Wildstyle Breakbeats - RAZOR CUT

Wildstyle Breakbeats


7" Vinyl UK


Front View : Wildstyle Breakbeats - RAZOR CUT (7INCH) - KAY-DEE RECORDS / KAYDEE044-7
Back View : Wildstyle Breakbeats - RAZOR CUT (7INCH) - KAY-DEE RECORDS / KAYDEE044-7

Charlie Ahearn s 1983 film Wild Style holds a place in both music and cinematic history as one of the first examples of a hip-hop film. Since its original release it has been widely praised for its hybrid approach as both a narrative musical and a documentary, and as a time capsule of sorts into the culture of hip-hop during its infancy in the 1980s. Besides its classic depictions of MCing, turntablism, graffiti, and breakdancing, the film also featured now legendary figures of the genres in acting roles, such as Grandmaster Flash, Fab Five Freddy, Busy Bee Starski, and many more. Wild Style went on to garner an immense cult following, portions of the film itself would be sampled in records by artists like Nas, Beastie Boys, MF Doom, and more, and would even be exhibited by museums in Chicago and Boston as part of programs on the art of the 1980s.

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