The Young Ones Of Guyana - ON TOUR / REUNION

The Young Ones Of Guyana


2x12" Vinyl D


Front View : The Young Ones Of Guyana - ON TOUR / REUNION (2LP) - BBE / BBE484ALP
Back View : The Young Ones Of Guyana - ON TOUR / REUNION (2LP) - BBE / BBE484ALP

Lovingly restored and remastered reissue of the 1970 and 1973 albums from The Young Ones Of Guyana.

On Tour:

Recorded in London back in 1970, now reissued by BBE Music, ’On Tour’ is the debut album by journeyman band The Young Ones Of Guyana. The group gained popularity in Britain through performances in London and Birmingham following the first Guyanese ‘Mashramani’, a celebration of independence from the United Kingdom. We can only assume this album was recorded during that same visit, produced by bandleader Carlton Ramprashad and issued on his own ‘Rampy’ imprint. Aside from the traditional Guyanese folk song ‘Yellow Girl’, the album covers a wide range of popular reggae, latin and calypso songs of the day, deftly performed by a group of talented musicians. Funky interpretations of reggae smash ‘The Liquidator’ and Sly & The Family Stone’s ‘Sing A Simple Song’ have made ‘On Tour’ a rare and coveted classic for record collectors and DJs worldwide.


Recorded in Toronto Canada and self released in 1973, ‘Reunion’ is the rare second (and final) album by ‘The Young Ones Of Guyana’, reissued for the first time by BBE Music.

Following a successful series of concerts in the UK and their well received 1970 album ‘On Tour’, The Young Ones Of Guyana went their separate ways to concentrate on their studies. As luck would have it, several members of the band wound up in Canada, so in 1973 just for fun, they decided to book some midnight recording sessions in Toronto; ‘Reunion’ was born. Like ‘On Tour’ before it, ‘Reunion’ covers a wide range of popular songs from the era, ranging from soul to pop and even the iconic ‘Love Theme From The Godfather’, all performed in The Young Ones’ relaxed, latin-infused style.

The Farfisa organ, which featured so prominently on their first offering, was replaced by a Hammond B3 and Fender Jaguar and Gibson guitars were replaced with Fender Telecasters. Along with two new band members, the Reunion album was recorded at Eastern Sound Studios In Toronto and released in September 1973. This LP was released in Guyana and the Caribbean only, so very few copies ever made it to Europe and the USA, cementing its status as a sought-after gem for record collectors the world over. [info sheet from distr.]
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