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12" Vinyl () D

GFD / GFD005

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For the 5th vinyl in the series, ANDU SIMION, with his ARCTIC CIRCLE EP, takes us on a trip outside the realm of the customary vibes you find on the GFD label. Vinyl only
There's a place somewhere south of Romania called Ploiesti. Even though a terribly industrial city, it's the place you'd least expect for, let's say, Detroit roots to grow. Yet somehow, Andu Simion, a Ploiesti native and a son of the Lisiere, manages to craft his personal sound embodying the spirit of the Motor City as a source for his creativity.

Previous releases on Berlin-based Polen or on Priku's Atipic label have shown just how much Andu's productions have been evolving in the last years, managing to evoke and provoke the emotional and conceptual sense of his own take of the electronic music spectrum.

Also, we're featuring a remix for the first time and it's coming from London! Brett Jacobs is part of the Yoyaku agency and you might already know his music from records released on labels such as Body Parts or Nima Gorji's NG Trax, among others.

Brett's trademark approach on "Dreamscope Fourteen", little dark over here, little groovy over there, brings to the EP the kind of deep underground flavor we particularly enjoy for our late mornings, in this part of the world.

Artwork: Alexandru Ceaus. Photos by Andu.
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