Alostmen - KOLOGO



12" Vinyl D

Strut / STRU234LP / 05202841

Front View : Alostmen - KOLOGO (LP) - Strut / STRU234LP / 05202841
Back View : Alostmen - KOLOGO (LP) - Strut / STRU234LP / 05202841
Kologo ft. Wanlov the Kubolor
Teach Me
Fauziah ft. Yaa Pono
Minus Me ft. Ambolley
Carry Me Go
Killer Fear Die ft. M3nsa

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Ghanaian kologo music from Alostmen.

Strut present the brand new album from Alostmen, led by Stevo Atambire, a band at the forefront of kologo music in Ghana. Formed by Stevo and Wanlov The Kubolor (Fok'n Bois) at the suggestion of co-producer Percy Yip Tong, Alostmen's music is based around the Frafra traditions of the kologo, a stringed lute and uses purely traditional instrumentation in entirely new ways. "I always like to do something "out" with my instrument, I like to force it to work," explains Stevo. "I'm a yout'man and into different kinds of music: commercial, rap music, reggae, Malian sounds. I add all of it to the band's sound in different ways." Wanlov continues, "The kologo is traditionally played a certain way but Stevo will play it at the shortest end of bridge and accentuate, almost Hendrix-style! He plays with a pedal sometimes and can keep it an octave down with a bass sound. He has evolved the instrument in his own way." [info sheet from distr.]
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