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Room With A View / View021

Front View : Fouk - HEAVY ON THE BACON - Room With A View / View021
Back View : Fouk - HEAVY ON THE BACON - Room With A View / View021

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Repress !! Everything started back in early 2014 when I came across the first tracks of Junktion on Outplay, remembers Dairmount with a smile on the face. Heavy On The Bacon & Coconuts are already supported & played by Detroit Swindle, Session Victim, Medlar, Axel Boman, Jimpster, Wolf Music, Lay Far, Kito Jempere, Art Of Tones, Crazy P, Late Nite Tuff Guy, Henry Wu, Max Graef, Roberto Rodriguez & more

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I was surprised I never heard of the artist & the label before and as an obsessed discoverer, I had to find out.

I quickly got in touch with Hans, Mr Junktion in person and got hooked by the kindness, humility & laid back approach of the man.

I found out also that Outplay was their own little labour of love and a few weeks later, their first vinyl release was released. Then came the second strike as I got hooked on the tracks of the mysterious Fouk.

Hans quickly confessed that Fouk was the brainchild of his duo with his best friend Daniel Leseman. Not only I became one of their number 1 fans & hammered the tracks in my dj sets & podcasts but I felt I wanted to get to know them in person.

It took till the autumnal Amsterdam vibes of ADE for Phil to meet the boys in person and it didn't take them long to decide to work together.

Knowing the high A&R standards of Phil and his appetite for very personal piece of music, it took them till spring 2015 to submit the first drafts of the Heavy on the Bacon tunes.

In the meantime, Fouk were steadily being noticed by other quality imprints such as Local Talk , Fifty Fathoms Deep or Pusic for remixes without forgetting their solo efforts of the highest order as Junktion & Daniel Leseman on Slow Town, Sleazy Beats, Razor-N-Tape or Rose Records.

I remember being happy about the first versions but also having this strong feeling that I could bring them slightly out of their comfort zone.

I felt that Heavy On The Bacon could be developed with a stronger live instrumentation feel, reminiscent of a live Disco band, beyond their usual sound signature.

Hans & Dan embraced the challenge and we exchanged a lot on mix down colour & arrangement to all be super happy with the final result It is no surprise that the track became their first beyond 6 minutes track allowing a long and subtle build-up full of catchy verses, chorus, bridges & breaks.

A brilliant example of a live feel club monster.

The second track of the single called Coconuts is a more classic Fouk moment, reminiscent of their recent smash hit EP Kill Frenzy on Detroit Swindle's Heist with spectacular welcome by critics & listeners alike.

Their swing, tasty sampling techniques & love for Jazzy chords are all fuelling the beast and round up another timeless moment on the label. [txt from ]
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