Darling & Ben Penn - SPLIT 01

Darling & Ben Penn


12" Vinyl NL

Safe Trip / ST017

Front View : Darling & Ben Penn - SPLIT 01 - Safe Trip / ST017
Back View : Darling & Ben Penn - SPLIT 01 - Safe Trip / ST017

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Limited Split EP

Our latest bulletin is aimed at all colleagues of the Safe Trip Institute scattered around the globe. We invite your comments and observations on the enclosed audio artefacts: file number ST017.

Two associate fellows of the Institute, Darling and Ben Penn, brought these aural communications to our attention during a recent visit to our laboratory. Having performed analysis we offer the following observations for your consideration.

• Recording ST017-A (colloquially known as “Sierra”): This artefact, as presented by visiting fellow Darling, appears to be an audio representation of his personality. We examined in particular the rhythmic “bump”, the undulating sound of the bass notes and the rising nature of the accompanying electronic musical elements. Through typical “Phrenology” techniques we conclude that he is an outgoing person of possible extra-terrestrial origin who enjoys dancing to futuristic sounding music.

• Recording ST017-B (hereby referred to as “Trouble”): Our associate Ben Penn brought this particular musical soundscape to our attention. Our resident ethnomusicologist explains that certain structures and sound approaches can be traced back to remote, uninhabited islands in the Indonesian archipelago. Having run the recording through our patented spectrogastrometer, we believe that Penn has been communicating with non-humanoid lifeforms using a combination of futuristic mathematical formulas, shimmering electronic sounds, unearthly aural textures, heavy percussion and edible ideas. [info sheet from distr.]
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