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Imbue / IMB006

Front View : Imbue - BLOOM (180G VINYL) - Imbue / IMB006
Back View : Imbue - BLOOM (180G VINYL) - Imbue / IMB006

Imbue take us on a transcendental journey.

Fast becoming America's most auspicious triumvirate of minimal electronic music interpreters, Imbue's sixth enactment on their self-titled imprint, provides a diverse assemblage of sonic deities, which are destined to gratify the ears of both discernible crate diggers and avid ravers alike.

Enriched with enchanting soundscapes that embody the essence of seasonal fulfillment that can only be associated with the Spring bloom, Imbue dig-deep into their musical repertoire to deliver a comprehensive septenary compilation.

The A-side immediately transcends you on an atmospheric, cosmic journey, underpinned by Imbue's signature acoustic sound - a superimposition of live electric guitar and analog synthesizers. As the journey progresses, ubiquitous rolling percussion seamlessly intertwines with discrete fragments of synthetic grooves, evoking an innate sense of serenity.

The B-side continues to enthrall the listener with yet more seismic grooves, conjuring a rhetoric of warm, alfresco beach vibes, synonymous with Imbue's native origins, in Miami, Florida.

A thoroughly consistent and uncompromising selection of entangled rhythms, scales and timbres, Bloom provides a palatable soundtrack, full of joie de vivre. And, as its wonderfully beautiful cover intimates, the record should arrive just in time for summer, and the reopening of our hallowed dance floors. [info sheet from distr.]
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