Nick Hoeppner - WORK



Ostgut Ton / Ostgut CD 40

Front View : Nick Hoeppner - WORK (CD) - Ostgut Ton / Ostgut CD 40
Back View : Nick Hoeppner - WORK (CD) - Ostgut Ton / Ostgut CD 40

Panorama Bar resident Nick Hö,,,,,ppner gets to Work on his second solo album on Ostgut Ton, connecting the territories of House music with the ease of Alt-Pop. Work as in labor. An axiom that fuels the capitalist system just as the Techno/House scene economy says that one needs to keep oneself busy to make a living. As a musician, things are complicated of course. ItÕs a long way from the romantic idea of creating music simply for the sake of art to becoming a full time musician. Those who have accomplished this feat often find themselves in a professional loop of writing the music, producing it, promoting it (with an info text like this), releasing it and then hopefully selling it. After leaving his full time job as Ostgut TonÕs label manager in 2012, Nick Hö,,,,,ppner went fully freelance, focusing on his musically diverse, deep and dynamic DJing in and outside BerghainÕs Panorama Bar, but more importantly spending more time in the studio. The result was his critically acclaimed debut album Folk (Ostgut Ton, 2015), various 12Ò releases and remixes, and now his sophomore LP, Work, which, more than ever, lays out his refined production skills and his talent to work the machines until they reveal their inner ghosts: nine new songs that now dodge the dance floor, then fully embrace it.

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