11.05.18
on this joint ep with reggie dokes. gari explores the world of deepness without hesitation. he takes us on an intergalactic mind trip. while keeping it true to the dancefloor. on the a side is reggie dokes. who gives us deep house. then without shame moves us into that detroit style of techno. cultivated by the motor city. mr. dokes likes to walk in both worlds of house and techno. and not confine himself to one particular genre. this ep is the perfect marriage of two creative producers. who bring excitement and inspiration to the dancefloor.
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 14.05.18
georgian producer hamatsuki appeared on gasp last year with the uncertain loops cassette release. but makes his vinyl debut on this damn fine 12- for the recently minted sensu label. -remember- is a rich. undulating swirl of deep house laden with melancholic pads. while -rett- sports a sunnier tone for its own arsenal of soft. rounded synth tones. dj sports comes on board for a remix of -rett- that plays with said synths and creates springy. computer jazz melodic threads out of them. -inexplainable inner sadness- completes the set with another trip into warm. chicago-indebted house tones for the introspective dancer.
Sensu 002
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 03.05.18
ltd full cover edition! professor inc on night drive music. amazing 4 tracker with the spirit of the good old times. 4 classic tunes with raw and authentic analog vibes of professor inc. there is nothing more to say about this record. its a masterpiece! 180 gramm vinyl.
Night Drive Music
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 19.10.17
the finnish dumpster raider is back with three loud. old school jams.
Ride The Gyroscope
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10.89 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 02.05.18
collaborating with producers cassy holds in high regard is the modus operandi of her newly launched label. kwench records. powered by the finesse of us veteran pete moss. the fourth ep dips the imprint into a slicker. more sensual side to house music. and adding fire to the flame is the legendary ron trent. who completes the release with a scorching ten-minute remix. cassy launched kwench records with a burning appetite to create house music with esteemed producers whose careers could be defined by their eagerness to experiment. with her championing moss’s and trent’s productions for years. she approached the fourth release confident that their collaborative material would be dynamite. cassy. among hundreds of her peers in the dance music sphere. has been an ardent admirer of chicago house hero ron trent for years. with a huge back catalogue dating back to 1990 its safe to say he holds a special place within dance music.
Kwench Records
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10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 27.04.18
here is anothers second release. a 3 tracks ep from chicagos iconic house producer rick wade. who has reinvented himself in the recent years. this is quite obvious on this record which oscillates between old school and modernity. especially with the track be the one on b2. a futuristic deep house anthem. rick fans wont be disappointed ! dont sleep on this one. vinyl only !
Last Copy!
9.45 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 20.04.18
john daly is without a doubt one of the most influential artists of deep dub-house. the irish man s music has an unique and truly original trademark sound. with these two tracks he proves once again his exceptional quality and makes no secret about his influence. real chicago and detroit house in a fresh and timeless outfit with his special twist. already championed in sets by great djs such as laurent garnier and antal to name just a few.
Drumpoet Community
in stock
8.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 22.01.18
oh so you thought that was it with relo1? -funny idea but we wont ever hear from those goofy guys again.- you were so wrong. we spent 7 months in the studio and pulled another 3 pointer out of the hat with a bat. relo2 is here from the rebound lounge label and production project brought to you by dj dog(aka dj fett burger) & double dancer.
Rebound Lounge
in stock
8.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 09.02.18
reissue des legendären dritten peacefrog-albums des detroiter house-produzenten kenny dixon jr. aka moodymann von 2003. -silence in the secret garden- ist ein persönlicher und spiritueller trip in das herz und die seele der black music. vom düsteren minimalismus des titeltracks bis zum unwiderstehlichen funk von -yesterday s party-. dieser klassiker weiß auch 15 jahre nach seiner erstveröffentlichung weiterhin zu überraschen und zu inspirieren.

also available as:
CD (EUR 16.99)
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28.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 13.04.18
by day he guides lasers into position using precision equipment. at night he crafts raw house music. welcome to the unusual world of reflection port assembly. we got to know one another through a few brief. slurred encounters in the smoking area during the fabled forza italo night or at the aptly named gary’s gang. pretty soon it was clear that he had impeccable taste. like that record that featured coil and ice t. one sunny friday afternoon in june. he tore himself away from guiding the lasers and we met up in the city centre. the light breeze did nothing to dissuade the office workers from gathering outside the pub for sneaky post-work pints. surrounded a sea of grey and blue business attire. we agreed to make ‘retribution’ the second release on first cut. featuring three cuts. it spans house. electro. boogie and even some detroit techno influences. but ’retribution’ is more than the sum of these parts. unlike his precision-based day job it’s rough and imperfect. flawed but warm. messy and charming - like a snapshot of every day life in dublin.
First Cut
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11.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 13.04.18
roots underground records presents the 4th ace release signed by marcello napoletano who’s back in the guise of anthony parasaula. the gifted mind of the italian producer has been digging through visceral. rough. genuine or physically concrete meanderings of the underground electronic culture while sublimating the sound by his peculiar treatments to drive it to a certain diverse sophistication.
Roots Underground Records
in stock
11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 05.04.18
last edition from the nature boy re-issue series. you know the score: five pumpin club tunes in that typical nature boy style. out with a bang!
Frame Of Mind
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 30.03.18
phonogramme is happy to welcome neuronphase from lithuania to the family. beautiful deep house release. fully completed by a remix from detroiter. patrice scott !! (sistrum recordings).
in stock
10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 30.03.18
alex handley (auto sound city) and nigel rogers (perseus traxx) catch up on a regular basis to casually jam out on various machines in a kippax basement. then edit. twist and re-jam them in a york flat. housed in a white paper sleeve. this is a fantastic example of beautifully handcrafted yorkshire electronics. with a distinctively raw and rustic feel. the label. screen printed on a kitchen table. is a reflection of the punk ethic of the duo just doing as they please to please themselves. 100% handcrafted yorkshire honesty. limited to 200 copies!
Northern Powerhouse
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11.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 28.03.18
loss of gravity teamed up once again to deliver a new deeper futuristic journey.
Cosmic Rhythm
in stock
9.99 EUR *
7" Vinyl US 22.03.18
wild oats proudly presents a new 7 inch from kyle hall entitled ‘eutrophia sevan’. this projwild oats proudly presents a new 7 inch from kyle hall entitled ‘eutrophia sevan’. this project is an ode to the earth and its plant based life forms that give us sustenance. nurturing. and knowledge through its cultivation. observation. and consumption.
Wild Oats
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14.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 30.11.17
90toes house tracks at his best.. all tracks recorded in 1992
Frame Of Mind
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10.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 21.03.18
cosmic garden (from cosmic rhythm fame...) new on our royal oak series. 4 tracks of smooth bleepy house that only italians do right. deep. timeless. all analog produced tracks for that pleasure moment.
Clone Royal Oak
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 20.03.18
deep house sounds from a longtime fixture&#8203. in the the detroit house scene (his earliest&#8203. records date back to the late 90s). about time&#8203. lets play house taps into the root of it all for an ep. five&#8203. seriously deep and&#8203. soulful cuts that are as tightly arranged&#8203. as they&#8203. are intuitive loose elastic clearly the product of a&#8203. well-seasoned studio.
Lets Play House White
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10.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 19.03.18
12inch new own label by leonid nevermind! leonid nevermind is back with a new sophisticated detroit house ep. 4 groovy soulful tracks with storytelling titles. hazy vocal elements. slapping funky basslines and bluesy piano patterns enswathing with mysterious chords and thrilling lucid melodies.
Bivouac Sound
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10.65 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 09.05.18
what he always searching for in making music. he defined in his debut ep: simple ideas crafted on point.
in stock
9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 12.03.18
ltd repress 2018 --- first split ep on d.ko records. 2 tracks from paul cut & 2 tracks from lb aka labat. the two young french producers deliver 4 powerfull house track going through french touch vibe and detroit atmospheric house music. a must buy ep.
D.KO Records
in stock
11.49 EUR *
8x12" Vinyl (180g / co AK 08.03.18
final installment of kris wadsworth very own label - strong limited black box of the amazing uranus series - kw777 is exclusive in this box - we have only a handful of this very rare boxes - 8x180g vinyl - black / white marbled vinyl - each record with another shade - handstamped - very unique printed black banderole - shrinked - vinyl only!
in stock
69.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl D 07.03.18
fantastic deep house / detroit house mit collaborationen wie mit artists wie santonio. denzio. mike anderson...
in stock
20.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 05.03.18
detroits norm talley kicks off new south london based vinyl only label out the box. hot off the heels of his critically acclaimed debut album >norm-a-lize< on omar s fxhe records.
Out The Box
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 07.03.18
cosmic rhythm label head delivers another beauty with his classic signature. prescription s regular trinidadian deep to supply his personal vision.
Cosmic Rhythm
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12" Vinyl BE 02.03.18
repress 2018 ... originally released in summer 2001. now remastered and cut by the award-winning matt colton of alchemy mastering.
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 26.02.18
we are blessed with another 12- from marcellus pittman s unirhythm records. true to pittman s genre free approach to music - on this record we hear sounds from the ethereal to the creepy. from the dirty to the deep!
Last Copy!
15.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 22.02.18
well respected galaxy 2 galaxy member esteban adame appears on dolly with 3 strong. true and soulful detroit house groovers supported by a los hermanos remix in full effect. strong package for all underground resistance lovers!!!
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 22.02.18
cfcf has swooned many with his heart breaking acoustic arrangements and mallet saturated arpeggios. it s about time the grammy nominated artist returns to the dance floor with self service.
Sounds Of Beaubien Ouest
in stock
10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 19.02.18
the ep contains two solo tunes and one made in collaboration with jovia armstrong. keith beber. carolyn ferrari and craig huckaby. it’s parrish’s first release since last year’s gentrified love part 3. made with amp fiddler and ideeyah.
Sound Signature
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13.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 19.02.18
repress 2018 ... here comes the sun and with the sun comes love! he outdoor season is on the run and smallville records present another adventure into sweetest house music. >twentyfour ways< presents four beautiful sunset tracks by the benjamin brunn. christopher rau and smallpeople and special guests c-beams aka break sl & sandrow mitzschke from dresden. enjoy the essence of deephouse combined on one 12inch and get your soundsystem ready for the next barbecue
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 16.02.18
drivetrain (detroit. usa) – -one love- ...we begin with derrick thompson s techno/house fusion of melodic stabs gliding over the effortless motion of a thunderous bass line. cemented by a magnetic vocal chant dj roach (detroit. usa) – -the heads- to soiree. the detroit hometown veteran introduces an aggressive labor of dirty. high-tech mechanics. with an endless campaign of twisted frequency assaults rennie foster (vancouver. canada) – -infrastructure- ...electronic pulses penetrate from the start paving the way for a high voltage excursion through peaks and valleys of a relentless robotic tribute to detroit nicolas franken (liege. belgium) – -pied bot- ... atmospheric in cadence. this deep-tech debut cycles from harmonic euphoria to a dark percussive ensemble. orbiting in a balanced rhythm symmetry
Soiree Records International
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10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 16.02.18
raw. soulful and agitating: glenn astro. the humble house sorcerer from berlin. produced four tunes and a sweet interlude for mule musiq that point out: house music is still heading for the future.
Mule Musiq 222
Mule Musiq
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2x12" Vinyl NL 08.02.18
kalahari oyster cult presents the reissue of sought-after kwaito album singapore by mpumi. originally released in 1995 on kariba records. this album has been in the crosshairs of collectors for a long time. all tracks from the original lp were restored and pressed over 2lp for your listening pleasure. kwaito fans. your attention please: this lp was crafted and mixed by the pioneer producer arthur mafokate. comes with a gerd edit. for these club situations.
Kalahari Oyster Cult
in stock
24.50 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 05.02.18
terrence parker presents real love ep. this classic release never came out officially! only some limited white label copies were done thru serious grooves in 1994. as a bonus. terrence also included here an new version of -real love-. don t sleep on this!
Intangible Records and Soundworks
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10.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 07.02.18
after a five-year hiatus. tartelet mainstay james braun returns with the ep tearjerker. announcing his debut album for 2018. jb (james braun) has been part of the label since its conception in 2007 and has contributed immensely to its development. over the years. his sound has continuously morphed – from cheeky tech house. to emotional detroit-inspired house escapades – always reflecting his originality and worthy musicianship. the tearjerker ep is a testament to jb s musical journey. rooted in classic u.s. house and techno. the ep delivers elaborate melodies not found in earlier productions. the tracks were all produced at the newly opened panalama studio in copenhagen. which jb runs alongside lasse walentin.
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10.95 EUR
80% Discount
12" Vinyl FR 02.02.18
official redition by phil weeks & didier allyne on bpm classic done by alton miller 1996. for deep house fan like prescription release.
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 30.01.18
classy house bangers resurrected from dat. volume one of four. you ll never guess who !
Last Copy!
11.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 29.01.18
rawax proudly welcomes mr. santonio echols aka dj tone to the family! the man from detroit presents his release from 1992 which originally came out on vicious music on our motor city edition vol. 8. this remastered classic will be available on vinyl only!
Rawax Motor City Edition
Last Copy!
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 29.01.18
andy vaz returns on chiwax with -zwei im tee- ep. it s almost the 3rd release for the yore mastermind. for us the best release from andy so far & we think not the end of the story
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 23.01.18
charmin records has long been a formidable outlet for considered house tones. and on their latest v/a. the german label reminds us in emphatic fashion just what they’re capable of.
in stock
10.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 09.01.18
contemporary producer e. myers has self released four limited edition white label 12?s since 2015. whilst managing to remain low profile. whoever they are. we guess they?re huge fans of late 1980s chicago house. shep pettibone. colourbox and most of our reissues. so much that they asked us to re-release their second 12? ?hate / love? from 2016 backed with new remix of ?hate? made for dark entries. ?love? kicks off the a-side ?beats out a wood-cut tattoo of tuff drums rubbed with balloon-squeak synths to sound like gesloten cirkel meets helena hauff.? said boomkat. ?hate? is a dreamy house number that ultilzes a roland tr-707 drum machine with a rounded bassline. horns and strings that lift it into the stratosphere. for the new remix of ?hate? myers subtly shifts the pace and deepens the groove. stretching out the song to over 7 minutes of dubbed out new beat phantasia. all songs have been remastered for vinyl by george horn at fantasy studios in berkeley. the 12? is housed in a die cut disco jacket that features an original design by eloise leigh.
Dark Entries
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12" Vinyl D 22.01.18
already supported by kai alce. the revenge. sascha dive. jacques renault. thony (frank & thony). baaz. life recorder. anaxander. eric cloutier. fred berthet. lootbeg. schubert. relatif yann. did virgo. dub striker.. --- modelisme is back with a 3 pure deep raw house tracks ep. singularly cooked by gari romalis. brilliant producer from detroit. gari loves house music. whatever if that sounds deep. raw. vocals. no vocals. drummy. techy. hypno. disco. dub. friendly or unfriendly.. the only point is that must get groove. and gari romalis drives groove. he makes always his tracks as one shot based on. seeking always for right balance. sensible deepness and holding tension. we use to see him on great and famous labels like warm tapes adjustment. isgud. housewax. rawax. bosconi or dockside. developing each time slight different moods and directions. for that occasion. he delivers « mechanic ep » on modelisme. sounding trippy. housy . dubby and solid!
in stock
10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 11.12.17
another must have and sought after moodymann release available for the first time since its initial release in 2001. the telephone ep was the third in the limited forevernevermore 12” series following don’t you want my love and in my wagon. the a side is a remake of the title track from forevernevermore and in classic moodymann style the original is presented in a different context. combining all the essential elements of the initial groove and adding a variety of new sounds and effects. we are offered a totally fresh take on this stone cold moodymann classic. on the b side the telephone is a funked up slightly retro jazz inspired groove incorporating complex drum programming and chilled keys which hints at the direction moodymann was to take his productions in on his later albums silence in the secret garden and black mahogani ii
in stock
12.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 10.01.18
titled your hit making papa. the two-track 12-inch will be the detroit artist s second solo release of 2017. following january s hit it bubba. (since then he s also put out collaborative records with nite jewel and young seth. aka seth troxler.) the new ep lands on december 15th.
FXHE Records
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13.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 13.12.17
ltd 2018 repress !! all served with pleasure. vinyl only! tommy vicari jnr brings us a great 4 tracker ep. side a with flavoured house tunes. side b with tech-house monsters.
Eclipser Chaser
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 05.01.18
first up on the fresh amsterdam-based label late night burners is kurley s debut -feelings ep-. for this young and very talented musician anything goes. as long as it s unique. warm. rhythmic. and raw. and this five tracker perfectly showcases this ethos. from the uplifting. acid-driven title track. we dive straight into -heartbeat-. taking us a level deeper. on the b-side kurley starts off with the stabby. slightly melancholic -long time- while never losing the floor out of sight. preparing us for the vocoder-infused killer -groove all night-. closing off the ep is -tribute-. bringing a more exotic type of heat. in short: a lot to love.
Late Night Burners
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 13.12.17
techno heavyweight santonio echols (reese & santonio) returns on d-records with the detroit bounce ep. “faces” is a showcase of vicious grooves while “the poem” features deep spoken word. the classic “bounce your body to the box” is remixed by project 01 & “valentine” goes into deeper territories.
Last Copy!
13.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 27.12.17
10th official release. we welcome unseen. a newcomer already involved in a lot of great projects. straight from detroit. a two-tracks killah ep between house and techno. on 12 inches. 500 copies only.
Dockside Records
in stock
11.19 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 02.01.18
limited copies (1 per customer). vinyl 2 of 6 taken from the box
RH RSS 020-2
Rush Hour
in stock
12.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 02.01.18
limited copies (1 per customer). vinyl 4 of 6 taken from the box
RH RSS 020-4
Rush Hour
in stock
12.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 13.06.16
we have had our eyes on obas nenor for a while and after his disco-meets-detroit affair on mahogani. and some great releases on his newly started own label nenorian music and sol power. were happy to share his work for heist with you.
Last Copy!
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