Grusti  - GRUSTI

Grusti (Guti & Roustam)


12" Vinyl UK

Sunday Money / SM007

Front View : Grusti (Guti & Roustam) - GRUSTI - Sunday Money / SM007
Back View : Grusti (Guti & Roustam) - GRUSTI - Sunday Money / SM007

Sunday Money Welcomes GRUSTI which is a collaboration of GUTI & ROUSTAM

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Sunday Money welcomes 'Grusti' to the label - the collaborative effort of Argentinian musician Guti, and Russian producer Roustam. The background of the project and process of creation is described by Roustam: “This EP was recorded in Guti's legendary loft studio in Barcelona. I was feeling down and out and just flew in for a week to raise my spirits to visit Guti for the first time. We spent a week living together making this EP, just making music non-stop, breaking for awesome tapas and wine and rolling a lot of spliffs. It features a lot of our influences from different sides of the world — Guti's a passionate fiery Argentinian and I'm more of a reserved and calculating Russian from up north but together we make some funky stuff. Also showcases our big love for breakbeat and similar deconstructed 4 x 4 material. Dedicated to the women we love!” [txt from ]
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