Dana Ruh - ROUND 2 REEL EP

Dana Ruh


12" Vinyl UK

Autoreply / AUTO 025

Front View : Dana Ruh - ROUND 2 REEL EP - Autoreply / AUTO 025
Back View : Dana Ruh - ROUND 2 REEL EP - Autoreply / AUTO 025

Autoreply begins its 10th year with a 12inch from one of the scenes favourite ambassadors, Dana Ruh. Equally happy co-running Brouqade and her own Cave Recordings, dropping LPs for Underground Quality or stepping up to Ostgut Ton & Cocoon, hers is a story of emotive, reduced floor-theory. The -Round 2 Reel EP delivers three such movements kicking-off with an undeviatingly playable A-Side displaying her prowess for swinging, stripped-back house complete with discreet sound design and compulsory bass. The B-Side concentrates on the deeper, dubbier aspect of her sound displaying unparalleled levels of warmth and texture. Written & produced at Polynomstudio, Berlin, recorded to tape for your listening pleasure!

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