Nami - GALAXY 3025


12 Inch

Metroline Limited / MLTD082

Front View : Nami - GALAXY 3025 - Metroline Limited / MLTD082
Back View : Nami - GALAXY 3025 - Metroline Limited / MLTD082

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Nami has previously released sould out editions on Nami, Eastenderz, NeoConcepto that already strike high on discogs. Metroline Limited first 12 inch of 2016 after a series of succesful vinyl releases by East End Dubs, Doubtingthomas, Dhaze & more.

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The elusive and mysterious producer Nami is the artist behind the 80th release on Metroline Limited. And what a way to start the new year if not with some fresh wax filled by dubbed out grooves and intricate sound structures. This idiosyncratic three tracker strats off with the tripped out dub of Origins Of Maul and its swerving infectious rhythm. Huge bass, crisp percussions, loud cut, that’s the A side for you. On the flipside we have two offers: one for the body and one for the mind. Body music comes from Teorema: a more jacking approach, the pace has been upped, the rhythm has been toughened up! One for floor, at peak time! The title track Galaxy 3025 is music for you mind instead. A totally immersive broken dubby house track with disorienting pads, clicks and efx. Deep and lush electonic music at its best!
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