Park Jiha - PHILOS

Park Jiha

PHILOS (180G LP + MP3)

12" Vinyl D

Glitterbeat / GBLP077 / 05174841

Front View : Park Jiha - PHILOS (180G LP + MP3) - Glitterbeat / GBLP077 / 05174841
Back View : Park Jiha - PHILOS (180G LP + MP3) - Glitterbeat / GBLP077 / 05174841

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The 2nd album from Park Jiha, combining traditional Korean music with modern minimalism. Pressing on 180 gram vinyl with download code included.

Park Jiha’s second album, Philos, is a record of love for time, space and sound.

Two year after the release of her first album, Communion (2016), Park Jiha is back with a new album titled Philos.

The 8 tracks in this album convey sounds created by such various musical instruments Park Jiha plays as the piri, saenghwang and yanggeum, as well as layers of sounds derived from time and space. Philos is a culmination of Park Jiha’s continuous endeavor through different times without collaborating with other musicians.

The tracks include ‘Arrival’ that marks the arrival and beginning of every sound featured in the album; the gift of unexpected rain in the heat of midsummer in ‘Thunder Shower’; ‘Easy’ a poem written and recited by the Lebanese artist Dima El Sayed who visited Korea in 2015 to participate in the HwaEom Spiritual Music Ritual and was inspired by Park Jiha’s work; the title track ‘Philos’ created by overlapping sounds over a long period of time; ‘Walker: In Seoul’ that delivers vivid sounds of Seoul; and such pure and beautiful melodies of yanggeum and saenghwang in ‘When I Think Of Her’. [info sheet from distr.]
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