Stiletti-Ana - SATURN 02

12" Vinyl D
MM Discos / MMS002

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side
MM Discos are back with a new chapter of their series -Saturns-. After the successful -Saturn 01- signed by the italian duo Marvin & Guy. Helsinki s based producer Stiletti-Ana . well known after great works at -Sex Tags UFO-.-I m a Cliché...- or -Haista- . is the man who signs the second release of the series. Focusing his sound into an insdustrial post-apocaliptic landscape. Following the dark sounds of the series - MM Saturns - . here you will get into a -Lynchian trip-. an experimental-jam that for sure will make the delights of the obscure-asimetric sounds lovers. -Modern Obscure Music s- Capo Pedro Vian takes over the control on the b-side leaving his own personal style. that means epic. dark and danceable in equal parts.
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