Lucien & The Kimono Orchestra - PIANO MATINEE

Lucien & The Kimono Orchestra


12" Vinyl lp FR

Cracki Records / CRACKI054

Front View : Lucien & The Kimono Orchestra - PIANO MATINEE ( LP) - Cracki Records / CRACKI054
Back View : Lucien & The Kimono Orchestra - PIANO MATINEE ( LP) - Cracki Records / CRACKI054

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New LP by Lucien & The Kimono Orchestra

French synth-pop talent Lucien & The Kimono Orchestra unveils his new solo piano album, a journey into cinematic soundscapes Alone at the piano, Lucien takes us on a very personal album in a deep and quiet reverie. We spend a soft winter morning in his company, reminiscing about tender childhood memories. Between previously unreleased tracks and revisited Kimono Orchestra pieces, “Piano Matinée” concludes a trilogy of recordings which have barely been released, while paving the way for a wider future. Universal, sensitive, cinematographic, the piano language spoken here by Lucien opens us to his musical world in a light that is both more authentic and accessible. The album also tells us a personal story. That of a grandfather - an exceptional pianist but forced to give up his career when the Second World War broke out - who passed on to him a taste for music in his early childhood, before passing away. Many years later, Lucien came across old cassette recordings of his eldest son, soon afterwards having a disturbing dream in which he swore he had had a dialogue with him and decided to go his own way. The self-taught musician spent a whole year honing his piano skills before deciding to freeze his performance in the summer of 2019 at the legendary Steinway at the Studios Saint-Germain. Drawing freely on all his influences - jazz, funk, classical, cinema - Lucien’s “Piano Matinée” is a special object, as intimate as it is melodious. [info sheet from distr.]
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