Marcos Valle - CINZENTO

Marcos Valle


12" Vinyl lp BE

Polysom / 334691

Front View : Marcos Valle - CINZENTO (LP) - Polysom / 334691
Back View : Marcos Valle - CINZENTO (LP) - Polysom / 334691
A1: Reciclo
A2: Se Proteja
A3: Redescobrir
A4: Rastros Raros
A5: Pelo Sim, Pelo Não
B1: Cinzento
B2: Nada Existe
B3: Posto 9
B4: So Penso Em Jazz
B5: Lugares Distantes

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Polysom Reissue

Marcos Valle launches in LP the new album "Cinzento" (Deck). The record, due to its minimalist design, with little instrumentation and different grooves, refers to his 1973 "Previsão do Tempo". "Cinzento" comes with new partnerships such as Moreno Veloso (on the track "Redescobrir"), Bem Gil ("Se Proteja"), Kassin ("Lugares Distantes"), Zélia Duncan ("Rastros Raros") and Domênico Lancelotti ("Pelo Sim, Pelo Não"), among others.

Renowned rapper Emicida collaborates on two songs, sharing vocals with Valle. The partnership between the musicians came about through a suggestion by journalist Marcus Preto. Once the connection was set, Valle went to know better the São Paulo-born musician work and sent him a melody. Hence the two prospered the collaboration that culminated, even, with the title track.

Produced and arranged by Marcos Valle himself, "Cinzento" was recorded at the Tambor studio (Rio de Janeiro) and hits shelves on vinyl as a Polysom release. [info sheet from distr.]
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