Black Sabbath


5x12" box

BMG / 405053867723

Front View : Black Sabbath - TECHNICAL ECSTASY (DELUXE 5LP BOX) - BMG / 405053867723
Back View : Black Sabbath - TECHNICAL ECSTASY (DELUXE 5LP BOX) - BMG / 405053867723
A1: Back Street Kids
A2: You Wont Change Me
A3: Its Alright
A4: Gypsy
B1: All Moving Parts (stand Still)
B2: Rock N Roll Doctor
B3: Shes Gone
B4: Dirty Women
C1: Back Street Kids (Steven Wilson Mix)
C2: You Wont Change Me (Steven Wilson Mix)
C3: Its Alright (Mono Version)
C4: Gypsy (Steven Wilson Mix)
D1: All Moving Parts (Stand Still)
D2: Rock N Roll Doctor (Steven Wilson Mix)
D3: Shes Gone (Steven Wilson Mix)
D4: Dirty Women (Steven Wilson Mix)
E1: Back Street Kids (Alternative Mix)
E2: You Wont Change Me (Alternative Mix)
E3: Gypsy (Alternative Mix)
E4: All Moving Parts (Stand Still) (Alternative Mix)
F1: Rock N Roll Doctor (Alternative Mix)
F2: Shes Gone (Outtake Version)
F3: Dirty Women (Alternative Mix)
F4: Shes Gone (Instrumental Mix)
G1: Symptom Of The Universe
G2: War Pigs
G3: Gypsy
H1: Black Sabbath
H2: All Moving Parts (Stand Still)
I1: Dirty Women
I2: Drum Solo / Guitar Solo
J1: Electric Funeral
J2: Snowblind
J3: Children Of The Grave

Super deluxe edition 5LP box set. Contains the remastered original album, 2 LPs of new mixes and alternative versions plus 2 LPs of live concert recordings from the 1976-77 world tour. Also includes a replica world tour concert book, 40-page book with photos, artwork and liner notes plus colour poster.

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