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Fantasy Life / FL001

Front View : Alinka - DO WHAT U WANT EP - Fantasy Life / FL001
Back View : Alinka - DO WHAT U WANT EP - Fantasy Life / FL001

Alinka aus der Ukraine , aufgewachsen in USA und nun based in Berlin

An ode to dancefloor escapism. Alinka once again navigates her way around making house music weird, catchy and jumpy for the first release on her new label Fantasy Life.

A Ukraine born, American raised and Berlin based artist and DJ, Alinka has tipped around the most interesting cores of sound creation over her career. Absorbing the many influences of her musical passions, she has created her own version of emotional catharsis, revealed and reborn on the dancefloor. From censorship to flourish, Chicago born house and sparks of Detroit techno; the omnipresent struggle of finding ways to consume and create dance music has made her thrive in creating tracks from a broad palette of sources.

Do What U Want is a five-track long love-letter to dance music and unity to open her new label. Working with classic sounds, Alinka keeps it fresh and interesting, with addictive vocal and squelchy acid stabs. Reshaping house music patterns, collaging 4x4 beats with more complex layers of sound that don’t just fall in a box that’s labelled ''100% classic house''. The intention was to make strong, powerful and timeless music designed to evoke pure joy.

Fantasy Life is inspired by Andy Warhol's piece ''Fantasy love is better than reality love''. The concept was driven by the honesty and emotions that it accompanies. It couldn't have been a better time for the thought process to materialize into this project. Alinka explains - ''A dancefloor can essentially be an escape from reality. Music can take us to another place and serve as a safe space and an escape from our everyday lives and problems. On a perfect day, you see people of all walks of life dancing in unity and it feels like a fantasy. '' [info sheet from distr.]
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