A Psychic Yes - MAZE DREAM EP

A Psychic Yes


12" Vinyl D

Kalahari Oyster Cult / OYSTER18

Front View : A Psychic Yes - MAZE DREAM EP - Kalahari Oyster Cult / OYSTER18
Back View : A Psychic Yes - MAZE DREAM EP - Kalahari Oyster Cult / OYSTER18

bring the natur in the club! hot!

Amsterdam-based label Kalahari Oyster Cult proudly presents release #18. UK transplant and currently residing in the techno mecca Berlin, A Psychic Yes a.k.a. Timothy Crombie delivers his sophomore EP named “A Maze Dream EP”. The title track immediately mesmerizes with its abundantly organic beauty. There is a direction from this relatively new artist that is unique and special. Japan’s Sapphire Slows remix follows it up and brings the beat more to the forefront in a trippy journey that defies laws of gravity. Tribal is an understatement for this EP. More of being immersed in a kind of primitive sunken garden. “Forest Floor” starts off the second side with an alien language all its own while “The Skaters” absorbs you in a primordial rainforest groove. The sounds throughout this EP are natural, innate and anatomical. This is an essential release to have that blurs the lines between land, sea and space. [info sheet from distr.]
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