John Swing


3x12" Vinyl D

LiveJam Records / LJR-007

Front View : John Swing - ASSORTED MOODS (3XLP) - LiveJam Records / LJR-007
Back View : John Swing - ASSORTED MOODS (3XLP) - LiveJam Records / LJR-007

Assorted Moods is a turning point in John Swing’s artistic output straying from his signature house and techno sound, towards many of his other influences gathered in the years: from jazz to dub, funk to hip hop and of course, club music.

This 10 track LP serves the purpose of bringing to light all these influences and unifying them under one piece of work that’s been conceived with no preconceptions: Assorted Moods could be considered as a first step towards an unconstrained approach to production which focuses on the journey, the soundscape and the effects, crossing-over between many genres and styles.
Opening with the meandering ‘Talking Tones’, the album brings to light and unifies all of these influences from start to finish, with each track executed live using analog gear exemplary of LiveJam’s signature aesthetic. Productions like ‘Touch’ capture a jazzy essence, whilst the soothing chords of ‘Healing Tones’ ooze with soul. Others, like ‘Groove Motion’ and ‘Freedom of Speech’, are more suited to the dancefloor with infectious snare hits, deep stabs and low-slung grooves.
All in all, ‘Assorted Moods’ demonstrates John Swing’s broad palette of musical styles and makes for another exciting chapter in LiveJam’s exceptional output. [info Text from Label]
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