Solange Borges - BOM DIA UNIVERSO

Solange Borges



Fatiado Discos / FD017 / 00149177

Front View : Solange Borges - BOM DIA UNIVERSO (LP) - Fatiado Discos / FD017 / 00149177
Back View : Solange Borges - BOM DIA UNIVERSO (LP) - Fatiado Discos / FD017 / 00149177

Reissue of the 1984 album from Brazilian singer and musician Solange Borges.

"Solange Borges - Bom Dia Universo" album was originally released in 1984 and it's considered a true gem of Brazilian tropicalia. The album was made under the influence of Solange's passion for The Beatles and Elis Regina, and also encouraged by her friend Milton Nascimento to express herself without fear. Solange, who was 30 at the time of this recording, had already made herself a name as singer, composer and instrumentalist. She had joined her brother Lô Borges in the making of some of his most successful albums, including "Clube Da Esquina". This 2021 reissue contains the original 1984 insert with lyrics plus photos from her personal archives. - Details: Solange Borges is a singer, composer, and instrumentalist, born May 1st of 1954, in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais state, Brazil. Member of the family of musicians "Borges", Solange started playing guitar and piano and got to know the poetic universe with her brothers Marilton, Márcio and Lô Borges. Born in a family of 11 brothers, she is the only female of the family to become musician and initiated her career as a child performing several commercial jingles for radio and tv ads. Solange Borges is the only female musician member of the collective group "Clube da Esquina" and participated in the album "Os Borges" in 1980, also in the album "Via Láctea", by brother Lô Borges, singing the songs "Vento de Maio" and "Clube da Esquina 2", having released her first LP "Bom Dia Universo" in 1984. Bom Dia Universo album songs also range from rock to progressive rock, were as Solange Borges group shows it's instrumental and composition abilities of Nico, Telo and Yê Borges, Tito Andrade, Ronaldo Venturini, Fernando Moura, Marcelo Sarkis, Silvio Nélio and Gerdson Mourao, also responsible for music direction. [info sheet from distr.]
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