Eating Records / EAT002C

Front View : iO (Mulen) - FLUTE / CREEPS (WHITE VINYL / VINYL ONLY) - Eating Records / EAT002C
Back View : iO (Mulen) - FLUTE / CREEPS (WHITE VINYL / VINYL ONLY) - Eating Records / EAT002C

Limited white vinyl Repress due to high demand on requests. On its second release, the fresh label Eating Records, native of Brussels, embarks us on its most unlikely underground journey yet .The new project includes two beautiful tracks from the deep flows of house music, from the unfamous talented producer from Kiev, iO (MULEN). There s no point in trying to place iO or his music in some larger social picture. No need to talk about his intensive production. His successful releases can be found on imprints such as REJECTED (Joris Voorn), PROPAGANDA (Nastia), ELARUM and his own MULEN RECORDS which he started in 2012 and that released his stunning debut album within 2013. On FLUTES/CREEPS EP, he thrives on fantastic impossibilities including flutes and deep melodic basses. It is obvious that mister iO had a wonderful time making the two tracks. FLUTES comes up as victorious and gallant. It is an energizing shock full of curious noises, mesmerizing musical surprises, a real dancefloor track. CREEPS is discreet and dark, and remains beautifully deep. This track finds iO wrenching as much sweetness out of it as he possibly can, in return giving us our first indication that he is in a generous spirit. When this EP comes to an end, it feels like getting back from a good vacation: the last thing you want to do is re-enter the real world.

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