Duane & Co - Hardcore Jazz

Duane & Co

Hardcore Jazz


DBH Music Records / DBH-001

Front View : Duane & Co - Hardcore Jazz - DBH Music Records / DBH-001
Back View : Duane & Co - Hardcore Jazz - DBH Music Records / DBH-001

jack your Body, Dance Mania Re-issue

We're very happy and proud to represent with the first release the
first ep which came out on legendary Dance Mania Records!
"Hardcore Jazz" by Duane & Co. was done as a hommage to James Brown.
Special thanks to Ray Barney!

Here are some words by Duane Buford:
Some yers ago my friend and Mentor Ray Barney started a record label and we sat down and talked about his 1st release, I sat down in my basement and put something together little did I know years later it will be reissued, a little while later we did our second release which was really successful. I really give thanks to Dancemania records a label Ray Barney and I started, many others have tried to claim that they started this record label but all of them are totally full of s***

A little while later ended up getting signed to a major record label which actually served no purpose for me what so ever, it was'nt the label it was the people i was involved with at the time, I was making more money with Ray Barney and Dancemania. Moral to this, take care of your paper work when you release your music, don't sign away your publishing, you never know where your song will end up. [info sheet from distr.]
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